2:43 AM
A: Why do you need 250 reputation to view close votes on your own posts, but you can always see delete/undelete votes?

U9-ForwardSince you can delete your posts no matter how much rep you have, it would be difficult to change the UI to view delete votes while being unable to delete. If you can't vote to close, the "close" button has no need to appear, so SE doesn't need to change anything merely to make users unable to se...

I don't understand the last sentence, could you clarify what you mean by "pass".
@JesseSteele I edited mine.
I made some tweaks so I could understand the first paragraph, mainly. But I still don't understand "pass" / "get through"... Get through what?
@JesseSteele Can easily hide the "close" button, since users can't close.
@JesseSteele Ya can do another edit.
Who can can easily hide the close button? Do you mean the SE employees should make a change to do this? Or, do you mean it is easier to do things this current way?
2:43 AM
@JesseSteele Clearer?
Is that what you mean?
@JesseSteele Yup, you got it..
That's really cool.
I'm curious, living in Asia and ESL being my life, what is your native language?
Never used MSE chat interface, only SO and SE, looks cool.
@JesseSteele I live in asia like you.
Wow, that is awesome!
I thought I noticed some Chinese grammar, but I don't know Japanese or Korean, only Chinese. So, I didn't want to say.
2:47 AM
@JesseSteele I can speak chinese...
Tho not good in typing in Chinese.
I'm in Taiwan. Where are you, if I can ask.
Hong Kong?
@JesseSteele I am also there...
2:47 AM
Yeah, we shouldn't, i actually i don't have IG or FB or anything.
oh, wow. Okay. No problem.
But, that's really cool, though.
Yup, totally.
Up-voted your answer.
2:54 AM
Hey, if you or anyone you know wants any help with English, I made this 100% free website: write.pink. Don't need my help, just sharing.
@JesseSteele How many hats you earned this Winter Bash? I earned 23 on SO being 3rd place, and 26 all sites.
I don't know, maybe 5
I got "Member of the Hand" or something.
I can't see them anymore.
@JesseSteele Yeah, there gone.
3:05 AM
@JesseSteele Lol, because winter bash is over.
Okay, later. Busy the rest of the day. ttyl
@JesseSteele I am going out somewhere also.