10:42 AM
I stumbled across your GitHub and wondered, would you happen to know much about SE's anti-fraud and sockpuppet detection algorithms?
I'd think that if anyone knows, you would.
Ah damn
@forest I was doing just the setup, as I usually do
but there are better things to do in life
I was considering finding out myself, but I don't want to be too invasive for SE (and reverse engineering the algorithm would require quite a bit of fraud).
oh interesting
@forest let me know if you come up with something. Let's move further talk to: github.com/cirosantilli/stack-overflow-vote-fraud-script/issues
10:48 AM
I unfortunately do not have a GitHub account. :(
@forest I like how you have tons of accounts
why do you want to reverse their algorithm?
Pure curiosity.
I hate security through obscurity.