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Q: Some members pictures are not displayed with Linux, but they are with Windows

coniferous_smellerULPBG-W8ZgjRI have found a bug that occurs on Linux only (tested on 2 different machines with 2 different Linux distributions, confirmed by another member running on another Linux distribution), Windows doesn't have that problem. Some member's picture displays as a white square instead of real picture. For ...

Not really. I tried on Firefox (with some blockers that I just disabled, but that didn't help), also with Tor Browser. Same problem in both browsers.
@animuson well, SE can upload the pictures to the dedicated imgur host. This way everyone would only have to make sure one single domain is whitelisted to see all profile pictures.
@DarkCygnus it got nothing to do with browser or OS. The block is network level, e.g. blocked by companies who don't want their employees to use Facebook while working, so they just block the whole domain.
@animuson Not sure why you think I have graph.facebook.com blocked. Disabling all addons on Firefox doesn't fix the issue, and typing "ping graph.facebook.com" in a terminal shows that it is not blocked whatsoever.
@ShadowWizard Is there a conclusive test I can do to check whether it is blocked in my networks? Because typing "ping graph.facebook.com" does not give any such clue, it just transmits packets without any packet loss.
Ping isn't reliable way, you need to test via a browser, or software simulating browser request. SE doesn't have such tools.
It's as simple as just browsing to graph.facebook.com. What do you see when visiting the link?
@ShadowWizard I get an error: "Unsupported get request. Please read the Graph API documentation at developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api".
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Oh, OK. Next step: browse to fbcdn.net and let us know what happens. (that is the actual domain used to host Facebook pictures. Normally, when not blocked, you should be redirected to facebook.com)
@ShadowWizard I am indeed redirected to facebook.com, with the sign up page.
So, final test: browse to scontent.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-1/p200x200/… and let us know what you see?
@ShadowWizard A man with hat with a guitar.
And you still don't see it here?
@ShadowWizard Right. Half of top is grey, bottom half is white.
@DarkCygnus Which browser did you use?
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Please take a screenshot and add it to the question.
Done @ShadowWizard
Hey @con Any reason you don't take a screenshot? It can really help others see the actual problem.
@coniferous_smellerULPBG-W8ZgjR oh. Cheers!
So.... what's this weird name of yours? ;)
A bit saddened this has been marked as non reproducible. Someone in the Physics Stack Exchange in the chat could reproduce it. And as written in my post, I tested on 3 different machines.
I like coniferous smell, the rest is just a random string of characters :)
@coniferous_smellerULPBG-W8ZgjR ULP doesn't sound random... why you added it? Doubt there's anyone else with your name, with or without ULP. :)
It is entirely random, according to /dev/urandom
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oh lol
Same as my location. just a random string
> f^n7f(7PhTgQueDDa%f8&H7VxzjtT3DwSh&iE7J#o5Aoff)u+uTQ9*n@jZr(kEx1Eyq-)sCgZxar@"AR‌​yFZt2s~SXU~%L0x1pU-U
Heh, thought it's something encrypted.
I once had dynamic random avatar in a forum I was part of.
Every reload, avatar changed.
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In SE it's not possible though. :/
I see...
Ok, I'm off for now. I hope they will try to reproduce the bug, because it is reproducible. See you later probably!
Cya and good luck!