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1:43 AM
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Standard translation here is a decent online copy
3 hours later…
4:24 AM
Guys, have a look
Q: Why is the mass of a Hydrogen atom lower than the sum of masses its parts?

ChandrahasI understand that when the electron and proton are arranged to form a hydrogen atom, the potential energy of the system is lower than when separated. As a result, according to mass-energy equivalence, the mass of the hydrogen atom is lower. However, my question is about the physical process throu...

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5:46 AM
@Arjun Why?
1 hour later…
6:54 AM
39 messages moved to Chimney
7:36 AM
@Catija it was a nice question
8:14 AM
@Rob no no, it was very quiet.
Train wreck on me this time.
Who remembers the record of morning train?
I do! I do!

Morning Train Record: 14 vagons

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@Arjun random post from SE? Can be a nice game.
@rene How's it going, fellow photosynthesizing organism
8:21 AM
lol didn't think of it ^
So @Meta is a fellow mask wearer! :D
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Like that?
@MetaAndrewT. eww now I won't wear your mask.
@Rob exactly.
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Achoo choo seems quite loud, and dopplery.
@SmokeDetector "Sneed"
Today, my fellow Taverners, the world has officially gone out of names.
Looks at the starboard
8:31 AM
@M.A.R. ?!
@Mith's work eyeroll
@ShadowWizardWearingMask ..
@Rob it can have engine powered by gas, then it's quiet.
A car whose engine makes fart sounds? That sounds like the car manufacturers here
8:34 AM
@M.A.R. at least we're spared the smell.
But occupational hazards for mechanics increase two-fold
@Magisch I had a near sleepless night. So not much photo thingy going to happen today ...
I had too many vivid dream recently, and some work-related dream -_-
I googled "vampire flower" and got some Korean stuff
8:36 AM
blood-leeching flower?
also one of our servers barks license expired so I rather go back to bed and try to start my week tomorrow hoping it will be better then ....
@MetaAndrewT. My last vivid dream was me and my family were running a small kitchen, and Queen Elizabeth the old pays us a sudden visit. Then there's a fire on the second or third floor of the building, and I heroically climb the walls to save a person inside and my hand gets burnt
> Innocent romance between adolescent vampire Luis who want to find 'vampire flower' with help of human girl he fallen for, Soo Young
It's a Korean TV drama.
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Odd that you leave the doppler effect in. They must run pretty quick. 🏃‍♂️💨
Dream analyzers be like ERROR 504
8:39 AM
@Rob depends what you feed the engine. Beans act as a Nitro for it.
@M.A.R. looks queen enough...
@ShadowWizardWearingMask She sounds like vampire flower, and soo young.
Funny, when I was climbing the wall there was this fact-paced epic music I'd never heard before
I've finished the Broken Earth Trilogy by J. K. Nemisin
8:40 AM
@M.A.R. and you woke up with burns on your hand? ;)
It's really good
@Magisch Yeah yeah
@M.A.R. read it, you should
@ShadowWizardWearingMask No when I woke up I wanted to remember that music. And did for a few minutes
@Rob lol
@M.A.R. too bad you didn't write it down...
What person you saved? @M.A.R
Golden hair?
8:42 AM
I dunno. This person I saved was unconscious from the fumes. They ended up in the hospital with only their face burnt.
It was short, dark hair.
@M.A.R. male, female, or unknown?
but the real question is: was Queen Elizabeth inside the building?!
And then I was tackling with the moral dilemma whether me saving them was a good thing, they're gonna suffer a lot and stuff.
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Unknown
sending @M.A.R's dream to analysis
@MetaAndrewT. Yeah that was weird. I have never thought about her much. And I definitely dislike royalty, esp. England's royalty. So I had this odd feeling of both trying to appease to her (for monetary benefit, I think) and not giving a fig what she thinks
8:45 AM
I need to replace tons of occurrences with something else.... guh...
@Sha's hacking a school
Logic changed to read season based on logged in user, so must pass the user.
Tell me if you can hack my university's website. Should be easy enough.
@M.A.R. only if they have sports department. ;)
This project is for Israeli School Sport Association
"[school: school, season: Season.current()"
Truer words have thus never been spoken
8:47 AM
School is school, season is current.
Shift+Ctrl+R, "Season", tab, "User", enter
I thought school is cake
But what is current? What if school chose another season? ;)
A lie apparently :(
@MetaAndrewT. wish it was that easy, lol
new code looks like this: Season.current(req.session.user, function(currentSeason) { ... });
i.e. switching also to callback function.
(since it involves reading from database)
@M.A.R. easy enough... you need money these days (family? Due to Corona?), and the fire means you really dislike royalty. ;)
8:52 AM
@ShadowWizardWearingMask BZZZT. Wrong
The fire means the eggs in the fridge are gonna hatch three little dragonlings 👀
@M.A.R. but they need human sacrifice
And someone to burn
Hmm, if I call them Drogon et al. It'd be copyright infringement.
I'll call them Batman, Arrow and Night-wing
@Meta BTW, it gets even better: the code I posted above is inside a module that does not have the logged user session, need to pass it along every function call. :(
8:55 AM
Refactor all the way~~~
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Yawns deeply so when does the hacking come into play?
Matrix theme
@M.A.R. enter the site and you'll see
evil grin
yay! Three more replaced.
21 mins ago, by Shadow Wizard Wearing Mask
sending @M.A.R's dream to analysis
9:19 AM
Oops, wrong button:
9:31 AM
May be an odd question, but is there a FAQ on FAQs?
There's the FAQ list on MSE, but it doesn't handle site-specific FAQs, does it?
AFAIK such FAQs are moderated and curated by the local communities themselves, but perhaps there's network-wide guidance available?
9:58 AM
@Rob is that how humans get brainwashed?
Maybe they're transferring his brain to the cloud.
@Mast what do you mean? What will be in such a FAQ?
My head already is in the cloud ....
@rene You grew quite a bit overnight...
I do
10:25 AM
@Tinkeringbell lots of water
It even rained here, in the middle of summer, which is really rare.
I'm going to fill up the pool again this afternoon. Then, tomorrow, I'm going to work with a 'tropenrooster': Wake up, start work at 6:30 and be done with it by 15pm.
After that, pool time! :D
(can't do it today :( There's a meeting from 16:30 to 17.)
I'd guess it has something with a chicken... or a roaster...
@Tinkeringbell work in the pool!
@JourneymanGeek I don't think the company allows putting my laptop in the pool XD
also.... 6.30 (pm) to 1500 hours?
10:28 AM
@JourneymanGeek No, 6:30 AM :P
also 25 hour clock has no PM :D
its 1500 hrs
@Tinkeringbell fun idea: go to the pool with your phone, join the meeting on Zoom.
@JourneymanGeek oh. Great minds think alike! (didn't read this before posting ^)
@JourneymanGeek You're right. I keep getting to blame the heat ;)
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Zoom is banned from work, too insecure.
10:30 AM
@Tinkeringbell heh. Google Meetup? That's what we use internally.
It's 100% like Zoom from what I could see, just... owned by Google.
@rene It is used for functional imaging.
@ShadowWizardWearingMask We use microsoft teams.
(I cranked the AC down cause... )
yes. It is bloody 27 degrees WITH THE AIRCON ON
@JourneymanGeek give me 27 any day, it's perfect for summer.
@JourneymanGeek oh, with the AC on... hmm...
10:32 AM
@JourneymanGeek My dad opened the windows and doors last Saturday at 9PM. It's a bit better today but yesterday it was 27 degrees indoors here too :(
So take clothes off... it helps. :)
I think we're now back at 25, thanks to moms efforts.
(and a relatively 'cool' night, 19 degrees)
This is the problem:
I also have the fan on
10:33 AM
@Tinkeringbell ouch
@Rob what's the problem with it?
I set my AC to 27 though... lower than that then I'm freezing
Also, habanero on the parrot
Don't drink too much.
@MetaAndrewT. whaaat. Are you a snake?
@Rob sure, why would I?
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Dunno, I guess I'm a reptilian?
You did last time.
10:36 AM
@Rob not me. It's my Indian clone.
Zapped again. Please don't ever post it again.
The color is from the sauce, not the genes; which are blue.
10:54 AM
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Policy about what is and isn't FAQ-worthy, perhaps. How they should be curated.
I don't expect such a thing to exist, but I was wondering if it did.
SO is not a forum. But they don't care ._.
deoneboxed cause that's disturbing :D
tank you
@MetaAndrewT. uboat you too
Thanks for unoneboxing.
Should I flag next time?
11:14 AM
maybe :D
an RO might have chosen to yeet it too
@Rob I need one of there RN
Just gave a 6 hour test
My butt hurts now!
@JourneymanGeek a dog might also yeet it
true :D
als i'm generally unsure how the world "yeet" has entered common parlance so quickly
@Magisch I have a friend from another community who uses it mostly cause her more uptight co-workers hate it
and I'm a fan of constructive spite
11:29 AM
don't get me wrong I use it myself occasionally but still
12:02 PM
@JohnDvorak wasn't it just a face covered with something?
@Arjun umm.... hot pepper will just make it worse..... :P
"something" = even if it was edible, it doesn't belong on a face. And we don't know if it's edible.
12:30 PM
It made people uncomfortable, and its worth respecting that
@ShadowWizardWearingMask looked like a drink!
It didn't.
@ShadowWizardWearingMask of course it would!
@JohnDvorak no, Arjun means the hot pepper.
12:32 PM
@JourneymanGeek that's a fair argument.
Now that's a recipe I'd never try.
Chilli pepper is my limit.
@MetaAndrewT. oil? Apple juice? Pee?
heh, you're correct on the first try...
inside Aqua (mineral water) bottle
@MetaAndrewT. Aqua Oil then. ;)
sold besides the road... the drink, for auto though ;)
What oil is that? Olive?
2 layers...
might also be fuel mixed with motor oil for 2 stroke engines
@JourneymanGeek oh.... thought it's edible oil. :D
12:54 PM
@JourneymanGeek if it were fuel mixed with motor oil it would be blue.
Or at least it is for me.
oh hey @Ollie
You said blue!
Two-stroke oil (also referred to as two-cycle oil, 2-cycle oil, 2T oil, or 2-stroke oil) is a special type of motor oil intended for use in crankcase compression two-stroke engines. Unlike a four-stroke engine, whose crankcase is closed except for its ventilation system, a two-stroke engine uses the crankcase as part of the induction tract, and therefore, oil must be mixed with gasoline to be distributed throughout the engine for lubrication. The resultant mix is referred to as premix or petroil. This oil is ultimately burned along with the fuel as a total-loss oiling system. This results in...
@Ollie which eye?
Left,right, or middle?
@ShadowWizardWearingMask both eyes.
@SmokeDetector can we order soda?
@SmokeDetector instead of coffee or tea?
@Ollie brews a cup of Ristretto for @Ollie
1:04 PM
@Ollie together? Wow.
@ShadowWizardWearingMask nooo.
@M.A.R. *points at @Art*
@Ollie It's terdon's fault.
sdc blame
1:10 PM
@Ollie It's Journeyman Geek's fault.
@Magisch because it is an excellent word
@SmokeDetector holds lit match under SmokeDetector.
@Ollie oy
don't do that
smokey might become sentient again
1:14 PM
@Ollie licks ice cream cone
@SmokeDetector are you operating?
I didn't know Smokey had gotten their MD!
@Rubiksmoose Master Destroyer? Mostest Deletionest? Maximum Despamming? Mirthless Destruction? :P
@terdon I was hoping it was Mithless indeed
1:25 PM
@terdon XD I stand corrected :)
@Ollie licks a frozen flag pole
@Rubiksmoose I'm saying rude words.
@Rubiksmoose taht hur'ts.
@terdon Mirthful Dead!
1:29 PM
Its a clown cover band of the grateful dead.
I read that as Mithful dead and was wondering what shenanigans @Mithical was up to again
@JourneymanGeek Wait, what? That's a thing?
@terdon ... no? :D
I think?
ohai terdon
1:31 PM
@Magisch Being eaten by zombies. Obviously. So the zombies are now Mithful dead.
hai yourself! :)
Has anyone read Driving over Lemons?
Chris Stewart?
sdc read
@Ollie No such command 'read'.
@terdon uh-oh
@Mithical Yay! You survived!
given my state of exhaustion I'm not 100% sure
1:35 PM
@Ollie hey, who let you off of your flagpole!
@Rubiksmoose you go chew on the flagpole. Tastes like iron and bad decisions.
@Mithical In other words, you may be Mithful but you're also dead?
(in the figurative sense of the term, of course)
sounds about right
@terdon Gratefully Dead of course.
@Rubiksmoose pulls the flag down on Rubiksmoose.
mmm irony.... ow!
1:39 PM
@Ollie naturally
@Rubiksmoose stop complaining. Iron is good for you.
feeds @Ollie a car
@JourneymanGeek it would have to be a reaaaally small car.
@Rubiksmoose fiber is also good for you. Have some insulation.
feeds @Ollie to a car
@Ollie or does it
1:42 PM
@Rubiksmoose a carnivorous car?
@Ollie Well it looks like cotton candy so it has to be tasty right?
sdc blame
a Carnivorous car
@Ollie It's Tim Stone's fault.
1:42 PM
@Ollie It's Rob's fault.
sdc blame
@Ollie It's Nick Craver's fault.
@Ollie It's user400654's fault.
@SmokeDetector blame everyone.
1:43 PM
@JourneymanGeek 😂
Screeches and wails like the Fat Lady.
sdc blame
@Ollie It's Nick Craver's fault.
@Ollie It's Shadow Wizard Wearing Mask's fault.
Haha @ShadowWizardWearingMask.
sdc blame
@Ollie It's user400654's fault.
1:45 PM
@Ollie It's Mgetz's fault.
Has everyone been blamed?
I'll be going now, @Rubiksmoose have fun with the flagpole!
Darn right I will
(RIP Sam Lloyd :'()
Teresa Dietrich on August 10, 2020
A new tool for bringing your organization’s essential knowledge together in an easy-to-search platform.
1 hour later…
3:24 PM
@SmokeDetector always, except when it's @Ollie's fault.
3:40 PM
@JourneymanGeek I had an image unoneboxed, you described it as "disturbing" - there were no objections at the time it when up, or when it's been used previously. It's a published image, from the Gravy Wrestling Competition. --- Someone present at the time could have asked me or @Sha, or simply minded their own conversation and attended to something else.
@Rob objections were raised
And 'minded their own conversation' isn't always an option on a public room
3:55 PM
The takeaway is people hate gravy
Let's just leave it at that, it's just an image
Speaking of images
@Mast fyi I am doing some cleanups on the term blacklist on my own answers
Noticed you responded to an ollllllld comment
@Rob uh. Soon enough that it's still visible k. The page. Also uhhhh
I'm a mod. I am the fuzz here.
And that sometimes means actually moderating sometimes and making those decisions
4 hours ago, by Journeyman Geek
It made people uncomfortable, and its worth respecting that
I think that holds true
And evaluating the situation I agreed
Well, I switched the tab long enough just to wait the image be scrolled up since I was at office at that moment...
I already had in my mind to zap the image from the developer tools, but no chance, so..
4:13 PM
1 message moved to Trashcan
@JourneymanGeek I know. Might as well to try and get a reply :-)
And no, I'm not hopeful about my chances.
just making sure its obvious :D
If you want to know a little secret, I have a pretty good idea what the answer is too.
If you prefer, I can flag the comment as obsolete, then you can remove my comment as obsolete :-)
I'm fine with it either way. I'm just a wee bit self concious over doing 'mass' edits
4:56 PM
@M.A.R. Dealing with it themselves seems to have led to riots in Chicago and the resignation of the Lebanese government, let's not make light of the importance of correct behavior; there may be warrants out for their arrest, they may be travel banned.
5:07 PM
Ah, Hi Spev.
sdc coffee Spevacus.
@Ollie brews a cup of Espresso for @Spevacus.
!!/tea Oll
@Spevacus brews a cup of mint tea for @Oll
5:08 PM
@Spevacus thanks! Mint tea is good, but I usually need PG tips :P
Something with caffeine.
I'm also a caffeine fiend. I've been thinking about drastically reducing my intake over time, but I'm unsure about the benefits.
@Spevacus I try not to have too much.
Because reasons...
5:11 PM
Oh! Hang on, ta.
yesterday, by SmokeDetector
You know, now that I think of it, when was the last time SmokeDetector's batteries were replaced?
You'd think that annoying, every-two-minutes beep would be ringing around now.
There we are.
@Spevacus can you view vote totals on a cell?
I think so. You can on the app, too, even though it's unsupported.
@SmokeDetector when were your batteries last changed?
Has anyone ever moved @SmokeDetector to the trash bin? :D
6:22 PM
Speedy catcus has arrived:
6:35 PM
@Magisch Needle for Speed(le)
some day I will get sleeping curled up catcus too
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