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2:04 AM
Q: How can I separate data alternately in columns and rows on the basis of a delimeter in SQL or Python?

user17237211I have input data as follows: Column1 Column2 Column3 Silver Bridge;#400;#Pool;#410;#Garden;#427;#Lawn;#591;#Shed;#1337 Aaron Diamond Meadow;#492 Mike Gold Gas;#360;#...

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4:40 PM
Q: reset multiindex colum or even rename the column label

Alde Joshua WibowoI pivoted a table finding the maximum and minimum values of one column. The result of the coulmn is a multi index table, as seen in the snapshot As we can see the column name is max_seq and sequence_number i want to change it to be only max_seq. This is what i tried with pandas Thanks in advance

4:54 PM
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