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12:43 PM
Q: Data inconsistency in sociodemographic data and incorrect values

peertopeerI am working on a personal rento in which based on some input data I have to predict some output data. The challenge is to predict the expenses in transactions, receipts and cards that users will have next year. For this, they provide me as input data the expenses of each client of a whole year o...

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1:47 PM
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6:25 PM
Q: How to compare two files using shell scripting?

dev05btechI have 2 files. file1 and file2. File1 contain below values: UID VALUE 36890 39 36749 76 46728 32 File2 contain below values: UID VALUE 36749 78 36890 54 46728 23 Need to compare the values with the UID. How to write a bash shell script to compare this. If...

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9:40 PM
Q: How do we recognize the relatively similar behavior between the two graphs?

Ali SabetI have 2 graphs and data. How can I find out the correlation between them in the time period? for example, after an uptrend in a graph, What does the other chart do? The answer can be this way: Climbs(Descends) immediately, Delayed rise, independent and etc.


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