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12:26 AM
@KevinB As Tink explained (hinted) the sponsored tag and collective are 2 different features.
1:15 AM
Q: Outdated Answers: We’re adding an answer view tracking pixel

Anita TaylorAs part of the Outdated Answers project, we are introducing a new, permanent answer view tracking pixel that records when specific answers are viewed. It will be rolled out later this week in stages, starting with 1% of our traffic and working our way up to 100%. We currently don't track if and w...

2:11 AM
i mean, calling them two different features is kinda like calling mysql community and mysql enterprise two different products
they serve the same purpose, one costs more and you get more
Two different features can serve a similar purpose
Drag + drop and copy + paste both allow me to move content between applications, but they're different features.
2:32 AM
1 hour later…
3:35 AM
@KevinB The reason that they are "two different features" isn't because they are the same, but rather because they are not. One is a tag, the other is a group; by your comparison it's like saying that the people who use MySQL are MySQL.
4:20 AM
i'm aware they're l iterally two different products
Neither serve the community, both are for promoting brand awareness to the paying customer
if they want to offer paid campaigns, offer paid campaigns, don't instead wrap it up and present it as if it's some kind of community effort when it clearly isn't.
4:59 AM
A diving horse is an attraction that was popular in the mid-1880s, in which a horse would dive into a pool of water, sometimes from as high as 60 feet. == History == William "Doc" Carver "invented" horse diving exhibitions. Allegedly, in 1881 Carver was crossing a bridge over Platte River (Nebraska) which partially collapsed. His horse fell/dove into the waters below, inspiring Carver to develop the diving horse act. Carver trained various animals and went on tour. His son, Al Floyd Carver, constructed the ramp and tower and Lorena Carver was the first rider. Sonora Webster joined the show in 1924...
1 hour later…
6:18 AM
@Rob No mention of Horymir? Rude.
3 hours later…
9:06 AM
@JohnDvorak If you mean Šemík would it be more polite to mention them?, not that it's relevant to the discussion; simply the horse's name.
9:23 AM
Talking horse?
1 hour later…
10:46 AM
What is with this guy trying to get a 10+ y/o question reopened
He could just as well wrote a new one..
@Luuklag More importantly, why didn't anyone rollback that edit changing the question's meaning?
@RyanM yeah even better point
But now it sits at 4 reopen votes
Might need to wipe those
@sha you around to hammer that instantanioulsy?
@Luuklag also, he did write a new one: meta.stackexchange.com/q/318568/165261
hmmm persistent fella
also here's the reopen review part 2: meta.stackexchange.com/review/reopen/79500
this is sort of abusing the significant edit feature >_>
10:54 AM
@Luuklag hmm?
polishing hammer with a nail
@Luuklag No, because Sha closed it originally 3 years ago, and it's one hammering per hammer per question :-p
meh, looks around the room for other gold badge holders for feature request
@RyanM did you review your own edit?
@Luuklag no, that was triggered by rev 8, by the looks of it: meta.stackexchange.com/posts/49633/revisions
@RyanM rev 7 has a label "added to review" none of the other revisions has that :/
@Luuklag Oh, you're right. Not used to the new feature yet. Someone must have added a reopen vote, then.
10:58 AM
@RyanM worse, I've also reopened it before closing, so can't even vote to reopen again, even if I wanted. :(
Either way, wasn't my fault it was in the queue: it was in the queue before I did the rollback.
@RyanM yeah could be, I recall it standing at 3 re-open after i did the review
throwing useless hammer on @M.A.R.
got to run to a meeting, cya guys around
perhaps any of the mods could dupe it
or we can hope people read the comments before voting
sometimes it happens
also after the rollback it looks more like a duplicate, because it is one
11:00 AM
Well "Don't restrict comment vote undo to one minute" is valid and new feature request, but should be posted as a new question, not pushed inside existing one.
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 It was...three years ago...by the person trying to turn the duplicate question into a different question.
(and edited today linking to the other one, lest you wonder if they simply forgot)
Frankly, it's a good request...I upvoted it earlier.
But whatever this nonsense with this other question is is bad.
@RyanM not really same, in the older question he's asking for the ability to undo/redo freely, asking to "only" lift/extend the time limit makes it a different request, less likely to be rejected.
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 Fair point. Well, they are welcome to post that one too :-)
You tell him, or I will? ;)
@RyanM ask @Bart for his smiting stick! :D
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 Added as a follow-up to my other comment, since it's very related.
11:09 AM
@RyanM :)
Wow there really are very few feature-request hammers.
Mostly just Shadow and Glorfindel in here, and well, for one of those the hammerr is mostly redundant now...
And 6 of them are redundant as the holders have mod hammers :P
Still trying to get my hands on one of those fancy hammers somewhere...
Probably the most skewed gold hammer to get on the network (in terms of "power") is the gold code golf badge on CGCC, as >85% of the questions there are tagged with that
Though the discussion ones on meta sites go a long way
11:20 AM
Oh, I didn't even consider the child meta sites. Working towards [discussion] on CGCC meta, and that covers ~87% of the questions there O.o
Based on my scores so far, I'm almost certain to get it on both MSO and MSE as soon as I get to 200 answers. But that's a ways away (respectively, 38 and 52 [discussion] answers so far, scoring 765 and 673).
@RyanM not thaaaaat hard
@RyanM 21 isn't only "few" ;)
But yeah, most aren't really around anymore.
@JourneymanGeek that's what she said?
(sorry! Couldn't hold it ;))
@JourneymanGeek just gotta quadruple my output here, easy peasy.
Need more buggy feature launches, that should help.
@RyanM more interesting query for you, how many hold all four hammers? ;)
11:28 AM
I roughly have about a hundred answers a year I've been here :D
(granted, probably squished over the last 6-7)
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 I know the answer to this one already: other than staff and ex-staff, just one ;-)
@RyanM lol. Wonder who? :D
No idea, I think they're kind of shadowy.
trying to look at own shadow, falling into endless Shadow Loop
I suspect they might be vaccinated :P
11:30 AM
If a shadow has a shadow, does its shadow also got a shadow?
@JourneymanGeek I'm a little slower than that, but not toooo far behind. Just joined the MSE crowd more recently.
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 is definitely the limiting factor here :P
More or less :D
and you're familiar with the system, which helps
@cairdcoinheringaahing yeah, had to be constructive to give valid answers. ;)
Mostly workarounds, I think.
I wonder how many of the child metas have any users with all 4
I suspect MSO does, but beyond that...
11:32 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing not many, that's for sure.
@cairdcoinheringaahing oh that's an awful SEDE query I'm sure
I can never do the network wide SEDE queries :P
@RyanM nothing is too awful in SEDE for @rene, question is what he gets in return.... :D
My main child meta (CGCC) has exactly one gold tag badge awarded :P
@cairdcoinheringaahing I can...but only because I stole most of the boilerplate from Glorfindel, and I surely couldn't write it from memory.
11:34 AM
@cairdcoinheringaahing The limiting factor here appears to be answers rather than score
@cairdcoinheringaahing Nope, MSO has no four-gold-badge holders. Closest are Shog9 with three golds and a silver [bug] badge, and Makoto with three golds and a bronze [bug] badge.
actually technically that's not true, Shog9 also has a [status-completed] gold tag badge on MSO, but not the four required tags.
In which case, I doubt any child meta site has any users with all 4
There are some where the tag badges don't exist for all, as they have <100 questions with one of the tags
Someone needs to get Shog to answer four more [bug] questions on MSO...
Seeing this kind of badge progress always gives me an itch I can't scratch :P
Don't focus on badges, or rep, focus on content :D
That said, the perfectionist in me wants the bar filled, regardless of what that actually means :P
It could indicate how many tacos Shog has eaten in the past 4 years and 12 days, I'd still want him to eat one more :P
11:45 AM
They frequent MSE too, but not as impressively as Shog.
Well arguably, being conversant in MSE is kinda a useful part of a CM's job
Even if least for a bit management forgot that
11:58 AM
@JourneymanGeek Martijn's not a CM, though, unless you know something we don't :-)
I mean for shog being impressive :D
You'd think CB.SE would be a requirement, but only 1 10K user there: communitybuilding.stackexchange.com/…
Telling that Monica's second highest tag there is [conflict-resolution]
12:22 PM
CB never quite cought on
The mod team's covered some of that
Dark humor that CommunityBuilding.SE struggles on building their own community, just like Productivity.SE wasn't that productive and Startup.SE failed to start up...
edited 29 secs ago
P.Mort. - forgot Clay
Deleted, just now :)
@Rob [user-retention] is also a neat one
@MetaAndrewT. stack overflow failed to overflow?
i.stack.imgur.com/6qJK7.png looks like I'm one step closer to being able to use haiku as a OS :D
MSE seems to work fine...
now all I need is a working scrollwheel
@JourneymanGeek You want to become Yaakov? ;)
12:31 PM
hmm, Haiku in Haiku :D
In all seriousness, its one of the more beautiful niche OSes
@JourneymanGeek okay cool, I usually can't be bothered with all that. Especially since my wife uses my laptop all the time now, since hers became too slow
I do everything either on one of my 3 work laptops, or on my phone
@Luuklag I... have spare hardware
this is running on a VM on my test box
slightly badly. hyper V has its quirks
I have upvotes on my nitpicky question :) meta.stackexchange.com/questions/370179/…
People here are pedants :D
Just read something about a big chinese construction firm about to fail. Will that impact your region as well Journey?
12:45 PM
Probably not
Well not directly
but our local construction industry has its own problems, so who knows
Ours has just a shortage of workers
and material prices skyrocketing
And a huge problem with being able to get permits
same issues
My apartment got pushed back about 2-3 quarters cause of it
and our workers are from india and china which... uh...
is a problem?
Mind tagging this for review @JourneymanGeek
Q: Wrong rate limit message when attempting to flag a comment

GlorfindelWhen clicking the flag link on a comment, I got the following message (emphasis mine): You may only attempt to flag this comment every 3 seconds. However, that's incorrect; it was my first attempt at flagging this comment. It should be a comment instead, just like the rate limiting message for...

@Luuklag flag it plox
I'll take a look if I'm sure I'm braining...
1:07 PM
I suddenly realize I'm the top non-staff answerer in the last 30 days... Lots of labels around me on that chart.
@RyanM you and sonic are the only ones left out
1:23 PM
I made the "All Time" list: meta.stackexchange.com/tags/bug/topusers
I only need to answer 91 more discussion questions to get a gold badge
@Rob everyone does see themselves there ;)
Maybe the format of "All Time" is different from the "Last 30 Days", where one appears listed in only one of the lists, sometimes both: meta.stackexchange.com/tags/support/topusers
In both instances of "all time" I see my self as 21st
1:47 PM
@Luuklag That's the question, in one list I appear once, the other twice; not last in the leftmost column.
Well in the one you have answered questions I guess, in the other you haven't in the last 30 days, or at least not enough to make it into the list
4 answers with a combined score of 13 for
And less then 1 with 1 upvote for
2:07 PM
@Luuklag This seems more intuitive; it saves guessing (or loading another page to compare, and still guessing) exactly what the presentation format is. Present in one or both; or sometimes both, otherwise not. 😕
Sep 8 '20 at 18:28, by Rob
2 days ago, by Rob
1 hour ago, by Rob
The mysteries of The Stack continue. 🧚
2:33 PM
@Rob agreed
2 hours later…
4:57 PM
This might be a dumb question, but what does this error mean? “Reverse synonym duplicate-questions already proposed on the tag exact-duplicates” (got this when trying to propose [duplicate-questions] as a synonym of [closed-questions] on a per site meta. [exact duplicates is currently a synonym of [duplicate-questions]
ooh, sneaky
was about to say I didn't see any spam
@JNat I reckon this guy is also a spammer. They plagiarized an answer from the same link @Luuklag put below the other one's spam post, plus they're both new.
@Ollie gone
@JNat guaaad.
sdc cooldown-coffee JNat
5:08 PM
@EkadhSingh-ReinstateMonica Seems kind of funky. Very cursory dive, but as far as I can tell this error is supposed to prevent someone from proposing a B -> A synonym when an A -> B proposal is already outstanding. Best guess is that there's an outstanding tag synonym proposal from [closed-questions] to [exact-duplicates], so [duplicate-questions] (/[exact-duplicates]) -> [closed-questions] is implicitly a duplicate proposal.
(Sorry for the edit pings. Regardless of whether my guess here is correct, I'd agree the wording could stand to be cleaned up...)
@Ollie they have a sneaky link in a U&L post too — nuking
Q: Redirect a domain name to another url

Faizan SheikhWe have recently developed a new website based on WordPress and hosted at Planet Work which is in a way a merger of two old sites, including one hosted on WordPress, lereseauprimaveras.fr I would like to redirect lereseauprimaveras.fr to a specific page of the site Primaveras (Primaveras.fr/solid...

@JNat Thanks. Had to report it to Charcoal, flag it, watch stuff. The usual. Delete away.
5:15 PM
5:25 PM
@Slate thank you for clarifying :)
'course, hope it helps
5:55 PM
@Rob @Spevacus @bobble and @RyanM: Thanks for helping out with the [browser-enhancement] clean-up - there were a few more questions than usual with Meta burninations. 👌
np :-)
There's not a great close reason for them, sadly, but they made sense to close.
@RyanM Could've used a custom close reason, but I think in the end it would've been as long and amounted to as much as the ones that are already there.
6:15 PM
Slate / JNat, anyone knows why the anouncement about the gravatar issue is not featured?
6:37 PM
someone hasn't featured it yet
@Luuklag probably because the person posting it is new to MSE
@RyanM Yeah I flagged it to get featured, and decided to make the title a bit more descriptive
And I pinged @V2Blast while they edited the question in the comments
Oops now i did it here as well ;)
7:23 PM
@ShadowWizardIsVaccinatedV3 makes toy sound, bounces off I"M INVINCIBLE
8:12 PM
@Ollie I might not have played a big part (any), but you're welcome.
@Luuklag Yeah - I'd never posted an announcement on MSE before either, so I wanted to check what our process for featuring a post was first before I did it. :)
historically, process could also be "MSE mod decided to stick a featured tag on it" ;)
elsewhere it's controlled primarily by mods, but MSE is different given the nature of MSE
@Mithical We're generally not doing those, unless Geek gets in the mood :P
8:36 PM
@Mithical In general, we've asked them to let us (and they've wanted us to) make the call on featuring.
On child metas, it's different because it's only going to the site but on MSE, it's going to the entire network and that's a big megaphone.
Oh, I'm aware, and not complaining - just poking a joke at those times where, as Tink put it, "Geek got in the mind". :)
8:50 PM
It came to pass:
The fix (or workaround) is to do as Tensibai commented and upload your avatar to Stack Exchange, copying it to all sites; you can then modify individual sites (and their child meta) to each be different from the other if you wish. A half dozen of my sites have theme-based avatars where I'm depicted doing something appropriate for the site's subject. --- As other comments have mentioned: Using outside equipment leads to multiple places to file your bug but not here. — Rob Apr 8 '20 at 8:25
16-18 months
27 messages moved to Chimney
@Glorfindel Can you please update the post on sponsored sites to reflect when Server Fault's sponsorship actually ended?
@Catija There should be a way to just feature something here on this site without having it featured across the network. This site is its own community, and other communities can feature things important to their communities, so why can't we?
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog why not make that a feature request? :P
It's just a personal opinion. To file a feature request, I have to know others' viewpoints first so that it doesn't get downvoted.
If I'm not sure if a feature request will be well-received, I often ask about it here to try and get viewpoints before posting it
9:05 PM
That makes sense, thank you for explaining :)
it's a good feature request, but, it's also one that likely won't happen
MSE is a relatively quiet place. Outside of mass retags, the front page often has a whole week worth of posts, it's hard for something to be missed
9:16 PM
Even the Wiki doesn't mention that detail: meta.stackexchange.com/tags/featured-tag/info - we'd need a different tag, such as
9:37 PM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog I'd want to see at least a couple examples of questions that would be useful to feature on MSE, but not network-wide
But I could theoretically get behind it if that were demonstrated
10:35 PM
This answer looks like posted by staff but profile don't indicate that ? Does staff have option not to pick staff label on profile ?
10:56 PM
@Shree I think someone needs to set it
And I don't recognize them so maybe they're new?
11:28 PM
Or someone not really active on pubplat and chiming in cause it's in their side of things since I don't think careers/jobs is the same side of things so the need for a staff label isn't apparent
Maybe a staff member accidentally posted from their sock.

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