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4:19 AM
More than one?
so, i don't want to start a fight, but I'm passably tipsy, I just got home, and I have pizza.
oh yeah, all mornings there are to be had
... the fight part was about the jealousy over pizza. why is that bait not working. don't you folks like pizza?
oh well. guess I forgot to mention the pineapple. 'nights anyways o/
3 hours later…
7:39 AM
@Alex morning?
Dupe mornings won't be a good thing.
Who can close them?
We need people with morning gold badges!
God, perhaps
@FélixGagnon-Grenier when a pizza falls in a far away forest, nobody can hear it....
giving @Kenny83 slice of pineapple pizza
I eat pineapple pizza. I just take the pineapple off and eat it separately.
Eww pineapple.
7:49 AM
...of course I'm allergic to pineapple, but that's beside the point.
Or for me... Pain apple
@user58 my sister is allergic to tons of stuff... but not lethal allergy. My brother is allergic only to one thing (mango fruit) but it's lethal, if he eat even a bit, he's a goner....
So far no known allergies for me. :/
So, corn pizza? @user58 ;)
Probably off topic, but no spam.
huh.... so new podcast title contains "boyfriends"... must say SE is brave.
(didn't even see what the podcast is about yet)
@JourneymanGeek I’m 2.5% of the way to a mourning gold badge.
Close enough.
@ShadowThePrincessWizard Ewwww.
8:06 AM
@user58 hey, don't say Ewwwww on food!
Well my kids love only corn pizza... :/
Your kids are monsters.
@user58 not doubting that, but even monsters need to eat.... :D
@user58 doesn't that go for all kids?
fair enough
@rene until you and/or @user58 will have kids you won't really know..... :P
8:08 AM
I have younger siblings, I know
See? The cute monster is eating.
@user58 not the same.... you don't have to feed them... ;)
Sometimes I do...
'tis a nightmare
Not literally, lol... you don't have to gain money in order to make sure they have food... :)
And then be greeted with "ewwww!" when you buy them something expensive...
@ShadowThePrincessWizard I have none now and I'm pretty sure I'm managing my image to prevent that anyone will make the mistake to give it a try ...
@rene give it a try with you? :D
8:11 AM
with kids ...
Well got to debug a weekly report.... cya!
good luck
blame caching?
Off-by-one error?
user input?
nah.... result from API is empty... probably something has no value and the API choked on it. Not the first time, just need to find the no value part and remove it.
There should be things where the red lines are. :(
Tell the customer it is space week ..
OK, it's something with the setup data.... goes deeper
Huh! It's the setup owners.
8:30 AM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard It's Shog9's fault.
That's not spam.
the new answer is
So? Wrong to flag the question.
Flag the spam answer.
If the OP post spam answer then yes, it's a spam seed, but that's not the case here.
8:39 AM
probably just copied the wrong link
Name rings a bell, but not very familiar... not pingable in Tavern... some SO user?
SU mod
@user58 yeah, probably
no answer there for long minutes
!!/coffee user
@ShadowThePrincessWizard No such command 'cofee'.
One coffee, two users
8:41 AM
@ShadowThePrincessWizard brews a cup of Latte for @user
I'm exhausted, but I haven't had any coffee today
@user58 why? :(
Any updates from army?
because I don't actually drink coffee that much
@ShadowThePrincessWizard not yet
@user58 good for your health, bad for your tiredness... ;)
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11:28 AM
Oops, I visited the site each day for 30 consecutive days.
11:42 AM
@TannerSwett Were you trying to avoid doing so?
No, but I had no intention of doing so either.
12:05 PM
!!/coffee itself
@ColumbiasaysReinstateMonica brews a cup of Cappuccino for @itself
Oh that makes me wonder. What are @SmokeDetector 's pronouns?
@MetaAndrewT. Welcome to Tavern on the Meta! I'm SmokeDetector, a bot that detects spam and offensive posts on the network, and posts alerts to chat. You can find more about me on the Charcoal website.
It is a bot, so feel free to use "it" or "s/he" and other pronouns
12:34 PM
@TannerSwett aka... addicted? ;)
Just be glad there isn't a Humor SE. That would last about 5 minutes before blowing up on Twitter.
Q: Is there a humor Q&A in Stack Exchange?

Eugen ErayI want to ask some funny things (humor questions) but I don't know where. Is there an appropriate Q&A site in Stack Exchange? Maybe not only humor, but we all known memes. Why don't have a site about new science called "Memology"?

Q: The Closing of Humor

Robert CartainoProposal: Humor This was a tough one. It really was. The proposal suggests this will be a site about the subject and nature of humor, but even the proposal author does not believe there is enough theoretical study behind humor to fill an entire Q&A. I'm not sure I agree with that, but as folks ...

12:57 PM
It would probably be best as a set of tags in Writing. There's nothing for performance though.
Q: Why is the chicken crossing the road joke funny?

zoobyAccording to modern psychology why is the answer to the joke "Why did the chicken cross the road?" "To get the the other side." Funny? According to the relief theory, what are we relieved about? Could it be that the question invokes a feeling of stress when we don't know the answer? Do we fear ...

Because 4-year-olds don't have sophisticated standards.
How many "just for fun" sites are there? There's Puzzling and Code Golf; are there any others?
1:15 PM
@TannerSwett Depends on how you define "fun". For instance, you could either include Science Fiction & Fantasy or, well, not include it.
1:54 PM
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@user58 Well, I guess I mean sites where posts are commonly something other than questions.
On Puzzling and Code Golf, posts are usually puzzles or challenges (but sometimes actual questions).
2:24 PM
@TannerSwett I'd argue all entertainment and arts related sites are for fun
also DIY
@SmokeDetector F
@Nobody my advice for most users who are frustrated with meta today, but don't really oppose to participating normally on non-metas is to stay away from meta to save your mental health for a while and carry on as usual on main sites. If not possible, maybe have a vacation from the network until things improve or a better alternative appears (I'm confident that it will).
@SmokeDetector why
also I'm pretty sure if half of us got Thanos'd things would still go roughly the same as if we were here, so why not preserve some nerve cells while things are sorting themselves out
if you look at things in aggregate, it might be that there are better things to do in life
3:24 PM
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4:10 PM
sup yall
Not much... Sunday...
@rene I actually miss calculus homework.
There is a whole site for you to eat your hart out then ;)
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6:02 PM
@rene Needs 1 mor
not any mor
wow i'm exhauste
we stayed over at a friends wihch was good however there was a power cut and so I didn't have a CPAP machine for half the night
cue feeing absolutely exhauste today.
6:56 PM
@djsmiley2k-CoW I was gonna complain about Blizzard being down and me not being able to play my vidya games ... yours is a more serious issue :D
2 hours later…
9:12 PM
@Bart well me and the wife are finding it a bit weird atm
not had a power cut anywhere in about.... 5 years
then we had one at home on tuesday or so
then at our friends, where he's lived for 6 years, never had one, and it goes there too (and he lives like 100mi away)
so we're wonmdering if they're following us :MD
@djsmiley2k-CoW yeah, there has been an annoying user creating fake Jeff accounts recently.
@djsmiley2k-CoW Maybe it's your new superhero power? Outage Man to the rescue!
:D at first I read it as 'outrage' man, and was thinking plenty of other people are already furfilling that role.
I need a new fantasy series to read
I've heard lots of times about "Wheel of time' series...

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