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12:02 AM
I'd actually prefer ASP.NET MVC but there's the small problem of hosting that somewhere.
This is really "stupid mobile app" material. I should make it for my Windows phone.
1:41 AM
I demand terrible Q&A sites be oneboxed!
But - I don't have bubbles in my bath
1 hour later…
3:09 AM
@DanielFischer I just lost more time than I care to admit thanks to that.
The bug report?
Had me ROTFLMAOffing
Wow, +1 for the link to that completely EPIC bugtracker thread... — R.. 5 mins ago
Hahaha, indeed. I still keep tabbing over to read some of that Paul Sephton guy's responses.
He was on a freakin' crusade, man.
Yeah, it's funny how the cranks always insist they're experts.
3:15 AM
> From your own comments here, I doubt you are qualified to judge whether or not my understanding of IEEE representation is sufficient. - Paul Sephton 2007-10-03 11:47:54 UTC
Also, lol at "Status: RESOLVED WORKSFORME"
3:57 AM
@harpo Hello.
Need help with something @harpo? Or are you just greeting the room?
2 hours later…
6:27 AM
hey, i am in need of some support
i just 15 rep but i see no records of it in my rep history.
3 hours later…
9:19 AM
So mods now has a hollow diamond, at least on some sites? (Saw this on Ask Ubuntu)
Looks like it's only the Community user
@YiJiangsProble I don't see one.
6 hours later…
3:46 PM
Q: I lost 15 reputation and I can't find any records of why

jokerdinoI note that since the Recent Reputation History Changes, the reputation changes are updated immediately and with more details. But, today, at one point of time, my reputation on Ask Ubuntu just dropped from 6395 to 6380. I tried looking into the cause but I don't see anything different. No accept...

Alright, finally ended up posting it on the Meta Stack Overflow
5 hours later…
9:03 PM
Q: Company logos on tag wikis; are they allowed?

BenA user has been making a lot of changes to tag wikis. So far, so fantastic! These are obviously good faith edits. However, he's also been adding a lot of company logos or product pictures; for instance: Apache iPhone iPad Flex iOS4 balsamiq more... Many of these images will be copyrighted an...

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10:08 PM
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11:46 PM

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