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12:07 AM
Is it possible to use SE site login information from one machine on another machine?
How so?
My company has a corporate MITM security setup of some kind that's stopping me from logging into SE sites directly at work. I can still get on SO, SU and MSO because I logged in there before the wall went up.
Oh, I see: you want to copy your local browser data from one machine to the other?
In the process of searching for an answer I came across this post:
A: Logged out, but still logged in?

Ladybug KillerHave you clicked the Logout button below the message?

Okay, well, I can't onebox the picture in the answer, but needless to say it's priceless
Heh. Pew pew!
12:20 AM
I was thinking about copying the browser data but I wasn't sure if it'd work.
Okay, here's what I've found so far...
Posted by Jeff Atwood on September 10th, 2010

We now support automatically logging in to any site in the Stack Exchange network.

By that I mean, as long as …

You have recently logged in to any Stack Exchange network site You hold an existing account on the target site you’re navigating to You are using the same OpenID credentials

You hold an existing account on the target site you’re navigating to You are using the same OpenID credentials

You are using the same OpenID credentials

… the site you’re navigating to will automagically log you in! You’ll see a notification bar at the top to let you know when you’ve automatically logged into a site. …

A: How does SO's new auto-login feature work?

Kevin MontroseI'm going to provide more than just the technical details here, as I think there are alot of implicit assumptions about global login that aren't quite correct out there. Accordingly, this is going to be really long. Design Requirements A user having logged into any SE-site will be automatic...

If only it were so easy.
Yeah, across machines, probably not so much
In either case, it looks like Kevin Montrose knows the most about it?
Even on the same one. SO, MSO and SU work fine for me, so according to that scheme, I should get logged in to (for example) English SE or SF automatically, but that doesn't happen.
I wonder if you could get around the problem by associating another OpenID provider with your Stack Exchange account?
i.e. maybe they're just blocking your current OpenID provider
12:34 AM
I think I probably could log in if I tried; I just don't want to try because I don't fully understand how the wall works.
@PopularDemand What sort of trouble is being caused by popular demand now?
Can we have the unicorn hug hat momentarily appear on user profiles when the user gets the association bonus? I figure that way, instead of asking "OMG, where'd this extra 100 points come from?" on Meta for the 1000000th time, they'll just go "...Ah, magic." and be done with it.
1:29 AM
@TimStone No, then we'd just get a bunch of people asking "Why did I get a unicorn hat?"
1:47 AM
In response to:
2 hours ago, by Chris
Okay, well, I can't onebox the picture in the answer, but needless to say it's priceless
2 hours later…
3:41 AM
@TimStone Nice. Thanks!
Weird, that works in chat. Why can't I get that link automagically transformed when I enter it in a post?
It works in comments too
2 hours later…
5:52 AM
When I look at my Programmers profile, my Stack Overflow reputation shows up incorrectly as 460 there, while other users see 448. Would anybody care to look at my Programmers profile and tell me if they can confirm the 460 reputation for Stack Overflow I see there. Here is the Meta question: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/117920/…
6:03 AM
@PersonalNexus Yeah, I've been watching it. Gotta assume it's a cache thing, since it shows up right on your accounts page.
6:39 AM
@Shog9 But as of right now you see the 460, too or not?
6:51 AM
@PersonalNexus I do
@Shog9 Great. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't an optical illusion or me going insane :)
2 hours later…
8:55 AM
I can only dream of a day when I'm not awake at 4 am fixing stupid stuff. ..or rather I would, if I could sleep.
3 hours later…
11:53 AM
@YiJiangsProble_ The sanitizer doesn't allow for square brackets in hrefs
Which seems incorrect, since the auto-linker does.
I imagine chat and comments are free of that issue since Markdown mini doesn't allow for HTML anyway, so no need for the HTML sanitizer.
It's of course possible that the real issue is that the auto-linker is not encoding the square brackets when it generates the URL...let's see.
I don't think it does any sort of encoding at all
It doesn't, but it should.
If you use []() with a URL with square brackets, it encodes the square brackets and the sanitizer is happy.
So the auto-linker should do the same, if it's going to consider bare URLs with square brackets as auto-linkable.
Since right now it's essentially going "Oh, that's a valid link!" and then the sanitizer is saying "Just kidding, it's not." :P
Something like this.
12:35 PM
Accepted answer on the following Q provides only a link with almost no details, and the link is now dead. What do?
Q: Is there a Subversion Checkout Hook or something similar?

Robert MassaioliI'm using a subversion repository and I want to know whenever somebody asks my repository for a checkout; like a 'svn co' or an 'svn up'. Is there a hook or some other method that I can use so that a script is run, or email sent, whenever somebody requests information from my svn server? How can ...

Q: Strategy to handle/flag one-liner answers with dead links

Vineet ReynoldsA related question was asked quite a long time back on StackOverflow. While no answer was provided on how to detect and migrate to newer (and possibly accurate) links, there is a bigger problem with respect to answers that contain nothing but the links. In this case (of Sun forums being migrated...

Thanks @TimStone
From what I gather from the post, if the link cannot be replaced with sensible content, the answer should be removed. For us mere mortals, that means flag, yes?
Yep, although I remember reading recently someone who disagreed that it should be flagged...but I don't see why it shouldn't be.
Probably with a custom reason indicating that you tried to find a replacement link, but weren't able to, and the post should be deleted.
(unfortunate in this case since I guess whatever information that used to be at that URL was useful at the time...why people can't take ten seconds to summarize to avoid this situation is beyond me. :/)
12:49 PM
I'm suspect I've been guilty of that in the past as well... I really should review my old answers when I get a chance to.
Interesting question + don't know answer --> Google --> find useful info but don't know enough to comment enough on it --> provide link as answer just to be helpful while investigate further --> life takes over and Q forgotten.
Yeah, I suppose that's fair.
Any way to search "low quality post" by user (as provided in /review)? That might be a good way to quickly weed out my past failings.
or sort my posts by "quality"?
(btw, above mentioned post now deleted)
Hmm, not that I'm aware of.
Also, hooray!
@ShawnChin It does look like searching for user:me is:answer url:* actually will given you all answers that contain links, which (if that's what you wanted the search for) might not be a terrible way to start.
1:08 PM
Hmmm... won't work too well for me. Whenever possible, I try to back my answers up with links to answers/references/sources so that will match a good portion of my answers
it's a start I guess. Thanks
Yeah, I had the same issue, the query returned half of my answers.
The original posts about carreers.SE mention an auto-invite system for active SO users. Does this system still exist?
I believe so. I'm inclined to say think that it might be a manual process though, and I don't know what the eligibility criteria are either...which is probably not a very helpful answer to your question, heh.
@CodeInChaos Based on the following Q on meta posted last week, I'd say yes:
Q: How to stop receiving email “Expanding your Reputation”

Tsuyoshi ItoI have received two emails with subject “Expanding your Reputation” from “Stack Overflow Careers 2.0” <do-not-reply@stackoverflow.com>. I do not know why I received them, but I am not interested in them at all and I do not want to receive more. How can I stop them?

1:58 PM
@YiJiang Might want to post a bug report about that URL thingadongdong by the way.
2:17 PM
@jadarnel27 is that your new "rawr"?
@ShawnChin No way. It's just too early in the morning to RAWR.
3 hours later…
5:12 PM
Hey all
Q: Merge Accounts and Ban

amanaP lanaC A nalP A naM AThis user and this user are one and the same. See chat here: http://chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/2288401#2288401 Basically this user created a new account because with their original account they could not post questions anymore

@jadarnel27 :-P
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA =)
@jadarnel27 so mean to me
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Just picking on you. I can delete that comment if you'd like.
5:37 PM
Oh wow.. some people never cease to amaze. After this post, he then comes back 6 weeks later to demand than his SO posts be undeleted:
Q: I need a mod to undelete my posts that were deleted for too little content

csuwldcatI have added lots of content to all the places where I answered a batch of questions that were all basically the same. I would have marked these all as dupes, but that is apparently an admin action or something: How do I vertically center the modal in an iframe? Have modal center of browser wit...

@jadarnel27 lol naaah
@ShawnChin haha I saw that and flagged two more of his posts for the same reason
a tirade of comments just came in too. interesting read
Dude has a serious chip on his shoulder.
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA yeah, spotted the two new posts as well. Exact same content.
Lol.. only just noticed the title of the blog post included in his answer :D
6:19 PM
@ShawnChin Wait, what? I can't see any of his deleted content, so I admit I could be way off, but from the MSO posts it sounds like what happened was: the guy posted a bunch of spammy-looking answers in good faith, they all got mod-deleted with no notice, he actually took the time to come back and try and improve those answers to SO standards and he's getting shut down because the new answers look a lot like each other. If that's the case, he seems like someone we should be encouraging.
@ShawnChin lol
@PopularDemand the posts ALL look like this: stackoverflow.com/a/8620452/561731
6:44 PM
@PopularDemand For reference:
A: JQuery Modal Box Positioning

csuwldcatI came up with a radically simple method for doing this that doesn't even require JavaScript in 95% of cases - http://www.backalleycoder.com/2011/11/16/best-damn-modal-method-period%E2%84%A2/ - below I have pasted the HTML and CSS it uses, the blog post has a much longer, more detailed explanatio...

A: javascript or css3 modal box in center of screen not page

csuwldcatI came up with a radically simple method for doing this that doesn't even require JavaScript in 95% of cases - http://www.backalleycoder.com/2011/11/16/best-damn-modal-method-period%E2%84%A2/ - below I have pasted the HTML and CSS it uses, the blog post has a much longer, more detailed explanatio...

Exact same answer, different questions
Posted within two minutes of each other
Whoa, the name, rep and badge count section of the user card on one of those answers is a pixel or two off compared to where it is on the other. (But that's not what you're showing me, let's see....)
Presumably all the deleted answers are identical to those?
As @amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA pointed out
Ah, so he's going to questions that say "my existing JS stuff is broken, how do I fix it" and posting "I invented a non-JS way to show modal windows." Gotcha.
Q: Is "Don't do it" a valid answer?

butterchickenIf someone asks how to do XYZ, and you think doing XYZ at all is a Bad Idea, is it valid to post an answer saying so? You aren't answering the question, but instead, arguing the question's validity. You could do this in a comment, but I don't think comments carry enough weight on occasion. For ...

7:34 PM
Pressing the "escape" key while typing a comment (or here on chat for that matter) clears out everything you've typed so far. Does anyone (other than me) find this behavior to be strange or unexpected?
I like it. I discovered it when I entered most of a long message that someone else ended up posting first. Went for Esc entirely on instinct, and was happy that it worked.
I found it to be intuitive, as well
Well shucks. I just need to get better at typing then. I keep hitting escape when I'm going for the backtick (for code-formatting in comments)
7:50 PM
I just noticed that the prize for being the millionth SE user was a free ticket to DevDays 2011. I wonder if they came up with a substitute prize.
8:39 PM
A: "Welcome to SO! Unfortunately, your question as written doesn't really fit this site. Please see the FAQ. In short, we don't really do broad 'please guide me' questions here. If you can be more specific, possibly with a code sample, we'd love to help you!"
B: "Yes a code sample will help me surely..I just want a push.I will do the rest"
I asked a guy to provide a code sample instead of just saying "help me" and he said "yeah, if you could give me a code sample, that'd be great."
"Please help us help you."
"Yes, please help me!"
9:09 PM
Worst news I've heard all day: "The customer has asked for full IE 6 Compatibility". This is going to be unpleasant.
9:45 PM
Q: Question ban blocking my questions...but they all have positive scores!

DeLongeI was rather shocked when I logged on to StackOverflow today to discover that I have a question ban. I was actually really disappointed. So before I get upset, I'd like to find out why. I checked my posts and there's are no negative scores on my questions. So is this an IP ban on the office? Did...

I have never seen someone have such a good attitude about being question-banned.
@jadarnel27 Most users who get question banned are straight-up help vampires. Up-vote a few questions he's asked if they're good.
@Shog9 Right, I've noticed that. And they usually come here to meta ultra-angry and indignant about it. This guy seems like it was just an honest mistake. I'll take a look at his questions and answer.
@PopularDemand I've actually commended his actions (updating the deleted answers) in the comments. It's his aggresive responses and confidence in his blog post that amused me.
His so called "The Best Damn Modal Method Period™" is the best thing since sliced bread, or so it seems.

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