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3:05 AM
@YiJiangs独角兽 What's your username?
Can't you tell? :)
It seems like we've trapped ourselves into a corner here
@YiJiangs独角兽 Heh, ok, got it.
Trying to "fix" a seagate FreeAgent FlexGo here.
Anyone know how to open the darn thing?
7 hours later…
9:55 AM
Thanks @Jeremy Banks, that bounty abuse works :p
A: My PHP for loop is only returning one value

genesis φYou have semicolon ; after for() before bracket. remove it so for ($i=0; $i<count($picnameoutput); $i++); { echo "$picnameoutput[$i]"; } becomes for ($i=0; $i<count($picnameoutput); $i++) { echo "$picnameoutput[$i]"; } however I would recommend to use this instead ...

@Devs or someone else - how often homepage flushes its cache?
4 hours later…
1:56 PM
So, I played YOD on the triple word, then Moshe played LIQUORED on it for 70 points.
2:41 PM
Why does the recent changes question appear twice on the sidebar on Meta?
Hmmm, that's a good question.
Perhaps once for being a high-voted question, and once for being ?
Interesting. Probably a bug then, since I don't think this is intended behavior
2:55 PM
22 hours spent beating Deus Ex Human Revolution on hardest difficulty.... time well spent, very enjoyable. :)
1 hour later…
4:00 PM
Hi there.
@YiJiangs : is it normal we can't see security election on your site : se.awio.com/election.html ?
Someone in the iPhone/iPad room is asking about a 300rep loss. I told them it was probably a recalc. Did anything happen recently that he/I should know about?
@Mvy yes, that is normal. The problem is that page has to be manually updated, and the owner of that site hasn't been in contact in a while here
@Moshe or spam flag?
@Moshe you would have to ask a mod on that site
is that on askdifferent then?
Tell him to flag a post of his on Apple and ask the mods to look into it
1 hour later…
5:25 PM
@jcolebrand On StackOverflow.
@jcolebrand - Is a question about home network backups a SU or SF question?
Q: What are my options to back up a home network?

MosheI have about five or six computers on a home network, all connected to a Belkin Wireless N+ router. Almost all of the computers run Windows, but one of them runs Mac OS, and others may also in the future. What are my options for local backups of data? Should I just use a RAID array, or is there...

@genesisφ It works too good.
6:03 PM
@Moshe super user, but as they pointed out, there already exists a lot of Qs in that vein

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