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12:18 AM
Q: Make Outlook Web Access work with Mail for Mac OS?

MosheIs it possible to configure web access to work with Mail for Mac, either directly, or through a proxy gmail account? My school uses an outlook based system. Setting up on iOS is a breeze, but for some reason, I can't get it to work on Mail for OS X Lion.

^---- Help an oppressed college student --^ ^--- Upvote this question if you can't answer. I could care less for the rep, I want someone who can to answer it. --- ^
3 hours later…
3:12 AM
Testing new gravatar.
No, new photo of me.
Might require a reload.
see it now. cool.
3:50 AM
Q: i found a bug and was wondering if i can get paid

bobbythe bug is 1.) download mozilla firefox. 2.) download firebug which is a addon to firefox 3.) go to add on and enable it 4.) go to a persons facebook page. 5.) right lick on their wall and click inspect element. 6.) click on inspect when the window pops up. 7.) go to the area where the persons ...

That question is full of win.
Hey Kev I made it better
I uh, continued, for some reason.
:( just looks backwards to me now.
Too much meta.
4:07 AM
that's funny tho
4:19 AM
Recorded for posterity.
why do I feel compelled to edit that and make the formatting "Reasonable"?
4:38 AM
pokes @TimStone
5:11 AM
@RebeccaChernoff You can see flags on questions network wide, correct?
@RebeccaChernoff Would please take a look here then: money.stackexchange.com/questions/10599/…
what's up?
It doesn't necessarily mean anything, but we didn't know whether it is an issue or not.
5:19 AM
@Moshe hey hey
Er, morning
I see the crew is up tonight.
I'm exhausted.
C++ class was a blast today.
It's till evening here. Well, I guess night, but 'good night' is rarely a greeting.
@GeorgeMarian, consider it handled.
Heh, depends where, but yea.
@RebeccaChernoff Now that's response time. I wish I could get that kind of response time from my web host. :)
5:20 AM
Consider it your one for the decade. q:
So, I should be off to sleep, but I'm trying to find reasonably priced books.
@GeorgeMarian Geesh, that made me feel old...
@Moshe Do they still sell old tech books on the streets in NYC? ;)
@GeorgeMarian I never heard of that, where would I look (streetwise)?
5:22 AM
@YiJiang Yeah, there's a lot of that going around.
@Moshe Cory Doctorow has a few of his books licensed under creative commons, if you're into fiction
@YiJiang I'm looking for school texts.
@Moshe We used to find vendors on the streets downtown, a block east of the WTC.
Starting just south of J&R.
Hrm... I dunno, that's a bit far for me. Is it near public transit?
Wait, J&R by the courts?
What isn't near public transit in NYC?
5:23 AM
Hey, is it crazy to try to get a DevDays like event at my school? With the whole SO gang.
Yeah, there's plenty of subways at least. I didn't use the buses much. And, I don't know of any other location for J&R. :)
@GeorgeMarian Ok, cool, so I was there once. Jury Duty.
Ah, the good old days. I used to spend a fair amount of my salary at Century 21 and J&R.
It would be nice, but I have no idea what that might cost, if there's be interest, if there'd be funding.
When were you in NYC, @GeorgeMarian?
@Moshe 1998 to early 2001.
5:26 AM
got it
3 mins ago, by Moshe
Hey, is it crazy to try to get a DevDays like event at my school? With the whole SO gang.
Well, not necessarily everyone, but, something would be cool.
It kinda bugs me to see the CS dept the way it is. The profs are nice and all, but the websites are outdated. How hard is it to get CS students to do some volunteer work?
I'd help out.
Also, I can't access the BC email with Exchange, need to use IMAP, because there's invalid SSL set up.
@RebeccaChernoff - Would you be someone to speak to about that, since you're a CHAOS member?
@Moshe Odd, this message triggered a notification.
@GeorgeMarian I think I replied to your earlier post.
@Moshe Oh yea, I see.
@GeorgeMarian Do you have any thoughts? I've only been there for 2 days, so I don't want to jump into a meta post... I'm curious to ask around here first.
@Moshe Heh. I'm usually not shy about sharing my thoughts. :)
5:33 AM
I'm off to bed.
I guess one concern I would have is determining if there is enough interest.
@Rebecca, are you still around?
I need to crash.
That's probably the place the start.
@Moshe g'night
5:34 AM
@Moshe me too.
@GeorgeMarian Thanks, sorry for egging you on then cutting you off, just totally exhausted. Keep talking if you want and I'll be back in a while
@GeorgeMarian thanks
@Moshe huh?
@Moshe LOL no worries.
@MTibbits depends...whaddya want? q:
@RebeccaChernoff Do you think there's potential for DevDays on Uni campuses? (Like mine, just started yesterday.)
5:35 AM
> Father of Java James Gosling has quit Google and turned his back on tier-one tech companies altogether by joining a California start-up which makes unmanned ocean-going robots.
@RebeccaChernoff nothing short of causing trouble... May I quietly ask if you think my duplicate flag for this question should be invalid? Note the accepted answer noted that it's a duplicate.
@RebeccaChernoff Sorry to be an occasional thorn in your side.
@Moshe meh, no.
@RebeccaChernoff why is that?
well dates and venues were already picked
@RebeccaChernoff No, I mean for a future event. I wasn't necessarily talking about the current round of DevDays. I'd just like to see a DevDays like event, or an SO event at my Uni.
5:53 AM
@RebeccaChernoff , sorry I bothered you. I'm headed to bed.
@MTibbits, I don't see a point in fretting over one flag.
no worries (:
I agree, but it cost me a day worth in flag weight.
just frustrating.
oh no
a whole day
That, I take offense to. My time is precious. As is yours. As is everyone's. Personally, I sleep four to five hours so that I can do my job & spend time with my family & contribute here. Losing two-three hours of a contribution here is a big deal, to me. It makes me not want to continue contributing. But then again, ....at about 7K in reputation I really haven't contributed that much anyway.
Heh. I lose 2-3 hours a day just trying to fall asleep. ;)
6:07 AM
A lower flag weight does not in any way devalue your past contributions. The fact remains is that things were cleaned up that would have been otherwise overlooked, there's value in that as well.
@MTibbits I was not taking your contribution lightly. I just think that people (in general) obsess about that number way too much.
I still think it would be better if flag weight wouldn't be displayed at all. If you give people a metric, they will strive to increase it. If you then introduce a system that punishes a "wrong" decision by 10 times what you can "earn" with a "right" decision, it makes for unpleasant experiences and complaints.
I totally agree it's not a big deal either way, but it's a deviation from the principle of how SO works otherwise IMO
@EatmoreTwisters this is where I come from. I try not to take these little things to heart, but it is frustrating -- especially when I've realized a mistake and been powerless to undo it.
one further small comment -- we aren't getting any reputation for this work -- the only thing we have to look at is flag weight. Hence why it appears to matter more, much more than it should.
@RebeccaChernoff I know. Sorry to sound flustered.
I'm in favour of replacing flag weight by a simple "keep 'em coming / neutral / please stop flagging" scale.
It might neet slightly different wording though.
I agree that we should have a way to cancel a flag. When you realize you've made a mistake, waiting for the inevitable drop does suck.
6:25 AM
To play devil's advocate, there also isn't any method in place for calling into question a decision. Most everything here is reviewable -- but flagging decisions are usually closed quite quickly. This is one of those few places where the Stack Exchange engine is actually permitting personal opinions to rule. Ok wow. Soap box ceded. g'nite all.
Hey, look at that. My flag weight is back over 100 on Money.SE, where I am a moderator. :D
@M. The generic counter-argument to that is that a flag is such a small drop in the ocean, a full review process for each one would clog the process way too much - there being hundreds or thousands of flags a day. I tend to agree
@MTibbits 'night!
@EatmoreTwisters true true.
6:38 AM
Heh. blindingly obvious wisecrack withheld
Ok, this is rather amusing, not because someone got swindled, but rather how it happened. The comments are hilarious. Don't buy your iPad in a McDonald's car park
I really need more coffee. BRB
Darn you Gawker. I really want to see a pic of that mockPad, but I refuse to bow to your ridiculous requirement to have JavaScript enabled to see anything of value on your site.
Other than ponying up a ton of money, what is actually required to become a trusted CA?
Dang it. What's the markup for strikethrough?
strike one
6:51 AM
@TimPost Apparently, not enough.
--- before and after the string, @GeorgeMarian
Ah, thanks. I'll have to remember that for next time. lol
Fixed that for you
> The scenario is excellent; South Carolina, McDonalds and a bargain. A little like showing a herd of lemmings a cliff... there will be casualties...
@TimPost Much appreciated.
I'm planning to get a few of the Chinese knock offs to play with once I have a little disposable cash. The two I've played with were actually rather nice .. more or less the screen size you'd get with an IPad, but with Android and more options (dual SIM, dual micro SD, etc)
6:57 AM
I like the irony of them running Android. Not that it isn't an obvious choice.
It's strange looking at how the user pop-up cue's design has iterated over the past few days
forgets his line
Well, it's proof that when you combine the most desirable features from a few competing products into one, you end up with something rather cool. I'm just worried about plunking down $250 - $300 on something that isn't going to live very long. Still, the devices seemed to be reasonably well constructed.
But, at least I didn't miss the cue. ;)
@TimPost Yeah, the quality of the hardware would be my biggest concern.
Nobody really reviews the knockoff market stuff, so it really is a gamble.
6:59 AM
in The Bridge on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, yesterday, by Yi Jiang
I can ... accidentally hit enter while typing out a message
Of course, nobody is daft enough to buy something like that, right?
@YiJiang I accidentally hit lots of keys while typing. Nevermind my horrible spelling, even with the word right in front of me. lol
> anyone looking to buy one would get more bang for the buck by setting it on fire for warmth.
Rather ironic, in light of the iPlank.
@YiJiang I can think of a few people who would pay $100 for a simulator that boots on the same day you start it :)
@YiJiang Nice. That was quite amusing. Especially the pics on the Best Buy blog.
2 hours later…
8:46 AM
@balpha or @TimPost I have seen something like "StackCentral", which was site to show all statistics from all stackexchange profiles I own. Does anybody have clue what was the URL? I think I have seen it in your profile(s)?
@genesis Not your profile on stackexchange.com ?
@TimPost NoNoNo... it was external application which was taking data from API. There was graphs, and a lot of more stuff not visible on class SE profile
I'm not quite sure what you mean ... other than this
WOW I haven't seen this before, thanks for link :p
Ah, here
Whoops, I'm Ddoser

We're sorry...

There are an unusual number of requests coming from this IP address.
Ahh yes, I remember that. Sorry for being dense, I couldn't quite figure out what you were looking for
8:54 AM
Was I unclear?
Is my English really so bad? ::(
No, not at all. I'm just a bit engrossed in something and somewhat dense at the moment :)
No worries.
@Tim are you developer?
Yes, I'm primarialy a C programmer
I mean if you're a SO developer, sorry for unclear question
Ah no, I'm a community elected moderator.
8:59 AM
Ahh. Just a question. When you you like to check if user made a lot of click in past 30 seconds, how would you do it, in view of performance?
I do rate limiting for some of the low level RESTful API's I've written, and quite frankly I find it easier to leave that kind of logic to something else like HAProxy .. and keep that clutter out of my core code
I feel like a begginer now :p
that lets me stop caring about a bunch of stuff, like DoS'ing due to slow requests, etc as far as my code is concerned, and then I just roll out the program bundled with HAProxy, or something similar
If that's not an option, something token based can work, but that necessitates a bit of cruft in your sessions which can be problematic
Is'nt HAProxy NoSql database?
Ah, loadBalancer :p
So this session has token abcdefg, and 112 requests have come with token abcdefg. Since tokens live only for 60 seconds, it's pretty easy to start rejecting them
9:04 AM
Okay so you can set up maximal count of request per minute on your load balancer?
Yeah, you can define a lot of rules that apply to certain requests. You might want to rate limit something that can't be cached and always has to run a query, but not rate limit a request that hits a cache 99.9% of the time
That's why I love just keeping that out of my code completely, really simplifies things
And HaProxy is software loadbalancer?
Yes, and more
Stack Exchange uses it
If you ever see a 408 Request Timeout when using the site, it's actually HA Proxy that sent it
But doesn't it lost it's magic? I though that loadbalancer is just like router - pings to two servers for example and which responses faster, is winner to procccess request?4
Crossroads is another one I like to work with, when I need something basic
The most basic of them all (but rather mature) is Pound
9:08 AM
So there are soft and hard, hard is working as router, it means it redirects to server which is availble and soft one is doing the same just in software interface?
Q: Why the answers are not locked, when any question is locked?

Pied PiperWhen any interesting Question or Post is Locked, one can't vote for it. But one can vote for It's answers. Then user gets following notification. Trying to up-vote question there will be ...

9:42 AM
@TimPost how can I get all accounts user are on?
Just go to one of their profile pages and click "accounts"
sorry. via API
Oh, I'm not 100% sure, it's been a while since I did anything with the API (shame on me, actually, I have a few neat projects basically stalled)
Damn :(
@genesis I don't see specific method for that listed here
9:48 AM
So it's probably hardcored and html parsed?
it's /usrers/{id}/associations
Hiding at the bottom there :)
ah! thanks
Full description here
Yeah, the meat of what you want is in items[] once returned
9:52 AM
But it's empty now
From what site should I input userid?
@genesis Try this one
Now tell me, how can I take this ID from SO ID?
That's what I'm wondering .. how would you get that association ID from a query to one of the individual SE sites
Hmm. I hope someone will reply. Maybe I can mention @balpha to help us out?
not sure what the question is -- the association ID is returned from the users API
is that not what you mean?
9:59 AM
whoops, thank you a lot!
10:17 AM
Whoops, got it :/ Arrgh
10:56 AM
@balpha I dont like google-code Mind if I make a github clone of pagedown? (It also needs a package.json file & a npm registry to be compatible with node.js)
a) I don't like google code either, b) it's open source, clone all you want, c) "to be compatible with node.js" -- that's just wrong; npm is a completely independent project from node.js, it works fine without it, d) but as you can see on the issues page, it's planned
@balpha Ok compatible is the wrong word
I just find it a right pain to use node.js projects which aren't on npm
I think "for convenience" is the correct word I was looking for
@balpha how did he get api endpoints? view-source:stackcenter.quickmediasolutions.com/display.php
@balpha so he mixed up sites with accounts, right?
11:07 AM
I have no idea what you mean
I see
var user_accounts = [{"site_name":"Stack Overflow","api_endpoint":"http:\/\/api.stackoverflow.com","meta":"false","url":"‌​stackoverflow.com","user_id":764846,"display_name":"genesis \u03c6","email_hash":"f77ef279d6b33bc09ce5422049dd9e37","user_type":"registered"‌​,"rep":13715} - it's mixed /sites/ and /asoociated. (?)
@balpha I just wonder how to get reputation from all sites user is associated with
@balpha Oh my god. I feel so stupid.
Oh. It's confusing. http://stackauth.com/1.1/users/364a02a2-f094-480c-955e-986ede9826b7/associated is without these details and http://stackauth.com/users/364a02a2-f094-480c-955e-986ede9826b7/associated with
11:23 AM
@RebeccaChernoff Hmm?
11:39 AM
There's a Bitcoin SE?
@TimStone She's testing her new sharp stick. You're suppose to say ouch.
@TimPost 1 day old, I think
Wow, I didn't know it had that big of a community.
@TimPost If I can remember correctly they might have expanded the proposal to all forms of new, what do they call that crypto-something currency
Ah, that would make sense. Yes, proof of work currencies that inspire brilliant programmers all over the world to write trojans to hijack GPUs.
So now we have facebook SO and bitcoin SE. And to think they killed apocalyptic defense and time travel. Sheesh.
woahwoahwoah BitCoin SE?
11:51 AM
Interesting. And I thought BitCoin was just a fad like flattr.
@YiJiang I tried to mask the pain
Also, can a 10k'er get a screen grab of Yi Jiangs starred question "I found a bug, can I get paid?"
@tombull89 I did too. I was thinking it would fade out like bell bottoms.
11:55 AM
chuckle ohh, that's bad...how did he right-lick someones wall?
Yeah, that almost made coffee come out of my nose this morning when I checked the site.
Almost hated to delete it, such a gem.
-22. Almost impressive.
@tombull89 I believe that's a record for the new mini site. Good to see people over achieving so quickly :)
So, could we migrate that to bitcoin.se when it gets out of beta? I mean the user was asking about getting paid.
I'll probably regret saying that.
11:57 AM
He should send it to facebook support - "plz gime me teh monies".
I'd love to see the email response back.
I've been keeping a pretty close eye on the mini site. It's difficult to tell if some questions (not quite as absurd, but close to) that are actually serious or just practical jokes.
But for the most part, it seems to be going really well.
339 results for closed:0...
do you mean closed:1 ?
closed:1 [facebook] gives 339 results
@TimPost oops.
12:15 PM
Less than 1k closed in a language agnostic tag is pretty good. Lets see what happens when the forums go read only.
Does anybody here any clue what happens when somebody edits answer? How is question "bumped"?
@TimPost wince read-only? so FB.SO is going to be the only place?
I'd assume the time stamp of the last edit is used partly to determine what goes on the front page
@genesisφ Questions are bumped on question/answer edit or new answer...I think, anyway.
@tombull89 I mean how is it done technically
12:17 PM
@tombull89 Yes, the forums go read only sometime this month I believe, all developer support will be directed to SO
@genesisφ Not sure, as @TimPost said I expect it's sorted by "last edited" date
I think it's a mix of things that determine placement .. last activity (edit or answer), views, votes, favorites, etc
However I notice that when I convert an answer to an edit of a question, it doesn't get bumped. So I'm sure there's even more special sauce in the mix.
Tim Post I mean technically, not theoretically.
What's SQL query to select main questions?
You'd have to ask a dev.
I'll. @balpha holaaa! :)
12:21 PM
@genesis The source code to Stack Exchange is not open, so your only hope is to look at the results and work back to the most efficient way of obtaining them.
But a lot of technical details are public
Well, with the exception of Stack Overflow it's just (basically) a select by last activity date anyway.
Yes, they are rather open on a high level sense of how things work.
or, see if OSQA does the same thing, and if it does, dig into the source code of that.
I know it's sorted by last activity
12:25 PM
OSQA is a good starting point if you're trying to emulate functionality, especially if you can understand Django models well.
But, when answer is edited, "last activity" of answer is edited, too, right?
The only problem with playing with OSQA is most shared hosts are brain dead when it comes to Django.
@genesisφ Edits to answers cause the question to appear on the front page too.
Or is it only new answers?
I know it do. I'm creating clone of SO
No, edits to answers bump it
@genesis In what language?
12:27 PM
But my question is "When I am selecting question list, how can I select last_update of answers?"
Can you pastebin the db schema? Kind of hard to answer that in the dark
You put everything in the same table, of course.
  `on_question_id` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `type` enum('answer','question') NOT NULL DEFAULT 'question',
  `owner` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `deleted` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
  `title` varchar(255) CHARACTER SET utf8 NOT NULL,
  `message` text CHARACTER SET utf8 NOT NULL,
  `edited_by` int(11) NOT NULL,
  `deleted_by` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
  `deleted_on` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
  `last_activity` int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
I have to admit, I find the "hey, I'm trying to clone your app, help me" a little.... WTF?
My main page select query is

SELECT * FROM posts WHERE type = 'question' ORDER BY last_activity DESC, time DESC"
@Marc you even include a list of SO clones, so why wouldn't you help?
12:31 PM
You'd want answer counts to weigh in there too, getting unanswered questions on the front page is important
@Tim you have missed answers int(11) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
originally, and in part, to help track non-compliance to the terms of the ccwiki licence (attribution etc)
@genesis I meant in the query
(in the case of data, I mean)
12:32 PM
Yeah, there were a few disturbing carbon copies that just pulled from the DB dump.
@MarcGravell I find people randomly @-harassing you and balpha in general a little WTF too, heh
@Tim sorry, my server is down or something
@Tim back up
@MarcGravell @TimStone heh, well, the guys that are building a Chat clone ask Balpha about it.
I think cloning SO is a perfectly good exercise in PHP programming :P
I mean, I did it when I was learning PHP and MySQL
I love it when AVG updates. It's so much fun to hold a useless netbook for fifteen minutes
12:35 PM
@Yi Jiang that's why I do it.
I'd like to write a SE-Clone in php...I think i'd prefer to tackle something easier though, like a forum.
@tombull SO clone isn't hard. I got most basic function done
So I guess Stack Overflow is the new 'hello, world!' ?
@Tim no :p
@Tombull trust me, forum is hard. Sections,permissions for them, ...
@genesisφ I mean a basic forum.
12:39 PM
@Yi yours? :D
@Yi OS? Lang?
@genesisφ Submitted it as the final project, and got an A
In da school?
@genesisφ School project, yes
@YiJiang I would have just voted to close, "How do you do this and that?" is way too broad!
12:40 PM
@Yi PHP?
@genesisφ With CI
I have no idea what CI is
When I want to use FW, I use my own
I'd rather spend the time I save using an existing framework building my own house :)
12:42 PM
@TimStone Except of course mine was so barebones it didn't even have the option of closing questions. Or reputation magical internet points, for that matter
Moderator tools and privileges was next on the to do list, but I ran out of time, so I just submitted this
Community Tracker is probably one of the best adaptations of SO that I've seen. It's not an outright clone, it's just a project that took the basic idea and applied it to something else.
Heh, me too. I used to write pretty much everything myself, and then I gained some sanity.
I've written my own toy frameworks, but mostly out of boredom and curiosity.
Community tracker? addr?
Waffles wrote it, I think using RoR
To me that's a much better exercise than outright cloning something. Just take the elements you really like from something and apply them to a different concept
12:46 PM
> Search: lightning fast, super accurate full text search
Well, if he was basing it off SO...
Even in the early days I never dissed Stack Overflow's search. Just the results.
12:58 PM
@Marc, may I ask you to merge into
74 and 102 times used
Someone needs to be shot. We've got our new student planners with a heavily distored school logo on the front.
Looks like 60% of the original height, squished.
@YiJiang do you have live demo?
@genesisφ Nope, sorry
1:32 PM
@YiJiang can't you up it? :p
1 hour later…
2:35 PM
@TimStone O_o
@RebeccaChernoff showed up and I want to know why she randomly poked me while I was asleep. :P
for shenanigans, of course (;
Ah, I should have known. :p
was going to ask you what you meant by this
2:48 PM
I dunno, it expands in two dimensions, and the image jumps out of the box to join the expanding popup.
Also, the expansion code should start with the bigger version of the gravatar, since making the one that's on the page larger makes it blurry ;)
@TimStone Then you have a problem where if the larger image isn't cached, it looks lousy 'til it loads.
If you don't have everyone's gravatars cached, you just aren't browsing hard enough.
3:38 PM
If you haven't memorized everyone's bio text already, then you deserve blurry gravatars!
Oh, I have, I have. I just like shiny animated things.
jumps out of the box?
Hmm... Shog in the box ... not a bad idea for the SE store.
This dismembered head on a spring just jumps out after you turn the crank
3:47 PM
@RebeccaChernoff Uhm...like the gravatar is there, but the popup isn't...and the gravatar moves to become one with the popup.
I'm not sure I can explain it coherently.
what else would it do?
I dunno. I think it's the fact that the top left corner of the gravatar on the popup isn't the top left corner of the gravatar in the user box.
So the gravatar animation is grow-x/y + move-y, whereas the popup animation is just grow-x/y
it used to be up higher, but then it covers the revision link if you're hovering over an editor
so we moved it down so that link target doesn't get lost
Alright, I'm willing to accept that as being more important.
anyways, we were looking at it last night so that's why I had @lerted you. Though really we were looking more at how to indicate you could hover instead of the actual hover animation.
3:57 PM
Why did they take away the little arrow at the bottom right corner?
@TimPost Because it was ugly.
I kept thinking it was part of the gravatar. And then being mean to people because they'd chosen an ugly gravatar.
and also didn't mesh wish all the different site styles
The new drop shadow approach is alright, but it's kind of weird to see on the really "flat" sites.
3:59 PM
I have an email somewhere that promises a fix for such sites
Since it's lunchtime and I'm starving, I certainly don't have any better suggestions, so.
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