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12:14 AM
Yay, Yearling and 6K. \o/
1 hour later…
1:21 AM
'Ello there @Jin
Stack Exchange, Y U SO SLOW?
Yeah, I think my issue is a bit farther upstream than the site :p
Oh good, and my comment change did go through after all.
1:47 AM
Hmm, the hotel for DevDays is $250 a night. Good thing Jin is just going to let us all crash at his house. ;)
2 hours later…
3:47 AM
3:58 AM
Hi Qtax
How are you?
Longest lunar eclipse of century today!!!
1 hour later…
5:02 AM
Morning folks.
purchased a new VPS.. need to set it up later.
5:29 AM
G'morning. Actually, wow, I didn't realize what time it was. Should perhaps pay more attention to that.
Hi Tim Stone how are you?
@OctavianDamiean do you use any Austian domain registrars?
How would I increase my rep on meta.SO?
@Sathya yes
@OctavianDamiean which one? What's the pricing like?
@ManjotSingh same as any Stack Exchange site.
5:38 AM
webhost.at about 14€/Year
ok, any other recommendations?
honestly I'm not up to date with domains anymore
fair enough, thanks!
but how to increase rep in Stack Exchange ?
doesn't understand
5:41 AM
I asked How to increase reputation in meta.SO?
3 mins ago, by Sathya
@ManjotSingh same as any Stack Exchange site.
1 min ago, by ManjotSingh
but how to increase rep in Stack Exchange ?
ask good questions and/or give good answers, obviously
Q: How does "Reputation" work?

Justin StandardIn the Stack Overflow trilogy websites, users may gain a certain level of Reputation. What does Reputation do? How can a user gain or lose Reputation? Return to FAQ Index See also: Are there any voting limits? Maximum amount of votes and reputation a user can gain or use in a day. ...

but I don't have appropriate/best answers and not having as such good questions to ask.
then wait for one
thank you Sathya :)
Is it worth to answer the question which is already answered and accepted?
because in SO in minute questions are uploading but here in meta.SO rate of asking question is less
5:56 AM
unless you have a really good answer or if the behaviour of the accepted answer has changed, no
ok,or if answer not yet accepted then?means there are many up-voted answers but not yet accepted then can I answer the question?
depends. I don't see why you shouldn't. Just be prepared for downvotes. Meta is a different beast than SO.
if you think that you can add value to the question yes, otherwise don't
but then how would I increase my rep in meta.SO.Like Sathya saying "Just be prepared for downvotes".So how would one user increase there rep.
by answering questions or asking good questions
if you can't come up with anything good then just don't do it otherwise it might result in down-votes
6:06 AM
What are you going to do with rep on meta? Your real intention should be to help people on Meta Stack Overflow . Genuinely.
that I got it but there would be some midway.I want to help people on Meta Stack Overflow but for that I should have knowledge of concern question.
of course, for the start my advice is that you should read questions and answers to those questions on meta, at some point you start to understand how SO and meta.SO is supposed to work and you can start to help others
thank you Octavian :)
there's so much documentation in meta with questions.. good reference.
oh yea forgot about that, tons of it and it is all high quality :)
6:13 AM
random favor : can someone try posting a message and then deleting it?
hmmm... it is something about me, then
6:25 AM
fixed; that was odd!
what happened?
dunno; LINQ-to-SQL getting funny about something
not sure why Octavian could delete when I couldn't, though - we use the same code there
Are you developer on SO?
that should be obvious from his profile.
what does it mean "Stack Overflow Valued Associate #00006"?
who are "Stack Overflow Valued Associate #00005,4,3,2,1"?
6:40 AM
@MarcGravell that is because I have ninja powaz as well (in a very limited way though)
what is the issue when they are chatting in there way and all are happy in Iphone room?
the same as it was in the Android room basically
but they are happy to chat in there way and no one is complaining.
@Manjot - employees; 1 = Jeff, 2 = Jarrod, 3 = Geoff, 4 = Kevin
there might be horrible in our view but they helping each other and solving there issues.
@MarcGravell ok
6:46 AM
of course, since it is a hyperlink you could have just clicked it ;p
ah, apols - it isn't a hyperlink in chat
ya I saw your and Ben only
Posted by Jeff Atwood on June 9th, 2010

I’m pleased to announce that Stack Overflow Inc has added two more valued associates to our team:

Marc is a long time elected community moderator, C# MVP, and the #2 user on Stack Overflow, as sorted by reputation. Just under some guy I’ve never heard of.

Ben is the perpetrator of the gloriously wonderful Unicornify (see April 1 2010), HREF overflow, the not a real question game — as well as dozens of prescient meta suggestions and bugfixes.

You’ve probably noticed by now that neither Ben nor Marc live in the United States. The last time I checked, only 36% of Stack  …

ya I saw this link only and wondering for others
Posted by Jeff Atwood on January 5th, 2009

I am pleased to announce that Stack Overflow just added another team member in an officially paid capacity: Jarrod Dixon.

Jarrod and I met on the job in 2002, and became fast friends. Here was the rare programmer who loved to code every bit as much as I did. It was our calling, and we recognized that in each other almost immediately.

I wasn’t sure exactly why we got along so well, until we went to one of those corporate teambuilding events that Paul Graham loves so much. During the event, the moderator had everyone go to a corner of the room, depending on whether you were.. …

6:49 AM
Isn't the valued associates thing a play on Microsoft's MVP thingadongdong?
but Jarrod Dixon has not as much rep.How they associate?
rep. doesn't have to do a thing with it
So,How they associates the value?
6:52 AM
doesn't understand.
neither do I
it's the order in which they joined Stack Exchange Inc.
they are employees
Can anyone join the Stack Exchange Inc.?
"Marc is a long time elected community moderator, C# MVP, and the #2 user on Stack Overflow, as sorted by reputation. Just under some guy I’ve never heard of."
dude, it's a company.
6:55 AM
ya I got it.
I get to do this for money; well, write code at any rate.
7:12 AM
scratches head Hmm..
7:33 AM
Why have I got the FBI on my computer?
@MarcGravell You should mark this issue as [status-blackmagic].
7:58 AM
I wonder if this is a predictive resource grab gone horribly wrong?
As soon as the iframe gets added to the page, even though the src doesn't change, Chrome is like "Yeah, lemme request that page for you, even though it's a POST and you didn't ask for it at all."
Maybe because the response says it's cacheable...
8:12 AM
@TimStone weird
Reminds me a bit of this:
Q: Form being randomly submitted as GET instead of POST

Kevin MontroseThis is kind of crazy. Here's a form on our OpenID provider: <form method="post" action="/affiliate/form/login/submit?affId=7" autocomplete="off"> <table class="position-table"> <tr> <td class="input-td"> <input class="framed-text-field" ...

@YiJiang that's not the FBI, that's the Secret Service
You must have threatened a President or something.
@Pekkasothertrollingaccount Heh @ the second answer. :P
That's pretty odd too, though I could see a misbehaving proxy or something being to blame there.
8:22 AM
So what does this 'secret service' do anyway? I don't think I need a secret storage place or whatever, what the heck does it do...?
@YiJiang "Keyring" sounds like a password manager
I am not getting Javaloader.Do anyone has idea of it?
> GNOME Keyring is a collection of components in GNOME that store secrets, passwords, keys, certificates and make them available to applications.
GNOME Keyring is integrated with the user's login, so that their secret storage can be unlocked when the user logins into their session.
GNOME Keyring is based around a standard called PKCS#11, which is a standard way for applications to manage certificates and keys on smart cards or secure storage.
@YiJiang it stores passwords secretly
that sounds like a good question for Ask Ubuntu though
8:30 AM
@Sathya re .AT domains, do you need to register a lot?
@OctavianDamiean Meh, I answered my own question by looking up the Encryption and Passwords manager. Apparently Firefox uses it to store my passwords, but I don't see any other applications use it
@OctavianDamiean Conveniently it was already asked on their forum
@Sathya ah no, scratch that, even my wholesaler (50 domains minimum) takes €13.39 for them. So 14 euros seems indeed to be an acceptable price level
i should make a SO playing cards deck
who should be the jokers?
8:34 AM
You should. I want a 5 of Close Votes in my hand.
Hi all, is it just me or is stackapps.com choking on cdn.sstatic.com?
I think it is every site
Hi all, is it just me or is stackapps.com choking on cdn.sstatic.com?
Just you, and that guy that got angry about the CDN on Meta.
fine on my end..
8:38 AM
and me
Sorry, must be my connection (whence the retries)...
oh? Some Meta rant?
The styles for Super User failed to load for me yesterday, but it was fine after a ctrl + f5
Does anybody know a handy tool to convert time zones?
joda time
8:39 AM
Like where I can type in, "11pm PST = ____ GMT"
No I mean, manually
@balpha @Marc any ideas? (Seeing as they're working across time zones)
@Benjol it can only do the current time
@Pekkasothertrollingaccount Wolfram|Alpha?
As far as I know
8:40 AM
@tombull89 Nah, not to that extent.
Wolfram Aplha?
@Pekkasothertrollingaccount lots. What was the subject?
@MarcGravell :) time zone conversstion
@YiJiang excellent, that works!
@tombull89 thanks, that does it
8:41 AM
Can wolfram also decrypt this humour for me?
It's a Terminator quote.
@Benjol I know. He's the founding father of a Q&A site, but his comments leave you scratching your head on a frequent basis.
@TimStone ah, that makes sense
And the "double rainbow", well. knowyourmeme.com/memes/double-rainbow
Q: Plz get rid of plz!

Adam Davis4,599 search results for posts containing 'plz' I'm not big on adding heuristics for every little thing, but this is getting out of hand. This is not a feature request, it's just a discussion on what, if anything, should be done. Add plz to the question/answer quality algorithm? Silently conv...

@TimStone thanks. I was about to reply to Pekka that a lot of it is obscure (for me) cultural references
8:43 AM
Since this was posted, 2 more posts containing plz has been posted. At this rate, well...
@YiJiang haz been posted, surely? :)
@Pekkasothertrollingaccount no, just checking :)
argh, plzpocalypse.
@Pekkasothertrollingaccount well I pay ~ $40/yr right now.. hence looking for alternatives
I wish we did "text speak" filtering in chat as well....come to think if it that would reduce the content of a large number of posts in some rooms.
8:45 AM
@Benjol Yeah, I imagine it makes it quite hard to follow sometimes
@Sathya I can recommend these guys: hetzner.de/en/hosting/domain/registrationrobot
Their .de prices are unbeatable
@tombull89 Instant bans for people using i instead of I :)
that's my pet peeve
The rest is okay, too
@Benjol Balpha, get on it :P
@Pekka dang, those prices are awesome.
8:47 AM
@Sathya and the user interface works and is actually usable
@Benjol Watch the SO rooms population drop to less than 5
They charge extra for DNS entries, though (60 cents per). But you don't have to use their servers
I'm all for the i ban
@tombull89 echoing Jeff's pessimism, I fear that might be a good thing :(
@tombull89 The mobile development rooms would be dead
8:48 AM
@Benjol Jeff is not a pessimist, he is a realist
@OctavianDamiean, they say a pessimist is an optimist with experience :)
@Pekka I see. I currently use Marcaria
don't want to give up my URL hack :)
8:49 AM
@Sathya looks expensive! But then, they seem to provide more services than just registration....
@OctavianDamiean and coming from me, 'pessimist' isn't really an insult...
anyways, great fun in here, but I'm supposed to be working :)
Still, their prices are really high.
i see you laterz....
@Benjol yeah, me too :)
@Pekka yeah.
8:58 AM
I think the Great Firewall bans any Wikipedia URLs with the word 'history' in it
the Great Firewall, I lold
@OctavianDamiean It's the name colloquially given to it. The Great Firewall of China (as opposed to the Great Wall of China)
yea I figured, thats way I find it funny :)
9:36 AM
Q: how stackoverflow moderator knows about sockpuppets?

user799265how stack-overflow moderator knows about sock puppets? how they trap the user? Note:- Merge Your account

had to comment on it
sock puppets?
@Mvy one user having two (or more) accounts so they can upvote each other.
clone account may be.
@OctavianDamiean I thought it was the powers invested in you by unicorn magic. And rainbows.
It's a trap! /meme.
9:43 AM
let me do that for you
user image
I have a lunch now only and I am going to vomit after having a look of this pic,what crap pic.
I'm not sure how to react. I'm astound that you don't know or like Star Wars and the It's a trap meme
I know Star Wars.
Star Wars? XD
9:47 AM
The term Internet meme (, rhyming with "cream") is used to describe a concept that spreads via the Internet. The term is a reference to the concept of memes, although the latter concept refers to a much broader category of cultural information. Description An Internet meme is an idea that is propagated through the World Wide Web. The idea may take the form of a hyperlink, video, picture, website, hashtag, or just a word or phrase, such as intentionally misspelling the word "more" as "moar". The meme may spread from person to person via social networks, blogs, direct email, news sources, o...
BTW, my colleague always mispronounce it
Q: Webapps Stack Exchange swag for top users

Jeff AtwoodAs a thank you for being awesome, if you are on page 1 of … http://webapps.stackexchange.com/users?tab=reputation&filter=all … we'll be sending you a little care package shortly: Webapps Stack Exchange t-shirt in your size Webapps Stack Exchange die-cut, vinyl stickers Stack...

10:03 AM
Humm... I have some rep on webapps
at least ... 101 :D
1 hour later…
11:26 AM
That question I linked to earler about detecting sockpuppets? Essh...just looked at his profile and questions, namely this recent one:
Q: Why can I not have 2 accounts?

PacerierI am curious why I can't have 2 accounts. My accounts have been merged into one (i assumed by some admin): http://stackoverflow.com/users/632951/pacerier I've read these threads: Why are people allowed to have multiple user accounts? What's the SO policy about having multiple user account...

excuse me while I gouge my eyes out with a spoon.
@tombull89 thats a standard Android question. ;)
I've avoided the Android rooms for today, so far.
Hey, Reno.
hey :)
Hi tombull89
the Android room is getting enjoyable, I'm talking about the Android tag ;)
11:31 AM
@OctavianDamiean what, actually on-topicness? :o
Is it so,Android room is getting enjoyable.I would like to join again Octavian.:)
Will I be welcome in Android room?
:( No answer.
1 hour later…
12:34 PM
Hi Guys
do anyone faced this exception before
00000060 annotations E AnnotativeMetadataManagerImpl merge Caught exception while merging
com.ibm.wsspi.amm.validate.ValidationException: @ApplicationException may only be applied to classes that subclass java.lang.Exception or java.lang.Error, class [ bac.ctcs.da.service.DAServiceBean ]
12:45 PM
subclass java.lang.Exception <<<< there's the problem; not enough C# ;p
(sorry if that isn't helpful, but I hear there's a good Q&A site for that sort of question)
@Moshe do you want the German magazines?
I should have a decision this week, I'm clearing everything out and the paper bin is already eyeing them greedily :)
I'm making more rep. on Meta than on SO already :(
@OctavianDamiean Don't worry, same has happened to me.
but I have to get my final 27% to reach 10k on SO first
1:17 PM
Jeff really needs to clean his desktop!
...also is that Internet Explorer in the taskbar? Internet Explorer... 6?
My desktop is very clean. Simple: "fences" ;p You get to pretend it is clean when anyone looks just by double-clicking.
But actually, I'm a filthy cretin with all manner of junk on my desktop.
I gave a geek-talk at DDDSW the other day; when squeezed down to projector resolution, the OS gave up trying to fit it all on-screen.
@MarcGravell Fences is great!
1:37 PM
Fences Pro... uber app, been using that for a while.
I'm so happy that I don't need to care about that stuff, I have my workspaces and I just switch between them when I need to :)
Lol @OctavianDamiean I hesitated starring your last comment on android. But I do not know if it would be good behaviour outside the Tavern :P
on the "Why can I not have 2 accounts?" question: do you really need to post more than 50 questions a month? (me) - yep i do 16 hours programming a day, if you count linearly, that's 2 times more questions i'd have. (him)
If you do 16 hours of programming a day I think you need more help than being able to ask more than 50 questions a month...
1:51 PM
I bet that if he posts 50 questions a day then at least 80% of them are dupes
If you have to ask so many questions I would say you're in the wrong job, be it SF or SO.
I use a Fences alternative called Mac OS X.
(To be fair, Fences is awesome for Windows, I have used it too.)
it is not like SE is the only source of information on the internet. A simple Google search will answer most of the questions
1:53 PM
@Pekka I emailed you. Short answer is yes, still interested.
If only I could debug people ....
I cannot imagine asking that many questions a day...
gdb this
I've only asked one question on SO, and I had to answer it myself.
If I ask it, you can be sure it's not a dupe or something easily researched.
nuke eeet.
2:01 PM
Flagged.. that's all I can do on MSO.
all that needs to be done
name, address, age, and website? Nice touch.
oh its already waffled
@Moshe I answered. I forgot, I'll need a mailing address of course
@tombull89 hunting spam on SO is no fun. Whenever you arrive on the scene, it has already been nuked.
Reading through old high-view-count questions is amazing. Almost like reading a book.
2:33 PM
@tombull89 Er, could someone destroy the account that posted this "question" as well? It still looks alive to me at the moment, and its profile is the same spam. (Oddly, it lists a physical address; I don't know if it's valid, but it's not gibberish.)
@tombull89 For that matter, please delete that chat message, so it doesn't get saved in the logs and become Googlable forevermore.
2:48 PM
@PopularDemand I can't delete the message as it's older than 2 minutes, apologies. And you're right about the physical addres listing.
calling @balpha can you delete my link to that spam post?
@tombull89 Yeah, I was really trying to ping someone who could do anything about it; I only "replied" to you to make it crystal-clear which message I was referring to.
@balpha Thanks.
@PopularDemand No worries, it's gone now.
Apparently, I need to learn just a touch of jQuery for work today. I know it's a long shot in here, but does anyone know a good starting point? I haven't used it at all before.
Is the podcast today?
3:01 PM
It is.
@PopularDemand I did a overview to jQuery introduction presentation, but that might be a bit too far removed back up the chain
@TimStone is it at 5PM EST?
@PopularDemand I bought manning.com/bibeault2, which I didn't think was too bad. You can get it right now for 42% off with promo code j942
@jcolebrand 4, supposedly.
Not to be too dumb, but I would say start with some jQuery questions on SO, and either ask us or the chat.so/javascript rooms
@TimStone Thanks, but I was looking for something a bit lighter.
I don't mind a skype chat if that would help you @PopularDemand
3:04 PM
jQuery moves so quick... I wouldn't want to buy a book on 1.4 with 1.6 out.
@jcolebrand Appreciated, but I'm at work. I have no specific questions, and I don't want to add a "pls link me some tutrials urgnttttt" post to SO. Google should be enough, I just thought someone in here might have a "oh, this is by far the best link, I used it when I was getting started" lead.
@PopularDemand I'd just take a look at the tutorials then.
@PopularDemand I'm at work too, I only meant in the chat window on skype
Yeah, I think the jQuery tutorials are best.
@PopularDemand this is a quick start tutorial: docs.jquery.com/Tutorials:How_jQuery_Works
Thanks @Tim @jcolebrand @Fosco. (Sometimes I find that a third-party tutorial is best, but you three can't all be wrong.)
@jcolebrand Skype installed on your work machine? Madness!
3:06 PM
@PopularDemand I know right! We used it before (and still sometimes do in lieu of) Microsoft Communicator
My brother used Skype to his friends instead of Xbox Live Voice chat...how's that for novel.
FWIW, Ventrilo or TeamSpeak are better for that kind of stuff...
@PopularDemand Just look at the docs website... that'll get you going.
@Hogan ya know, that's not exactly supremely helpful as advice. At least we said "check their tutorials" :p ...
Also, I started a room with Pop so we can do a lightning set of answers and quickstart. So join if you wanna help, but we'll keep the inane chatter in here, yeah? ;) :D
3:28 PM
Invite me pls :D
@Hogan There's a button at the bottom
Didn't seem to work... I think everyone left for lunch :(
Patience... there's no activity in there at the moment.
and im off for lunch now. ;)
speaking of lunch, dinner time.
Wow, that room got popular when I looked away. One sec.
Okay, you're in. But as Fosco said, nothing's going on there.
In other news, a pox on whoever's hosting a large number of customers or dignitaries or other visitors today. Having to move my car to a different one-hour parking space every 50 minutes sucks. At least it's lunchtime now and spaces are opening up.
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