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12:57 AM
@Hogan It's been making the rounds since 2002
2 hours later…
3:06 AM
@mootinator nope, not the same as 4 :P
3:25 AM
Q: Why don't make a Pay version of stackoverflow?

demaxSHA weird question I think, but I think it could be a business. If I ask "what is the basic algorithm of a Tetris game" in stackoverflow, soon there must comes out answers, and I can solve my question in free. But what if I ask "I need a Tetris game code in Objective-C, in 3D", is there anyone gonn...

Go waste flags and votes on this ... thing...
Folks, it's been quite a day, thank Gd.
I never knew there were so many Jewish content farm websites...
One blog covers my app and they all link the article.
Didn't they hear that Google is smarter than that?
@Moshe Cash bounties aren't the most evil idea ever conceived.
@mootinator Well, content farming comes pretty close too.
@Moshe Aahahha.
Seriously @mootinator - I just updated a religious oriented app and I got an appropriate site to cover it. Searching Google for my app now turns up a billion clones of the same article.
Does that harm the original author? Me?
Does it?
3:31 AM
@mootinator I don't know. Will Google penalize me for having content farms link my app?
How does Google know if I asked them to or not?
@Moshe no, it penalizes them :)
@TheBeachException Oh, ok. Is Google smart enough to spot the original article?
@TheBeachException Hey - you changed your name!
@Moshe ye, busy though, IIS just exploded >.<
Now I can't just type @the.
3:34 AM
@TheBeachException , meet @TheIISJustExplodedException
hates on media temple
4:10 AM
@GeorgeMarian Why?
(You know you're doing well on SO when you start getting random upvotes. Hooray 6K!)
@Moshe Because they suck. :)
@GeorgeMarian Why?
@Moshe Because they do.
@Moshe Why?
btw, I just crashed Safari by pinging myself.
My SSH connections keep getting broken. Their configuration appends :443 to the end of PHP's HTTP_HOST for whatever reason.
Ah, sounds annoying.
Their web server/network hangs occasionally.
4:18 AM
Q: Block the ability to manually ping oneself in chat

MosheI'd like StackExchange to please block the ability to ping oneself manually in chat. I've been playing with that a little lately and it crashed my browser! (Safari 5, OS X 10.6.7) I'm pretty sure that that's what crashed Safari because I tried to edit a "self-ping" and Safari crashed. I looked ...

@GeorgeMarian So that's strike 2... What's the last thing?
@mootinator oky
@Moshe That's actually strike 3, though the SSH connection issues may be related to their crappy network.
Ah, what was one then?
@mootinator I tried to edit afterwards too.
It took a few tries.
@Moshe ping yourself?
@TheBeachException - sure.
4:20 AM
@Moshe how?
Manually type in: colon, followed by the number of your post.
@Moshe I can't help you if you can't read. :P
@Moshe No idea.
@mootinator Like this? Heh.
4:20 AM
No worke for me :(
@mootinator fud
@TheBeachException hvhv
@GeorgeMarian - I see them appending :443 and the hanging webserver
@TheBeachException Type something afterwards
@Moshe test
4:21 AM
@GeorgeMarian That's two.
@TheBeachException It doesn't break much
@TheBeachException Try editing several times, changing the reply ID. It breaks
Er, ok, no repro. But still a bad design.
@Moshe 1) SSH connections going down 2) hanging webserver/network issues 3) Appending :443 (not necessarily in that order)
@GeorgeMarian Oh, I though :443 was causing the SSH connection to go down.
@GeorgeMarian - Perhaps...
@Moshe Nah, that was causing an infinite redirect.
4:24 AM
Maybe they are pinging themselves with that :443
And that's causing the SSh to go down.
(Sorry, couldn't resist.)
Now, to experiment.
:002345 Hey, what was that?
443 is the SSL port :P
:124245 Can I reply?
:123456 What was that?
Ah, yes!
@Moshe, what the heck are you doing?
4:26 AM
@RebeccaChernoff LOL, playing with pings, sorry.
sandbox room...
So sorry.
Meh. I'm done.
It's not as fun as I thought.
@GeorgeMarian - Good luck with that hosting stuff.
@Moshe Heh. Thanks. It's a grin and bear it sort of situation. Thankfully, it's not my host.
4:29 AM
Is there an expiration on reply-ability?
@GeorgeMarian Whose host is it?
@Moshe Someone's site that I'm fixing up.
@GeorgeMarian Well, good luck to them then.
Let me put things in perspective, @GeorgeMarian.
Guess who is still using GoDaddy shared hosting.
Oh man. You didn't take advantage of their competition's scramble to transfer customers?
4:34 AM
@GeorgeMarian When was this?
Who are their competitors?
@Moshe Namecheap was offering a deal on transfers from GoDaddy, in light of the fallout from the elephant shooting video.
@GeorgeMarian Elephant shooting? video?
@TheBeachException Jacob Late-to-the-party
4:35 AM
@Moshe cacti isn't working.. it's making me sad
@TheBeachException What's Cacti?
@Moshe google it :)
@Moshe Sheesh man, do you live under a rock? ;)
@GeorgeMarian No, I don't watch television though. Never have time.
4:37 AM
@Moshe it gives me stats on the servers
@GeorgeMarian I am guessing that GoDaddy aired a video of an elephant shooting.
@Moshe I heard of it through other means. here's a link to one story about it.
@Moshe The owner posted a link to a video of him shooting an elephant that was supposedly endangering the welfare of a village.
Ah, I see. Watching now.
The villagers are seen wearing GoDaddy hats....
Basically, a pompous fool miscalculated things and made a promotional blunder of epic proportions.
Well @GeorgeMarian - You can entertain yourself with my CSS3 interactive house while I watch.
4:40 AM
@Moshe Or I can' entertain myself with this glass of scotch. ;)
@Moshe Interesting. Fun with :hover?
That reminds me, I need to get off my backside and launch my blog already.
@GeorgeMarian Well, kinda.
@GeorgeMarian I blogged about it.
Okay, done with that video.
Seems like it could go either way.
Mr. Bob Parsons seems to have a knack for the controversial.
But anyway.
@Moshe Good night!
@Moshe Yah, I agree. I'm on the fence on killing the elephant, but making it into a promotional thing was likely a stupid move.
Oh, and g'night man.
@GeorgeMarian Exactly.
@GeorgeMarian :-)
If you have any ideas for that CSS house, let me know. I wish I could make the smoke nicer.
closes browser
4:59 AM
@Moshe night
5:19 AM
Does anyone here have experience with MediaWiki?
@GeorgeMarian ye
Whats up?
I've been having a problem with the login expiring too quickly.
From what I've read, it should last 30 days by default. However, for me it usually last a few hours, if that.
This is a local install, just for myself, but I'd like to have a user attached the edits.
@GeorgeMarian why do you have a local wiki?
One thing that I think may be an issue is that I kinda hacked the rewrite and apache config. It's not exactly what the documentation suggested. (That didn't exactly work, so I kept trying things.)
I notice the the edit pages aren't rewritten to the pretty format.
@GeorgeMarian I could host it... I already host alot of other peoples random stuff :)
5:23 AM
It's the edit pages that seem to have an issue.
@TheBeachException Well, thanks for the offer. However, I'd feel much more comfortable keeping it all on my side of the router. :)
@GeorgeMarian urg my routerz it teh betterz than yourz...
It's really just a personal note-keeping solution.
@TheBeachException LOL That maybe so, but this way I'm not as worried about what I place in it. :)
@GeorgeMarian do I need to call teh fed?
Five O Man!
I mainly use it to keep track of my projects, server and desktop configuration stuff and what not.
I think the problem is due to the way I've configured the site in apache and maybe the rewrite rules. Again, I very much hacked that.
9 hours later…
2:10 PM
Good Monday Morning folks!
Time to make the tavern lively again!
On which StackExchange website does the following question belong?
> What is the form factor of the Apple Mac Pro G3 tower?
(Serious question)
@Zypher - Hey! Long time no see.
Does C have try catch? Google results imply not. (Results begin with C++ related links.)
A: Tips for code-golfing in C#

JoeyIf using LINQ you can pass a method directly to Select instead of making a lambda. So, instead of foo.Select(x=>int.Parse(x)) you can use foo.Select(int.Parse) directly. (Discovered recently when improving on one of Timwi's C# answers.)

2:26 PM
@Moshe I don't believe so. IIRC C does not have any concept of exceptions
Ah, here they come out of the woodwork.
@ircmaxell Thanks. I edited a question about try/catch in Objective-C then I realized that I might be inaccurate.
There may be library implementations of the concept
Ok, thanks,
@ircmaxell - Once I have you here, I have a PHP question.
2:27 PM
runs and hides
pulls @ircmaxell back with a long cane with a curved handle
When writing login based sites, how insecure is the following:
1. Check for valid login session/cookie
2. If no, show login and exit, if yes, proceed.
I would redirect to login
3. Follow switch statement for actions (GET/POST/whatever)
4.End page
@ircmaxell Why? (Because of accidental data leakage later in the page?)
it's more semantically appropriate. Why should GET /foo/content return a login page? It should IMHO redirect to /login, and on success redirect back to /foo/content
Semantically? Appropriate?
I was asking from a security perspective.
Well, how would one do the redirect anyway?
Send a redirect header?
2:30 PM
So that means that the said check must occur at the very top of the PHP file, or else the parser will complain that content has already been sent.
define: eih
I'd structure the application differently
have a front-controller handle this for you
is lost - but willing to learn
Got a link or something? I don't want to waste your time.
2:33 PM
Lookup MVC
@ircmaxell Ah, it's just PHP MVC?
iOS development forces you into MVC patterns. Excellent then.
BTW folks, working with the Android SDK for a bit today, just to try it.
\O/ Android.
4 mins ago, by Moshe
define: eih
Assertion failed for define: eih, please try again later
1 min ago, by Moshe
4 mins ago, by Moshe
define: eih
2:39 PM
how deep of nesting do you want to get?
@ircmaxell Not very. I have a feeling it could get painful, or worse...
@ircmaxell - Want to beta test the Android version of Nippon?
Once I get it kinda going?
I've spent a weekend in Helsinki. Parts of it were mildly disturbing.
@badpssockpuppet So, they just wrote some random gibberish on a sign oy.
2:41 PM
@Moshe Sure
@Moshe Why do you want to know who is behind this? Oy!
@badpssockpuppet I don't want to know who is behind this oy. I already do oy. It's obvious oy.
@ircmaxell What version of the OS do you have?
@Moshe Is it oy?
@badpssockpuppet Oh no oy. We are going to be going with this suffix thing forever oy. Oy oy!
Wait, that's recursive oy.
Oy oy oy.
2:44 PM
Seems like quite a business venture there oy.
@Moshe 2.3, 2.2, 3.0 and 1.6 depending on the device in question
@ircmaxell How many devices do you have? Oy!
4 actual android devices. I technically have an old WinMo phone that I ported android onto that's running 1.0...
Ok, cool.
2:46 PM
- HTC Tyan 2 - 1.0
- HTC G1 - 1.6
- Motorola Droid - 2.2
- Nexus S - 2.3
- Motorola Xoom - 3.0
@ircmaxell - Have you any experience with apps scaling?
Do the default controls do okay with that?
The majority of them I've come across scale just fine
One had issues (NHL application)
but the others work fine
In fact, they tend to scale really well as long as you follow the recomendations.
I'm trying to find a list of visual controls that are available to me...
No luck...
It's been over an hour, and SO has yet to provide a correct answer to my question!
What is the world (of Stack Exchange) coming to?
Q: Does Swing support Windows 7-style file choosers?

Lord TorgamusI just added a standard "Open file" dialog to a small desktop app I'm writing, based on the JFileChooser entry of the Swing Tutorial. It's generating a window that looks like this: but I would prefer to have a window that looks like this: In other words, I want my file chooser to have Windo...

Nobody knows, because is a dieing language!
@PopularDemand Jon Skeets AFK...
@Moshe Hey Moshe
@TheBeachException I wasn't aware that he was active in .
3:09 PM
@TheBeachException What's up?
@PopularDemand every user of SO is just an alias of him...
@TheBeachException We are all Skeet? Oy.
@Moshe Nothing really, you?
@Moshe minus me, I live of Server Fault
@TheBeachException Well, playing with Android SDK.
@Moshe I have dev agreement so you can post to the market.. if you want to use it
3:12 PM
@TheBeachException Thank you for the offer, I will likely spend the 25 bucks myself.
@Moshe I think it's only 20
Dunno. Well, time to get coding.
@Moshe Wait.. you code?
@Moshe isn't a spambot?
3:23 PM
@Moshe :)
@Moshe :P
I wonder @mootinator how many replies @Moshe I can @TheBeachException put into @ircmaxell a single @badpssockpuppet message @drachenstern
@Moshe is a very sophisticated spambot. He makes you think he isn't one, and that's when he pounces!
@ircmaxell You know he's attacking when he mentions Nippon
there's another one
3:25 PM
@ircmaxell I found the UI elements. They're in android.widget.
which is the second link I gave you :-P
@TylerChacha He's such a sophisticated spambot he gets other people to mention it under the guise of describing how sophisticated of a spambot he is.
@ircmaxell I thought you just linked to that list of packages.
No, I linked (or tried to anyway) directly to the android.widget package
@ircmaxell Didn't notice a direct link, could be my mistake.
3:26 PM
yeah, the 2nd link works
@ircmaxell Yep, my mistake.
I'm a bot apparently.
:-P I could have saved you 30 minutes of digging :-X
@ircmaxell Yea, by switching to G - blah blah blah.... Thanks though, I'm just having a slow morning.
no problem
@TylerChacha How many can you fit into a tweet?
has too many tabs open. Which one should I close? Hrm... The tavern. click.
3:29 PM
@Moshe Good Riddance...
lol. I have more tabs open than you @Moshe. And I'm still here
@ircmaxell about 30
If the minimum is a 3 letter name, plus the space..
I'm over 150 tabs across 4 browser instances over 2 machines
3:41 PM
@TylerChacha quite a few, to be honest. I think I've done like 10 before.
"I have an extreme dedication to the art of doing absolutely nothing."
I am such a good programmer
My careers flair says I'm in the top 10% in the ASP.NET tag, and I don't speak a word of ASP
In fact, I probably wouldn't recognize it if you shoved it in my face
ASP sounds like a drug... better stay away from that stuff...
Maybe this means that I can now do more than the most basic Math, because I work in a field where you usually need Math?
@TylerChacha I agree.
3:57 PM
@Pekkasothertrollingaccount For a good programmer, language is only an implementation detail...
@ircmaxell yeah... I'm still baffled how I managed to get into the top 10% of users... probably by sheer volume of answers that happened to have the asp.net tag as well.
I'm in the top 10% for OOP, Variables, and Redirect
I'm in the top 20% for web development
4:02 PM
top 20% for SQL, HTML, DB, Web-Dev, Unit-Testing, Design, Optimization, Zend Framework, CakePHP, etc...
the weird thing is I've never even used Cake or Zend for projects (althogh I have used components from Zend)
although I wish it broke it further (top 5%, top 1%)
I'm really trying to get more out of github
I'm in the Top 2% of StackOverflow users
@TylerChacha top 0.64% overall
I'm quite happy with my top 8% ranking :p
4:05 PM
@drachenstern N00b
@drachenstern I'm #11 of all time in #PHP, and within 20 upvotes of #10
@TylerChacha most likely
@ircmaxell good job
How do you know that tho? something on the leagues?
@ircmaxell I used to be #4 ... got bored.
@drachenstern Every tag page has a stats/top users pages
4:07 PM
@TylerChacha I don't see you on the top 20. How long ago?
@ircmaxell 6 month-ish
hrm, weird
I have 1.1k in PHP
Ahhh, ok
It used to be that most people were sub-1,000
4:08 PM
makes more sense now
I was the third person to ever recieve the PHP Gold Badge
I was like the 50th or something...
err.. maybe 5th..
depending on how it is ordered..
Ok, 21 then
I need to finsih my resume
@ircmaxell I'm working on my obituary..
4:12 PM
1 hour later…
5:16 PM
5:32 PM
While you may not agree with his point, it's obviously not a duplicate, it's a different approach:
Q: silver tag-specific badge owners should be allowed to vote to Accept an answer

karlphillip Possible Duplicate: Vote to force-accept an answer for someone else's question The fact is that we can't trust new users to accept answers when their problem is solved. Sometimes the OP even adds a comment saying "Thanks, that solved my problem!" but it never accepts the answer a...

Please vote to re-open.
It is a duplicate, the latter is just more specific, but that doesn't mean the first isn't the same. Should just add a specific idea as an answer to the first.
@RebeccaChernoff When might howstuffworks be launched?
when a significant sum of money is transferred to...
@ircmaxell I like that I have a score of 5 in php without ever having used it.
in other news, not sure q:
5:43 PM
Whoa, this guy asked a lot of questions:
Jitendra Vyas, Vadodara, India
8.6k 2 12 63
What do you guys think of having a visible warning for insecure code. So there could be a vote processes that would display a big red warning banner saying Warning: This code is insecure, be careful when using it
@LanceRoberts Justify it.
Oh, he's gone. Ah, well...
@Moshe He looks kinda mean too. shudder
6:01 PM
Would you downvote an answer that has a massive security vulnerability even if the question had nothing to do with security?
A: How can I remove space at the end of string?

adamhttp://php.net/trim $query = "select product_id from sp_url where url like '%" . trim($variable) . "'";

^^ Example
yawns from Latvia
@ircmaxell I will down-vote any answer I don't like, regardless of why I don't like it.
I try not to do that (I try to dv only answers that are outright wrong or severely misleading)
@ircmaxell I agree ircmaxell. Injection vulnerable code should be verboten.
there's no reason in this day in age that it should be so prevalent. It's easy to fix
6:12 PM
@RebeccaChernoff I do still owe you that PFChangs giftcard.....
uh, you do?
@RebeccaChernoff I bet you 10 dollars on @Zypher's arrival time to his house.. I lost... Josh suggested I give you a PFChangs card...
@ircmaxell get over it. Answers need down-votes. Without them, they're like hot-house tomato plants, thin, weak, unable to stand up to the wind and the sun. Down-votes make them strong, or kill off the weak. DOWN-VOTE!
...or, you know, edit it and fix it.
6:18 PM
@Shog9 This seems true to me too... I'm thinking we could encourage down votes by giving the down-voter +1 rep instead of -1....
I'd put the idea as a question on meta, but I'd get too many down-votes.
@Shog9 Did you go to edit and hit the * by mistake?
@TheBeachException yes, i remember this ... that was a crappy crappy train ride
@Zypher but really did you decide how to joke me in the presentation yet :)
@Hogan No, I intentionally star anything that amuses me in The Tavern. Especially if it doesn't make sense out of context.
@TheBeachException not yet ... i'm ... procrastinating
@Zypher Its 2 saturdays from now... if I was your intern, i could help ::P
6:31 PM
excatally that means i have like almost 2 weeks to procrastinate :)
@Zypher how are you going to do it on the train ride over?
sounds like there needs to be some whip cracking q:
(bonus: if I'm cracking whips, I'm also procrastinating, so win!)
@RebeccaChernoff no thanks @Zypher is a beast, and I'll be within a mile next saturday....
@RebeccaChernoff He may require a lot of whip cracking. At what point does it stop being procrastination, and becomes exercise?
He'd pull out his shotgun with slugs....
6:40 PM
You should be aware of this. aperturescience.com/glados@home
@badpssockpuppet I was, but I'm traveling around your continent for a bit, so no time to play games just yet :(
Interesting, just found a security vulnerability in PHP... (More that an api call doesn't work as it should which can lead to vulnerabilities)
6:58 PM
@Hogan I don't judge people. That may not even be a he. Remember Polyanna?
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