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2:17 AM
Oh great, now they have rainbows coming out not only when they cry but all the time? Sheesh, gotta make a unicorn/rainbow FAQ...
3:14 AM
@TimStone The special occasion was Gran Turismo 5 being released yesterday.
Ah, that's definitely a cause worth celebrating :D
@Remou Unicorns grazing on peace and love considered harmful.
Converting peace and love into rainbow farts seems like a net loss for society.
3:31 AM
Is there a BoH?
3:47 AM
BoH bag of holding or bastard operator hell (bofh)
@mootinator lol
@TimStone So, what were you right about last night? That guy's user issue being related to a proxy issue?
Ban on humour :P
@mootinator Scrooge, is that you?
3:50 AM
@GeorgeMarian About the general nature of what he was actually talking about, yeah, heh.
I go into a chat room and see half the transcript is talking crap about my question. Sheesh.
@mootinator Oh? What question?
And, we talk a lot of crap here. Don't pay it any mind. :)
The onion one, or the ...ah. ;)
Hehe :)
3:52 AM
And you're surprised by this?
I am a little, they don't have anything else to talk about? Cooking must be boring. :P
@GeorgeMarian Yeah. Grr! Something un-serious happened on our watch. Rant, rant.
Seems like they should have other things to worry about.
@mootinator Yes, shame on them for worrying about the site being taken seriously. WTF are they thinking? :P
They advertise with a question about cooking a damn fish in a dishwasher, c'mon now. :P
@TimStone Wow, really?
3:56 AM
> all of his replies to answers are just jokes too old meme play
Oct 18 at 4:53, by Tim Stone
There isn't a single meme in my replies to answers...
And of course:
> it just seems like he saw the popularity of the fish/dishwasher question and thought "oh cool let me see if this will fly"
Err, yeah, I've seen the ad, I suppose.
It's not important. Just... Odd.
At least you're popular. ;)
w00t w00t
4:22 AM
how is it we're all in here instead of doing family things?
I wanna be popular </whine>
I'm not going anywhere until tomorrow, heh. I'm also not much of a family person, but that's another story.
I'm going about 150 feet to my left (as I sit now) tomorrow. There's benefits to living next door to the other family domicile
After Dec4, I'm going to miss that luxury
That's quite the trip, heh. ;) Ah, in the process of moving?
Trying to. Put the deposit on the apt (a whole whopping $200) and need to go next week and do the last bit of paperwork and get a key
it's about 1.5 blocks from my office, takes 5 minutes door to door
Cool stuff
4:25 AM
that's office to building door, don't know about to the elevator and up to the apartment, maybe 9?
so no more traffic ;)
Yeah, my commute is something more like an hour, but thankfully I don't have to go into the office too much.
@TimStone Why I like conventions: My commute is an elevator ride.
Somehow that seems more official than just stumbling out of bed.
This is true. :P
Right now it's about 45 minutes, with no traffic, but I live 30 miles out of town, or more
@mootinator so that's where I'm fortunate I have to walk across the street ;)
4:55 AM
Why does this always sound wrong to me? "Use AJAX but make it synchronous"? Can't we just call it "make a synchronous call"? or "block the UI"?
why would you say "use ajax but make it synchronous"? that's just "SJAX"
I want to edit this but I'm not sure how :( my edit powers fail me stackoverflow.com/questions/4273690/…
@drachenstern Apparently saying "use XmlHttpRequest" doesn't sound cool enough, heh. :P
I'm going to start saying "so use SJAX then yeah?"
I want to see if I can get it to catch on ;)
a new meme?
One step at a time :P
5:00 AM
Q: Is there any reason to use a synchronous XMLHttpRequest?

Darrell BrogdonIt seems most everyone does asynchronous requests with XMLHttpRequest but obviously the fact that there is the ability to do synchronous requests indicates there might be a valid reason to do so. So what might that valid reason be?

Is it okay to perform [X] with unrelated [Y]?
@mootinator only if you are sure you can use method [A] and toolchain [jQuery]
@drachenstern Yo!
I think it's important to point out the usefulness of jQuery to solve any problem. If you can't solve it with jQuery you're doing it wrong ;)
Scanner to OCR? Just download the file from a webserver, of course ;)
How do I use jQuery to connect a USB signature pad to a webpage?
I'm sure it could handle an asynchronous request to send the signature to the server.
5:05 AM
It's easy, just use $.jquery.fn.extend.usbSignaturePad
I really hope I succeed in talking them out of that.
talking who out of what bychance?
My client, who wants to write a webpage for their clients to access.
But wants to completely circumvent the usefulness of a webpage by requiring written signatures via a USB pad.
I mean, it works fine on POS systems.
But this isn't a POS system, it's a webpage.
And they're making it into one with a hardware and software requirement
I'll assume that whatever's on the webpage is certainly not that sensitive either, yeah? :P
@TimStone Just invoices.
5:12 AM
Heh, nice.
Sorry, was reformatting a codeblock. I think you need to shoot someone.
I suggest starting with Jack Daniels
Then explain to the client that there's no need to connect a peripheral on this computer to a program on that computer... better to give them some of your Jack Daniels too
Tell them to do it in Flash and use the pen as a mouse input
@drachenstern awww thanks guys
Uploading a digitally signed, dated picture of a signature is just soo important :P
Cuz otherwise just anyone might have hacked the account and paid the customer's bills for them.
Take the client to Office Depot or something not-so-hightech in your area and show them how the client processes receipts. Or to a diner.
Show them how you just slide a card and sign a paper and nobody checks
unless the site is for 10k+ transactions, in which case hire a lawyer to get specs for you :p
omg, we're watching Kitchen Nightmares with Grodon Ramsey on BBC America and omg, this curry shop is just SICKening
5:19 AM
Funny... I'm watching Hell's Kitchen.
I need alcohol to cleanse my system just watching the opening scenes ... :\ blech!!! (and bleach would be good)
tonights HK was good
I'm pretty sure there's nobody good enough for the new rest. tho. He's shot on a good chef, except maybe nona or russell
Gordon Ramsay "please Lord don't let me get food poisoning for the fourth time in a month" during a prayer ... oh wow.
"she's bringing you a plate" "would you mind getting me a clean one then dear?" then they bring him pork on a beef plate and a rotten tomato for the tomato rose ...
I'm surprised most of the kitchens he goes into aren't already SHUT DOWN ffs
@drachenstern Why does he eat tainted food?
You'd think if someone could recognize it..
It would be him.
so he can identify just what's wrong?
5:34 AM
I pretend to be an expert on everything.
But I don't actually know anything.
Including the above statement.
If I start talking about hot-swapping code in Malaysian tigers remind me I need to go to bed.
lol, I hot swap my Malaysian tigers all the time ;)
I find it works best if you use WD40 on the anthills first, to get the termites screwed up
But make sure to establish a VPN to your FiOS
If we can't code a simple [non-sequitur] in jQuery what business do we have calling ourselves programmers?
5:56 AM
@mootinator did you finish the episode yet?
Just finished.
What did you think?
I missed large chunks of it.
Wife is disappointed with the result.
Watching people with worn out/summer tires on ice is amusing.
lol, no ice watching here, we have Gordon and more Gordon ;)
We're cancelling our satellite in December.
We'll be Gordonless.
6:04 AM
We're moving to a building with no satellite hanging (historical building) so no satellite for us after December for us too.
and yet, I don't think we're really giving up that much, eh?
Not really.
There are so many ways of amusing oneself which don't come with an $80/month bill.
Tell me about it
speaking of, what speed fiber for what cost do you think I could get for a business connection?
I have no clue what companies offer businesses for fiber connections
Regional telco monopoly here sells them for X irrelevant to you price.
Yeah, I want to find a gigabyte connection to our apartment building and get the owner to just include it in the rent (she really likes the idea, and she has like 5 IT tenants) ... with a bit of up front investment in switches and wiring, we can have a shared gigabyte+ fiber over 70 units
I just don't know how much they cost/month and if they're worth the investment in the first place
6:14 AM
I want to ask around but ... sounds kinda dumb
So consider also that I'm four blocks from the local AT&T building and I'm two blocks from several other telco offices (but not necessarily other COs)
could you imagine splitting 1gigabyte with 70 other units? most of the time they would never touch their 15megabytes...
That would host an obscenely large minecraft server :P
lol, I know right?
hell even if we could just do 100megabyte to the building ... I'm just curious what the options are
I don't even know who to call
Google tries to correct FTTP to FTP O_o
I could see where it would try to fix that
6:24 AM
hahaha, too funny... look at all the things I've not thought through before trying! ;)
I think I'm gonna have to just get on the phone with ATT Enterprise or something
Surely somebody offers this sort of service for a building ... it's not all that hard to get all this setup, all I need is the telco to put fiber into the building and give me a gigabyte jack
6:42 AM
Hi all, would anyone know if the top users calculation include only upvotes or also accepted answer points?
all points
however bear in mind that there is a daily cap, so not all upvotes count
for instance, jon skeet generally hits his daily cap most days, and a lot of points that would goto him for old history upvotes don't get applied because of his cap
at 7200 rep I would've thought you would've had a handle on this by now ;)
Q: What is the "daily reputation cap"?

AzharThis is really a mystery for me. How can I get Epic, Legendary, and Mortarboard badges?

sorry should have been more clear - i meant the tag top users pages like so stackoverflow.com/tags/apache-poi/topusers
i remember reading this does not enforce the daily rep cap in calculation
afaik the repcap is a repcap is a repcap
Q: Top users on stackoverflow: slackers or superstars?

HSLooking at the profiles of the users with the most reputation I started to wonder: are those people working besides asking and answering on stackoverflow? Or are they the superstars Steve Yegge writes about in "Done, and Gets Things Smart"? So, this is a question that can be answered from severa...

@JoseK @MarcGrav got any feedback on this one? ;) Yay calling on users from the ethos
7:00 AM
Top users is done by tag score.
Which is calculated by...
A: How is the 'Score' on the Tag Stats page calculated?

Grace NoteIf you read any of this answer, read this: The formula for the score on the Stats page looks like "The sum of all non-negative values of (upvotes - downvotes) for answers that are not Community Wiki" The following goes into more detail on how this was decided. It does not include Community...

@drachenstern: I'm a slacker if that's what you asking ;)
@JoseK no I just thought it was interesting
I think superstars are slackers anyways, to a large extent
@TimStone oh see I thought it was calculated off rep only
wow, have ya'll stopped to look at the top users on SO and MSO lately?
the overlap is pretty fascinating
@drachenstern: as can be non-superstars :)
@JoseK you mean re: slackers and superstars?
I mean that superstar implies slacker
that's not an identity relationship, you can't say that slacker implies superstar
ok, my turn for leaving for the night, ttyl
7:27 AM
@drachenstern don't forget the long tail... I get a lot of rep from old answers
@marc, I call that rep farming :)
@Tim: thanks that clarifies that "accepted answer" does not count. bummer
Happy Thanksgiving, US people!
Thanks, @balpha!
just to complete my crib, i've got 35 accepted answers with 0 score. Sure you guys have more - but anyways.
7:35 AM
I'm still trying to decide if I should treat today as a regular workday (because it doesn't feel like a holiday to me) or not (because it's an official company holiday)
not that it really matters when you have this kind of flexible hours...
I'm traveling today for the sake of eating food, but other than that it's business as usual for me, so.
@balpha: wont it depend on the food?
I need to update my location field, hmmm
'Ello @YiJiang, if you're still being forced to visit on some arcane form of IE, I believe Marc still would like the chat.SE login workaround tested. ;)
7:38 AM
@JoseK well, it depending on food would imply that a) food and b) today have some kind of connection, which for me they really don't
@TimStone No, that was me logging in from an airport internet kiosk
So no, I can't do that right now
Ah, that makes a little more sense.
@TimStone VM would work though
the fallback login should work fine
there's no complicated magic happening there
here, that's an american living in berlin:
My vote: Thanksgiving should be ported as a global, international holiday.
poor soul...
Heh :P
7:44 AM
well we need all the holidays we can get
on a related note, look what they gave us in New York:
That's a pretty sexy laptop bag, I'm not gonna lie.
@YiJiang wait, StackOverflow really is a guy travelling around in an airport lounge?
it included a NY guide, a metro card, a couple of million unicorn dollars and a pencil with a unicorn-shaped eraser
7:49 AM
Very cool. :D
@balpha, I'm surprised there hasn't been a blog post + photos yet
this is a major planetary event, after all
there were a few assorted tweets
@Benjol yeah, me too actually
Thanks to @marcgravell for reminding me on Saturday not to miss this historical landmark in lower Manhattan http://yfrog.com/epgbfhj
I had to get through four of those just to say that I want to eat my shoes!
7:55 AM
@radp, hm, that search functionality needs some work...
To the wheel of blame!
@radp Apparently it's the entire dev team's fault this time
Wheel of blame 6-1 Reality
looks fine to me -- the first four are those that include "eat" and "shoes", the rest of them are "eat" or "shoes"
(it's plain ol' SQL Server full-text search, btw)
7:59 AM
okay, then.
@balpha, yeah, altavista did "or" searches, look where that got them
Wheel of Blame 7-0 Reality.
@Benjol so does google - if you really want that word to appear, you have to prepend a "+"
@balpha, even with quotes?
@YiJiang By the way, your On Error Resume Next error policy disturbs me.
8:01 AM
@Benjol yes. it's only relevant when you have many search terms though. And I grant you that google's search may be just a tad better that MSSQL's
8:57 AM
Worth a read, if you've ever felt curious about Haskell: xent.com/pipermail/fork/Week-of-Mon-20070219/044101.html
makes me wanna meet Haskell ;)
@balpha, you have been warned, your brain will burn :)
If this doesn't make you want to try out Haskell, nothing will: http://bit.ly/gI2LHR (thanks to Benjol on chat.meta)
9:12 AM
Folks, where is that list of sites that copy SO content without proper attribution?
A: Is it legal to copy Stack Overflow questions and answers?

Jeff Atwood There are a number of "illegal" clones popping up which use the cc-wiki data without following the attribution terms (these are linked at the bottom of every webpage, and included as a .txt file in every data dump we produce). Here's a place to list all the illegal clones, since we didn't have...

@balpha thank you!
10:01 AM
#%$&#%$... they blocked Vimeo too
@balpha Twitter is still blocked too. Although ironically Twitter oneboxes still work
Hey, can I set up a chatroom to reroute some twitter feeds I want to follow to circumvent the GFW?
Why not?
Unless that means all of SE gets blocked in China...
@radp I've already set up some Yahoo Pipes route to circumvent some of the blocking, will test if they work
Hi All
@wes hello
10:23 AM
Oh #$%^&... the favicon thingy is failing because I've got my favicons hosted on Dropbox
What's the difference between BBC Radio 5 and, um, BBC Radio 5?
(also, that's a shitton of radio stations.)
@radp On the other hand, the World Service seems to be missing.
@YiJiang That was a list of "real" radio services.
@radp One is blue and the other is green :)
10:25 AM
That chart to the side is kinda misleading however... Italy has a lower fee but RAI has ads, for example.
Considering that in Switzerland you only get a couple of channels, and in languages you might not understand, the uK is pretty good value for money
2 hours later…
12:20 PM
Q: Javascript Regular Expression to attempt to split name into Title/First Name(s)/Last Name

MezI want to try and detect the different parts of a person's name in Javascript, and cut them out so that I can pass them onto something else. Names can appear in any format - for example:- miss victoria m j laing Miss Victoria C J Long Bob Smith Fred Mr Davis I want to try and write somethin...

"Hi, my name is Zhang Yi Jiang. My last name is Zhang, my first is Yi Jiang. How do you do?" "Arrrrhhhh!!!"
@YiJiang, the comment is good too
@balpha, next easter egg for chat? :)
well, so what would be the gesture for "oy"?
I'm thinking of a literal implementation of /kick
12:32 PM
thinks of minority report...
Sigh, you can't move audit messages
Now the room is littered with sandbox moving messages :/
which one?
I'm not asking you to delete them or something.
I could, though
Yeah, and that'd fix the clutter up to now.
I'd rather have you guys spend your precioussss dev time fixing the multiple feed thing :)
12:38 PM
the what now?
@balpha Have you seen what actually was being migrated?
Question, I've got my logins all mixed up on sede, who do I contact? team@?
Look at messages 199025, 199026 and 199027
in Chat feedback on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 14 hours ago, by Marc Gravell
I expect that'll be SF and SU redirecting to SE. Must kill that.
Got a quick question regarding the Tenacious badge (on SO): I've got 18 accepted answers in total, and I've got 5 0-score accepted answers (not counting self-accepted, and all of those are >7 days old) - shouldn't this qualify for the Tenacious badge, or is my math just wrong?
@radp I killed that; is it still happening?
12:43 PM
@MarcGravell Well, we're still getting triple feeds. See the messages I linked.
where dat?
4 mins ago, by radp
Look at messages 199025, 199026 and 199027
or all the stuff I and CRoss have been dumping there
grmph; just when I get my arms dirty up to the elbows in some "core" code, you go and keep find bugs. Bad show! Shame on you!
@MarcGravell you are in a team of two :P
12:47 PM
@MarcGravell Grrr... YouTube is blocked, Vimeo is blocked... god, where do I get my funny videos of cats from now on?
@MarcGravell Unfortunately the Great Firewall is a little more powerful than that
(and via imgur just in case)
new chat feature! arbitrary streaming http proxy?
veto! veto! veto!
@Nailuj the cutoff is 10 days, not 7
12:51 PM
(would it be cruel to go and upvote a few?)
"The connection was reset" Oh @#$%^
> The server at www.google.com appears to be down or nonexistent.
@Nailuj If I'm counting correctly, you'll be eligible in 20 minutes :)
@balpha hehe, I just noticed myself - thanks
@balpha This post should probably be corrected then, as it says "seven days" meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/67397#68258
@balpha And I guess the same goes for Unsung Hero as well than...
I wonder where the "7" reference is from. According to source control, it has been 10 from the beginning
1:28 PM
@GraceNote do you remember where you saw the 7?
2:20 PM
@balpha What seven?
A: List of all badges with full descriptions

Popular DemandRegular badges (M-Z) Jump to A-L Mortarboard bronze; awarded once; same family as Epic (silver), Legendary (gold) Exceed the rep cap Exceeding the cap is defined as earning >200 reputation in one day Exceeding the cap is not the same as reaching the cap, which means earning 200 or more rep ...

tenacious badge, minimum age of answers
A: How long do Tireless and Unsung Hero badges take to be awarded?

waffles Only accepted answers older than 7 days a considered (otherwise tons of new users would get this) As long as they are not self accept And they are not wiki And they are not deleted

ah, cool
No problem. ♪
/blame @waffles
2 hours later…
4:04 PM
Hmm...always good when I can't remember the administrator password to a computer..
@TimStone 123456
Unfortunately not :P
then, statistically speaking, it's 12345
I don't remember when I made this one either, not sure what passwords I was using at the time...hrm
4:28 PM
Happy Thanksgiving MSO!
You too :)
Deliciously meta:
Q: Community Moderator Election Format and Design

Jeff AtwoodWe're preparing the election page now. Here is how we think it will work, based on our existing moderator elections to date. Our general criteria for moderators: patient and fair leads by example shows respect for their fellow community members in their actions and words open to some light but...

5:15 PM
Gobble gobble you fans of tryptophan and joyous tidings of mirth and appreciation
2 hours later…
6:50 PM
Q: Dogs and turkey bones

drachensternWhich are safe to allow them to gnaw on, if any?

7:02 PM
@drachenstern I read that as "Dog and turkey bones"
7:13 PM
7:53 PM
What's a good way to promote question?
seems I asked it at a bad time and didn't get a lot of views.
8:51 PM
Workplace as a CS:Source map .... why not I ask!
Bloody quiet in here
WTF is goin ... oh Thanksgiving
9:19 PM
Does thanksgiving last multiple days?
@Pickels If you edit it it gets bumped. I believe. However its not a good day for answers (I'd imagine) what was the question?
9:31 PM
@AidenBell Yep. Too busy eating to be in chat ;)
@Wes US Holiday is only the Thursday, technically speaking
There's also Black Friday, the Friday immediately afterwards which is less Thanksgiving and more a "Prepare for Christmas" day.
The original feast lasted 3 days, according to Wikipedia.
2 hours later…
11:13 PM
Darn you, bobince!
What is a hamburgefonstiv?
@GraceNote I think it has to do with regex parsing html documents.
Probably the sentence lacked the f, n, s, t and v letters, so he just put them at the end, throwing some vowels in for readability?
N and I are out of order
@GraceNote True.
The N and S are also already present
And the F, no less. I think the sentence might've been hijacked by summat else
11:26 PM
I'll then blame ZALGO.

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