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1:08 AM
Odd... MSO seems to be down for me, but that downforeveryone website tells me it's only me....
Ah ha! It's working again
1:21 AM
@YiJiang apparently it was you
oh geez
this guy posted an animated gif
Q: Verify image sequence

MargusImage sequence position and size are fixed and known beforehand (it's not scaled). It will be quite short, maximum of 20 frames and in a closed loop. I want to verify (event driven by button click), that I have seen it before. Lets say I have some image sequence, like: If seen, I want to see...

thoughts anybody?
2:06 AM
@PopularDemand Svisstack is the one who was flooding boardgames.se
2:26 AM
@BrianCampbell Thanks, I saw his last comment before I left.
2:53 AM
@PopularDemand SO chat addict, much?
Compared to many of us, I think he's in here only moderately, heh. :P
@TimStone Yawn Still here, yo
3:18 AM
@YiJiang Have you killed all of SO's tables yet?
@TimStone Mmmhmmm? I've told Jeff that the one on the homepage can be removed without anything changing. The comment's table is far more interesting though
sometimes I think it'd be easier if the people posting homework questions would just show us the assignment
Q: How do I turn my custom linked list into an array?

meeshI have to implement a method: E[] toArray(E[] a) // Pass an array, convert to singly linked list, then return the array. from java.util Interface List<E> As I mentioned, I have to pass an array, convert it to a singly linked list, sort it, then return the array. In the Node class I ...

Hm, 503 error on meta..
Sigh.... SO's code quality really sucks
<div onclick="window.location.href='/questions/3812484/replicating-codeigniters-humanize-and-underscore-function-in-javascript'" class="cp">
3:23 AM
@MarkE Basically, those vote, answers and view counters would not be clickable if you turn off Javascript
Also, inline Javascript... blarrgg..
neither would chat.
most of the site (not just those divs) require JS
it's a design decision
@MarkE Basic navigation, dammit... Also, inline Javascript events are a sign of bad code quality
not a question of code quality
$('.cp').click(function(){ window.location.href = $(this).siblings('.summary > h3 > a').attr('href') });
What's so hard about this?
And additionally, it'll save a couple of hundred bytes from all of the questions page HTML
3:31 AM
passing work to the browser isn't always good
@MarkE Eh.... no matter what you do you are passing work to the browser
in the current code the work is deferred until a mouse is clicked
It's Javascript... where to hell do you think Javascript's run?
in your suggested substitution you want the browser to load the whole page then go through and mess with the DOM to add links
the best thing to do would be to link the stuff properly using HTML
but there's less overall work on the client in the current method than in your jquery dom-editing method
and ultimately that means i can click the link faster = happier me.
@MarkE Read carefully - it doesn't change the DOM
The difference in performance is negligible.
@MarkE Also, click the link faster? What rubbish is that? Inline Javascript events breaks the cardinal rule of separating content and behavior, and if you want to talk about performance, slows down page rendering
3:42 AM
so to execute the code you have written, it has to iterate through all divs of class cp
by my estimate that's ~100
i'll take the bytes.
i'd much prefer they transmit anchor tags
don't get me wrong
but putting in even more js to do the linking? that's just silly.
3:59 AM
It's another one!
Q: Stop closing legitimate questions that aren't complete spam and aren't hurting anyone.

CrusaderThis is in follow up to: http://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/67166/stop-closing-legitimate-questions-should-closing-questions-be-made-harder I'm following up because examples were requested. I'm only using my own as examples because they're easy to find--I've seen other closed q's as well. ...

Ugh, heh.
As evidence I point out the high level of participation and interest
I like that part the best.
> closed as exact duplicate by random♦ 1 min ago
Irony alert!
4:29 AM
Q: in chrome or firefox,why has padding-bottom in this code?

Zenofoi using doctype: http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd full code: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/strict.dtd"> <HTML> <BODY> <div style="border:1px solid red;background-color:blue;"><img src="http://www.google.com/intl/e...

Oh nifty, little loading dots on the onebox
Imaginary +1 for both freehand circle and freehand mouse gravatar.
4:46 AM
@PopularDemand I'm never incorrect. Sometimes I do like to mislead you all though
It keeps things interesting. I think we can all appreciate that.
Except for the part where I have to be committed and log in to see that page. :P
Oh yeah, that was stupid
@MichaelMrozek First one in, eh :P
By two seconds, I believe :). Although there's a debate about getting rid of [card-games] and [board-games] entirely anyway
@MichaelMrozek Ah, very nice.
5:26 AM
Hello all
Hello @TimStone - How are you?
Not too bad, actually motivated to work for once. :) How about yourself?
Squeezed to the brim deadline-wise, and I think I have RSI (home worker) ... It is 06:27am here and I havn't slept for tooooo long
so, not 100% lol
Ouch, heh, sorry to hear that. Hopefully you'll catch a break soon, that lack of sleep gets hard after a while.
5:30 AM
What's been happening in here?
Surprisingly little, it's been a very quiet day.
in The SO Tavern (General) on Stack Overflow Chat, 2 days ago, by Marc Gravell
@YiJiang dare I say, my "best practice" is sure: ideals are great, but you need to ship; spending 3 times as long to get it architecturally purer-than-pure is not good practice. Customers/users don't care about architecture. They care about "it works; it arrived"
Wise words from @MarcGravell
@TimStone - Well glad I missed so much hehe
@MichaelMrozek - You ok sir?
@AidenBell Hmm? Yes, should I not be?
Just making polite inquiry
Ah. Yes, I'm good. The voice in my head says I should probably be asleep right now, but I'm used to ignoring him
5:35 AM
Tell me about it, though he will start to warp things sooner or later. A couple of days ago I couldn't be sure what I had coded and what I daydreamed I coded
Had to check commit logs
There is a flag in here..
who angered the trolls?
Have a peek
@YiJiang Why did you anger the trolls...
lol what is the quote?
I've yet to see a sane flag on chat.SO, so I'm assuming this one is equally silly
5:42 AM
@YiJiang You know they get temperamental at nights...
@MichaelMrozek Hence why I'm saying the trolls did it..
There was something said that was even remotely flag worthy? I must have missed that.
I mean, I knew @YiJiang was a bad seed, but.. Heh :P
It was @YiJiang with some smack talkin
Damn you JVM and your 600Mb of RAM munching!
also ... Damn you peripheral screen flicker!
Stop playing minecraft and get back to work
Then nuke the JVM from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
Eclipse unfortunately
migraines suck. just an fyi.
5:48 AM
Though any more, and it will be nuked in favor of good ol' VIM
@rchern - Poor lass ):
@AidenBell Don't take any lip from Eclipse, it needs to be put in its place.
Anyone know a SIG* to invoke the GC lol
@TimStone - Tell me about it, it thinks it is an OS
Mind you, so does FF and Chrome
@rchern Ouch
@AidenBell Ugh, don't get me started on Firefox memory consumption..
came home from work around 11, been dead to world since. just now starting to feel better at 1am. ugh.
firefox memory consumption had me basically using ie because i couldn't use firefox. i was so glad when chrome came out hehe
I've gotten it up to 2 GB before shaking my head and killing it, heh.
@rchern It's OK, as I was telling @AidenBell, not too much went on in here today...so you didn't miss much on this side of things, heh.
5:52 AM
@rchern - Chrome can do my head in too, when you add up the mem usage of the processes
Wait a minute, are you the @rchern? As Seen On Blog.SO™?
@AidenBell, sure. i've got chrome running at 2gb too. i also have 53 tabs/appshortcuts. with firefox i'd have maybe 1 or 2 and have to kill it every 10 minutes
I slept from 7pm till 1am, unintentionally. So I'll probably be up all night
@AidenBell I wonder how much of that 600 MB is actually being used...What were you doing that bumped it up that high?
@MichaelMrozek heh i guess i should go read the blog then?
5:55 AM
@rchern - true @MichaelMrozek link @TimStone not much I recon, just editing some PHP 7 tabs
Posted by Robert Cartaino on October 20th, 2010

At 90 days into beta, we’re supposed to evaluate each Area 51 beta site and either “pass” or “fail” them as full Stack Exchange sites. Some sites feel they’re not going to make it.

The Geographic Information Systems SE site has one more day of beta. We are Excellent in Qs answered and answer ratio, Okay in visits/day and Worrying in number of questions and number of avid users.

Are the admins planning to shut us down?

Please don’t! We may be small, but we’re good and growing. I’ve been working in the GIS field for almost 15 years and been active on every applicable BBS, mailing list, online forum and wiki for that time. I can honestly state that GIS SE has something that all those others didn’t, and that something is valuable and worth nurturing. Give us some more time, please. Thanks. …

@rchern - Whoo fancy pants!
My appearance on the blog bordered on a slating
@AidenBell I've settled for my gravatar appearing in a chat.SO FAQ screenshot; that's enough fame for me
5:58 AM
@TimStone - isset($_POST['blah'])==false but I see it in the POST in firebug ... DAMN YOU PHP
@AidenBell It lies!
var_dump() on post shows nothing scratches head
Im sure the globals are well test :S
Oh oh ... 301 wtf
Ah ha :P
Damn you Apache!
mod_rewrite? :D
Q: A Ringing bell when overtiming SO

ring0Could we have a kind of time limit - that could be set by us - that can be spent on SO? When overflowed, that time limit would have the next SO page display a big Warning, something like You spend too much time on your computer and should better go outside (...) or continue your work tasks [...

6:02 AM
This is like the 60th time somebody has posted that. People worry me
@TimStone either that or a /directory -> /directory/ redirect (yup)
Ugh, mod_dir, heh.
@MichaelMrozek Apparently self control is hard to come by....as is the ability to search.
I would reply to Rchern's comment about killing Firefox, but she got bugged the last time I alerted her for silly nonsense.
A: A Ringing bell when overtiming SO

Aiden BellWhat?!?!? and ruin the overloard's plans for Q&A Domination? They feed off your lost hours! You are going to have to get used to it. ... but don't lie, you like the pain :D

@AidenBell It's like they have an IV tube running straight from your soul to their coffers
6:05 AM
Basically: You need Noscript because many sites (seem to be) coded poorly: they have scripts that run and run while your page remains static.
@MarkC huh?
@TimStone - tell me about it
Flashblock is another handy one.
The spider thing, I think..
@rchern @rchern you were talking about memory consumption and freezing.
6:06 AM
Ugh, shame on you chat for always claiming a timeout.
well that had nothing to do with being alerted, it had to do with spiders!
That's why I qualified it by saying "for silly nonsense"
silly nonsense sounds fun though.
Q: How do I display a (R) or (TM) symbol on SE sites?

timIn normal html I just show this character - ® How to do it on SE sites?

@Aiden @TimS Yes, StackOverflow is like Pharaoh: Millions of peons to build your pyramids. Bwa-ha-ha-ha...and so on
6:07 AM
Ah, they're really out in true form tonight.
StackOverflow is a diabolical scheme to turn your free time into money.
But not your money.
Unless your name is Jon Skeet and you sign a book and movie deal:
@MarkC - I don;t trust all this community bullcrap
What do you know about the movie?
A: Are rumors of a film true? I hope so by golly!

Yi JiangThey've already opted for a sequel I heard Excuse the poor quality. I'm on Ubuntu right now and GIMP hates me. Or is it the other way round?

Popular and I had a discussion about an idea I had, today I actually wrote a comment about it (see the top-voted post there)
@MarkC - Get it posted as an answer with pics!
No, no, no, much too late for that
I debated whether or not to do it because I don't even know the two lead programmers
A few days later I sent popular an email about it
He agreed it would probably be pointless now
6:13 AM
lol dooo it, it is meant to be a laugh, not a function over time!
@AidenBell Lies, everything is maths.
I don't know anyone and I posed the Q
@TimStone - That is only probabilistic
@TimStone What, me? Looks around innocently
Ah here he is, the nut job
It's just links and a post. I'll send it to you if you want. You guys can read it on GrayGhost@mailinator.com if you'd like.
I'll send it now.
6:15 AM
Whose feelings did you hurt? :P
@AidenBell yeah, but you also posted a question that didn't belong as the millionth question on SO. clearly you can't be trusted! (;
What? He actually got it?
@AidenBell Sorry, not 10k on SO, which post got flagged? :P
@rchern - You know that was a conspiracy
How do you know it was the true 1M-th, though? Questions get deleted and undeleted
6:16 AM
@MarkC - Jeff said on his blog
The blog never lies.
thus it is fact
@MarkC, deleted questions still exist
visible questions != posted questions
Well, it does depend on what your definition of 1Mth is, so if it's 1Mth asked, then no problem.
6:16 AM
Q: Question 1-Million ... ?

Aiden BellCongratulations everyone! We all love Stackoverflow! A huge personal thanks for a great site to Jeff and everyone involved :) ... I hope this question can be a landmark in the question time-line and a chance for people to put a stake in the ground marking classic and good questions for future ...

It exists to haunt my soul by soul-succubus moderators
@MarkC, ermmm, and how else would it be defined?
@MarkC it was the question that caused 999,999 to become 1,000,000 - I wish it wasn't but it was
@rchern Existing questions (if purging happens)
@Aiden Ah, but are we using zero-indexed arrays or not?
@MarkC, that's not a static number or every somewhat reliable dynamic number. questions get merged, questions get closed, questions get deleted
@TimS I just sent the mail, if you're interested. You can paste in the part between quotes for a formatted version, but there's hardly any formatting (just links).
Yes, that's why you need a massive pause and recalc
6:20 AM
@MarkC - It doesn't matter, I have to hold that stone around my shoulders hehe
It's a secret strategy to get more people over to Programmers
be glad it wasn't you, nothing would please them
@MarkC, the number could change today. and then it could change tomorrow, etc
Everybody's a winner!
Did anyone here use that odd favicon changing script I uploaded yesterday
6:21 AM
the 1mth question is a question that would have the id 1m if questions had their own ideas
@AidenBell Like Atlas holds up the world, so shall you now support the weight of all of SO's questions.
gah i dunno why people make this such a big deal
@rchern - I know!
@YiJiang No, but mostly because I was lazy, since it did seem like it'd be cool to try out.
@TimS Don't worry, it's Aidens all the way down, as they say
6:22 AM
@rchern - Im not sure what would have made an epic question, perhaps something in the NP domain
@AidenBell Nah, that question got closed too.
@rchern It really isn't by itself, just as always when some arbitrary number (100th shopper) is chosen.
Im trying to forget about it anyway, just hoping the t-shirt will heal the wounds
.... Why are you guys talking about the millionth question again?
6:23 AM
I still think it was an epic question, since you actually did get it. :P
@MarkC - Did you sit there for over 9 hours watching ids through the API using a Python script?
Do you want me to pull out the flashing banner?
@YiJiang Don't make us flag you.
@YiJiang - doooo it
I can make it into animated gif so that everyone can feel the love!
6:24 AM
@AidenBell Ah yeah, Jeff said those should be sent out sometime soon didn't he?
@TimStone - Yea this week at some point, but international shipping and all
be sure, pictures will be posted however
@Aiden --- What do you mean?
@MarkC what do you mean what do I mean?
9 hours? Where
On the Internet with @MichaelMrozek
In a chatroom called 1m countdown
6:25 AM
Ah... long time no see, Fireworks!
Sorry, could you explain what.... oh
No I haven't been there
Perhaps that was Mark E
Or Marc G
@MarkC - it really isn't important
or Mark R
Oh, by "were you there" I meant, you weren't and that is how we know it was 1m
That's pretty funny, they made a chatroom to watch the question IDs, huh?
I see
Typical programmers.
6:27 AM
But as I said, it really is unimportant
what is important is the sweet retribution and revenge that will be served cold lol
oh, by the way, I'm about to check out the links you put in your last comment on the 1m question.
Do you guys want a flashing border as well?
@YiJiang sure
As obnoxious as possible
On what?
Can we do a hack on the SO front page?
Make it look like Boyd's Toast or another example I should dredge up
@YiJiang And from this day forth, if anyone mentions question 1m again, we shall unleash its flashing madness
6:31 AM
Turn everything into marquee with flashing red-on-yellow text
@MarkC Should be easy, just wrap everything in a blink tag and watch it go off
@YiJiang Like the code sample in that question the other day, heh.
You should make it re-arrange the order of questions so you can't click on the one you just saw.
@TimStone - What? Someone managed to get <blink></blink> tags into a Q?
No, but they tried.
Not...really sure why, but you know.
6:35 AM
was going to say
That is too cool.
@YiJiang - Nice, McMillion
Is there a way to sneak that into the site code, so it pops up to, say, every 1000th question asker?
@MarkC - What are you talkin' boot?
6:38 AM
Not only will @YiJiang have been flagged today, but he may also be a murder suspect after inducing a massive seizure in some unwitting chat user..
Yep, hold on a second, I will just use my Mercurial commit access and slap that in
That reminds me of the "Easter Egg" someone wrote about on PR, where their picture would be the splash screen of the program---only once a year, one time, on the programmer's birthday.
@TimStone Hopefully not, I set the frequency quite low for this one
@YiJiang - Crank it uuuuupp
Get some alternating spiral negative going too
The ability for that image to give me a headache is impressive. :P
6:40 AM
> a frequency greater than 2 Hz and less than 55 Hz.
From Wikipedia
I should be safe :P
Fingers crossed, fingers crossed.
Aiden you're here!
@ring0 - oh no! Can't you see im donating life-force here!
@TimStone - Quick, get the bat :P
Na just kidding, what can I do for you @ring0
Hah :P
6:44 AM
Well, just clicked on a button that brought me to that chat..... What can you do for me? Hmmm, ring the bell!! I'm here for too long, while I've some things to do outside!
@TimStone - I changed my mind, we may need it
 setTimeout(function(){ alert("It's time to go out and see some sunshine!"); }, 1800000);
@ring0 Done, just use this and you'll be fine :P
@YiJ @TimS I see now that if you stare at it, it does make your head hurt. Man! I stopped looking at it 30 seconds ago and I'm nauseous.
COol :) 20 days... will be more like 20 seconds. Thanks anyway.
@AidenBell I've opted for self restraint, heh :P
6:48 AM
@ring0 No, it's half hour. I think. If I've got my zero's correct
Yah, 1800 seconds = 30 mins
I have a quick question.
What language was the Apollo 11 software written in?
The Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) provided onboard computation and control for guidance, navigation, and control of the Command Module (CM) and Lunar Module (LM) spacecraft of the Apollo program. It is notable for having been one of the first IC based computers. The AGC was developed in the early 1960s for the Apollo program by the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory. AGC in Apollo Each flight to the Moon (with the exception of Apollo 8, which didn't take a Lunar Module on its lunar orbit mission) had two AGCs, one each in the Command Module and the Lunar Module. The AGC in the Command...
There were no hard disks. All the data was stored on magnetic tape, with each computer having about eight tape drives. Most programs used for the mission were written in Fortran, Bostick said. “After Apollo 1, we upgraded to the biggest and the best equipment that government money could buy, the IBM 360 with an unheard of 1MB of memory. We went all the way from 64K to 1MB.”
There's a book about that I realy want to read
6:53 AM
@GregH I don't see the answer to my question in that preview :(
I pasted a link, not a preview
your chat system is obscuring what I actually say
Yeah, I know, I was having fun complaining
The chat system hasn't gotten to the point where it can provide anchor-based excerpts, let alone context-sensitive previews.
Is @YiJ still around?
@YiJiang Oh correct, it's in ms... I thought meta is for rets who cannot cannot get reps ... on SO. Thanks for the correction!
6:56 AM
I was going to ask if I get credit for the red-on-yellow or did he already think of that?
@MarkC No, I had already settled on those colors when you said red and yellow. Sorry :P
@Ring0 PopularDemand has over 8000 on Meta! Obviously SO is just a bunch of cornified HTML parsers.
Well, of course!
We probably shouldn't be talking about this in chat, but:
Who should we contact about April-Fool's-type hacks for SO?
They should totally do a hotdog-theme one.
I'm surprised Wiki has so much on the Apollo program, from 50 odd years ago
that surprises you? Look at how much wiki has on the Tolkien universe!
Bashes @YiJiang from behind with a </b>
see what I did there
clever eh
7:01 AM
@AidenBell At least you know how to close your tags
@YiJiang - <p><b>hello</p></b>
What has been seen, can't be unseen
@MarcK Ok - I thought I can sit here for a while having a non serious discussion, but I failed obviously ;-) Cannot wait to see if my meta post is now < -4 ... See you guys (I assume there is 0.00 members from the other gender...)
@AidenBell Unless you stare at that flashing image long enough. I think that's sufficient to wipe your short term memory.
@ring0 - don't say that
@ring0 @rchern Psst... ;)
7:04 AM
@YiJiang shut up man, she will get mad lol
@TimStone - I manage that myself with lack of sleep :P
@TimStone - I will emerge a fetus
not in the Gentoo sense
That uh....might be problematic.
What "Aiden" is a female name???
@ring0 - Follow along. @rchern is female not me
@ring0 Still doesn't get the hint >_>
head explodes
7:06 AM
You see here: a - a blessed +2 dmg giant bold tag
              b - Aiden Bell's headless corpse
@YiJiang Headless corpse, Aiden Bell's headless corpse.
@TimStone Fair enough
Attention to detail is paramount.
@YiJiang Psst rchern left a long time ago (28 minutes ago precisely)
@ring0 Don't worry, she'll be back, and she'll unleash her oy on you, and the earth will tremble, and all will bow to her supremacy.
7:12 AM
Ok leaving - first chat - interseting. I hope there is the same for SF and SO, discussing about serious matters when necessary, while facing professional problems / challenges. Nice site. Really.
Well maybe not. But she will oy
Hey @Ring0, where are you from?
Hey y'all, I was thinking about campaigning. What do you think?
We could have rep drives, and vote pledges.
Users could donate some number of votes per day
And we would give them a little badge in return.
With all that amassed rep, one could do many things!
It's essentially no different from a lot of what goes on in SO, so it would be interesting to see the reaction to it.
@yij @tims @michaelm @gregh In case any of you are still here.
7:28 AM
@MarkC Eh wut? Wut u talking 'bout man?
No seriously, what are you trying to do here?
Campaigning! You know, just like they have "nominate a moderator" (although I have no idea how that works)
A social-experimental way of amassing e-wealth.
So erm.... This becomes the place where poll questions come to die?
We could then spend the reputation on massive bounties to get answers to our most difficult questions.
What do you mean, poll questions come to die?
@YiJ I don't quite understand.
@MarkC Neither do I understand what you're saying here, so I'm simply trying to get an idea of what you're saying
Well, now I'm talking about your poll question comment.
Before that I was talking about "campaigning" like politicians do, to earn "money" (rep e-points).
For example, non-profit corporations (such as classical radio stations, perhaps) have "drives" where people can donate a certain amount (a "pledge") and receive some certificate, token, or voucher.
7:36 AM
since rep points don't have value, what's the point?
Ah, but you could give them value!
See what I said about bounties, that's one possible use.
Another would be to buy up lackeys.
what's a lackey?
A minion
sounds like vote fraud :)
7:45 AM
Do I quote with > marks?
> It's essentially no different from a lot of what goes on in SO, so it would be interesting to see the reaction to it.
> A social-experimental way of amassing e-wealth.
@MarkC - if you have to buy your way, then surely you don't deserve rep?
Also, I don't believe SO is in any way, a "social" platform
People interact with problems far more than with other people
For what it's worth, most here would like to keep it that way I suppose
@Aiden, what do you mean, "buy my way"? People will give away rep so they can have one of my I-donated-100-dollars-to-the-Dogbert-Foundation-for-World-Domination pins.
nope. Im lost.
And @YiJ, that really is just empty semantic debate.
Aiden, what did you mean by "buy your way"?
No, this is not a social platform, but the glaring assumption is pretty shallow.
7:51 AM
yawn. Back to work for me.
Still got those deadlines?
Always lol
Man, I have been starting to think of Dilbert strips for things people say frequently
Here are a few to cheer you up before you dive into the...black hole?

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