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10:35 AM
Oh my... >_<
Q: Why is " localhost" needed in HOSTS file ?

vgv8I disabled all my network connections and deleted localhost in HOSTS file but cannot find what had I broken by it. My IIS and MS SQL Server 2008 R2 continues to resolve localhost just fine Why does HOSTS file always contain localhost ? What had I broken by deleting this entr...

2 hours later…
12:59 PM
he's posted on SO too
2 hours later…
2:33 PM
@Sathya: Yes, and it's on SU now:
Q: Is localhost host resolved to

vgv8Forking subquestions from my question "Why is “ localhost” needed in HOSTS file?" Is localhost host resolved to If "yes", then why does everything (IIS , ASP.NET, MS SQL Server, webapps, sharepoint, etc.) work on my WIndows XP Pro SP3 exactly the same if I use 127.0.0...

Let's hope he doesn't mess that question up...
closed as dupe
wtf are "parent" and "grandparent" questions ?
Hmm, true, they are closely related. Voting too...
it's not an exact dupe, though, not the same question
but I miss the "noise or pointless" close reason on SU, looking at such things
I mean, there is a question, interesting probably, to be found
but he buried it under tons of "updates" and silly comments
cleaned it
no longer dupe now
CSS is broken on SU
@Sathya very nice
though he will probably edit it again
2:37 PM
will rollback
although if he persists
I'll leave it
don't rollback, just flag it. If you rollback, he will do same, don't enter this
is it just me or is everyone else seeing a plaing text version of SU ?
@Gnoupi Yup, won't do
@Sathya: Try a cache refresh (CTRL+F5) to see if that helps...
fine for me
doesn't work @Tom
2:40 PM
Yeah, I know, I occasionally have that on random sites...
hmm IE8 shows fine
JS console shows
It's because it fails to load the CSS somehow, like a bug.
@Tom - remember to edit your "about", on the SU profile. For now it still says:
"I visit Super User every day to help out people with their questions and I'm trying to do my best to become a moderator to help maintain the community, for now I can only re-tag and edit questions."
Error 330 (net::ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED): Unknown error.
2:42 PM
Oh, forgot that, will do it right away...
@Sathya: What browser? Chrome?
@Tom yeah Chrome 6. 495 dev
switched to IE Tab >_>
Same here, it seems to be a bug with Chrome...
dunno how this got triggered right now
Guess it isn't completely reliable when there goes something small wrong in the network connectivity while other browsers handle it just fine.
@Tom streaming pandora here,so I don't think network connectivity's a problem
2:44 PM
@Gnoupi: Nice that moderators visit profiles now and then... :-)
we have tools on the profiles :]
wonders what Gnoupi was planning to do with my profile... ^^
whaddaya know
nothing irregular on it, so
@Sathya But Pandora doesn't go through Google Chrome's sockets.
2:47 PM
nothing planned
something's wrong with my network connection >_>
still the problem >_>
Its sooo >_> to look at sites rendered on IE 8
I don't want to start FF just for SU :(
everything's fine under incognito mode >_>
Then it's an add-on for sure...
Or maybe a problem with your cache although you tried doing a refresh.
not an extensions problem
I use 4 - Adbock, IETab, Autopager & hide the anniversary bar userscript, disabled and still the same
@TomWij anyway to clear the cache just for SU ?
cache problem, it was
cleared cache for the past hour and now we're back on
3:10 PM
@Sathya Nice cleanup, but like the last one it's going to descend into a wall of text again. :(
@chel yeah :( Pretty sure he'll add bunch of updates
The part that bugs me the most is that they're is a legitimate and usually remotely interesting question behind the layers and layers of abrasiveness, edits, bad formatting, and constantly changing requests.
Not sure he get's it's Q & A and not a forum.
Or if he cares.
@Chel I don't think he's bothered
As far as he's concerned, he's adding "useful" info for us to wade through that text and figure out what's wrong
@Chealion @PopularDemand had left an interesting message for me
17 hours ago, by Popular Demand
@Sathya I see vgv8 made it to SU. FYI he's been binned on SF and MSO, and non-SE sites, as an intentional troll.
2 hours later…
5:33 PM
@Sathya I saw in the transcript, and I had read the thread on MSO and SF before that. Lots of interestingness.
(Totally stole that word from Flickr)

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