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12:14 AM
Woooo my Futurama prizes are here!!!
Seriously, these treacherous twisty ties on the back of the package? I thought we were past this...
> closed as too localized by animuson, Jeremy Banks, yoda, Tim Stone, Daniel Fischer 3 hours ago
takes names
12:31 AM
This prize makes me want to collect all the Futurama Kidrobots. Curses!
What'd I say about not telling her?!
@RebeccaChernoff No respect. I tells ya...
@Shog9 I know, right?!
@Shog9 Ahahaha
@RebeccaChernoff I plead permanent temporary insanity.
I think you got your strikeout backwards there o:
12:42 AM
I'm comfortable with how it played out.
1:33 AM
Have I shamelessly plugged my music in here yet? You guys should all listen to it. And tell your friends how not-terrible it may or may not be.
Justin Bieber!
We're no Justin Bieber, I'll tell you that much.
1:52 AM
I'll give you that much
Needz moar zither
@animuson Someone down voted my answer! :O gasp
Actually took me a surprisingly long time to figure out what exactly about my reputation number seemed different than before.
2:40 AM
@Shog9 I'll tell my brother to work that into the next album. He's the stringed-instrument guy.
Nice 8)
I mean, I play the piano, so technically there are strings. But I rarely interact with them directly =)
@Shog9 That actually made me laugh for some reason.
I love that movie
And especially the ZITHER!
2:43 AM
Haha, never seen the movie. But now I've heard the zither part, at least.
Gosh, you really quickly outpaced me on that "mods deleted my comments" question.
I was going for the easy votes on that one, since it will probably all be deleted.
@jadarnel27 Your answer was good. But... Focusing on his rude comments as a lead-in kinda skipped his initial concern (which is kinda ironic when you consider the problem with his comment...)
@Shog9 Yeah. I really shouldn't answer questions where I'm already irritated with the OPs tone.
sigh I should probably just delete it, since there appears to be an argument going on in the comments now.
@jadarnel27 Heh... Yeah, ol' Mr. Ed didn't seem to care much for it. Given his other comments, this seems to be more of a "straw that broke the camel's back" thing.
3:03 AM
Haha I forgot to enable spambot protection on a phpBB test forum, didn't pay attention to it for a few months... Now it has 17,500 users, 84,500 topics, and 95,200 posts... YAY BOTS!
Enjoy this nice, unambiguous title:
Q: What this the best way to validate a form without using "Fancy Javascript"

Lorraine BernardI am using backbone.syphone to serialize data and save them to the server. I am wondering what is the best way to handle the error or validate the date before to send them to the server without using "Fancy Javascript". P.S. I just need to check all the fields are not empty. here is my c...

3:34 AM
"Sarah Palin hasn't been invited to the GOP convention. That's ok, she can see it from her front porch." - Stephen Colbert
"Stephen Colbert's routine has gotten kind of stale." - mootinator
doesnt that go for any comedian?
Most comedians change their routine.
Stephen "one trick pony" Colbert ;)
:o pony!
Stephen Colbert's a comedian?
3:39 AM
@jadarnel27 You're thinking of Rush Limbaugh
lol xD
Oh look, speak of the devil...
Fiat, I also enjoy fresh OJ and milk in the morning, so please install an orange tree and cow in the backseat of the car. Thanks.
slaps his knee.
wonders where he comes up with this stuff.
3:59 AM
@moot what did fiat do now?
@ManishEarthwantsmorewaffles Something about installing espresso machines, apparently.
I have sent you the email, please check it @ManishEarthwantsmorewaffles
@moot :O
@lucifer i know, ill reply when i get time. Probably now.
4:22 AM
@lucifer just to let you know (if i don't get time to email now): the room won't be reopened, and ive already discussed your points with balpha. Also, he sort of said "end of story", so no point forwarding to him. I can discuss some related points with you in the email.
4:35 AM
1 hour later…
5:38 AM
Any kind devs here care to give me a little tip on how to hook an event onto the add comment link in beta Review? (It's loaded dynamically, so my user script never sees it...)
grrrr I'm sitting at +99 for my answer :( I wish I had more than one friend who used SO lol
but it shows +100 to me , :P
:o someone upvoted <3
@Benjol You should be able to do something like, $("#content").on("click", ".comments-link", function() { console.log("Adding a comment!") }); and handle it that way
1 hour later…
7:06 AM
@Shog9, thanks, I'll try that.
3 hours later…
10:17 AM
is page auto-refresh facility stopped or my internet speed is slow since last two days ?
10:27 AM
anybody having same problem ?
@Lucifer I hadn't noticed anything
10:42 AM
@Flexo ok then i think its my net speed issue , Thanks :)
2 hours later…
Hahah, you still did most of the hard work, but thanks :)
So looking through the source again I thought I'd go and see if there's a new version of the template plugin. Alas:
> Note: The jQuery team has decided not to take this plugin past beta. It is no longer being actively developed or maintained. See vBeta1.0.0 tag for released beta version. Requires jQuery version 1.4.2.
Well, it's worked well enough I suppose. Not sure if there's any need to swap it out with something else that's actually been maintained
Yeah, if I recall they claimed they were going to add something to jQuery UI...
That's what it says there on the project page
But given the development hell jQuery UI's in, I don't think anything's going to happen any time soon
Yeah, I have a personal disdain for jQuery UI anyway >_>
12:29 PM
It's not too bad - you can implement a lot of the stuff like autocomplete and sliders yourself quickly, but you'll never cover all the edge cases like they do and have the level of support in terms of accessibility
It is rather bloated though
Hmm, suppose I should go seek out coffee and food now and try to do some form of work, back in a bit.
12:54 PM
At the time I didn't have enough reputation to post an answer to my own question, in the dialog it said to edit the original post. I have enough now so I'll remedy it. Edit: It's closed nothing I can do. — Tocs 17 hours ago
didn't realise you can't self-answer with low rep, but curious what the message says now too. Might explain a lot of edits that should be answers....
@Flexo you can, you just have to wait longer
@balpha that makes sense. I guess it's a trade off between edits as answers and answers as edits
@Flexo Yeah, the idea is to prevent noobs from shooting themselves in the foot by posting updates to the question as answers like you would on a traditional forum
1:34 PM
Can't moderators do tag renaming en-masse? Why is casperOne flooding the front page with retagging to ?
> At current electricity prices, Yoda would be worth about $2/hour. - what-if.xkcd.com/3
@jadarnel27 I guess he's deleting/editing/not moving all across
Hi - Can I ask a question? (I already did, so can I ask 3 questions: this, the last one and the next one?)
@TimYiJiang I think that underestimates the drag that the water would exert whilst it was still in the swamp :)
@zenpoy sure
@Flexo I think it's good enough for an order of magnitude estimate
1:41 PM
@Flexo What happens if someone puts a bounty on a question and then you suggest a solution which he say is not working for him, and then posts the same solution and accepts it?
@Flexo I suppose. Those crazy mods.
@zenpoy sounds a bit abusive - self answers aren't eligible for bounties and your answer may well be eligible for the auto-bounty still I think.
@zenpoy link?
@Flexo They fixed that bug, hmmm
Oh, wait, that's not what you're talking about
@Flexo It has the highest rank currently stackoverflow.com/questions/11388683/…
@zenpoy I think you should still get at least 50% of the bounty if it comes to auto awarding it and they may still choose to award it to you anyway (up to 24 hours after the bounty ends)
1:46 PM
@Flexo cool. thanks
I don't think there's much moderators can do about it though other than possibly delete the self answer (which wouldn't be right and isn't actively harming you) or remove the bounty entirely and refund the OP
@Flexo I commented on the answer so the OP might read my answer and realize it's the same and accept it. I don't think it should get removed as it's a right answer, and it's not abusive, just kind of a duplicate.
The whole q has a feeling of too-localized, to be honest
@AakashM I was thinking exactly the same
although the bounty doesn't seem to have been used as a "bad question defensive shield" here though
@AakashM - I think that if re-phrased as "How to iterate contours in JavaCV?" it's a good question, and others might benefit from it in the furure
1:52 PM
I think all of my questions on SO are too localized.
@zenpoy might be worth an edit. I'd be inclined to wait until after the bounty period though.
I agree with that, thanks for the time guys. I'm off for now.
Woah, when did PayPal get a fresh coat of paint?
about a week ago
@TimYiJiang Oh wow
2:03 PM
@TimYiJiang i had the same reaction :P
that, and it lags more on Windows now
(unless you use firefox)
Well, the bit you see after logging in is still the same
Hmm, they sent me an email telling me their policy has changed
> Effective through the calendar year 2012, The Merchant Referral Bonus Program ("the Bonus") will be discontinued for all account holders and the Merchant Referral Bonus Policy will no longer be in effect.
heh, i've known that for a while :P
> Consumer advisory - PayPal Pte. Ltd. the holder of PayPal's stored value facility, does not require the approval of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Users are advised to read the terms and conditions carefully.
Hmmm, I wonder why is this posted in the footer of Paypal's site
because that's a common location for information that they just throw in about terms and conditions?
No, the bit about them not been regulated
2:07 PM
@TimYiJiang Singapore has currency export restrictions right? So they're probably in some crazy loophole to dodge them and fighting to stay the right side of the regulator.
I just bought my first "random" woot shirt.
that's paypal.com.sg rather than any of the other ones
@Flexo I don't think so, not sure
@AakashM Yes, of course. It mentions the MAS, of course it's the Singapore site
> When the stored value outstanding in the SVF scheme exceeds a prescribed threshold limit set in the PS(O)A, the SVF is regarded as a widely accepted SVF (WA SVFs). Currently the threshold limit stands at $30 million. The approval of MAS is required for the continued operation of this type of SVF scheme. The PS(O)A defines WA SVFs as a stored value facility -
Have only worked on anything to do with singapore once; I remember the client saying MAS is regarded as an extremely overbearing regulator
Since PayPal isn't listed in that list, it seems like PayPal does not yet store more than 30 million dollars in Singapore
Which is why it has that line in the footer I guess
2:10 PM
by contrast HK's SFC seemed to pretty much allow anything. anyway.
Well, from memory, the MAS acts as Singapore's Central Bank, thus doing the usual administrative tasks like issuing legal tender, etc. It also regulates the financial industry, and keeps the country's exchange rate within a pre-set band
That's as far as I can remember. Which isn't much, actually
Q: Editing posts that contain salutations or other edits that could be considered "minor"

DriseThere are numerous posts on meta about editing questions with Thank you. Thanks in advance Thank you, Sean Please help me!! im such a noob sorry for takin ur time and many of them seem to conflict each other. In my opinion, these edits are not too minor, even if that is the only thing wrong...

Drive-by linking!
2:32 PM
@Drise @DanielFischer got my vote on that one. Most of the rejected ones you linked had quite a few errors left in them from a quick glance. I'd try to improve rather than reject edits where only one or two things were missed, but that takes ages and I'm less likely to improve if the edit queue is full.
@Flexo I don't understand a few things. With this new review system in place, I hardly ever see a "full" queue.
in Editing Q&A, 15 hours ago, by Zuul
@Drise I'm mentioning this, because before this system get placed, I had about 120 suggested edits pending every day... some over 10 hours. Now, with the new system, there's up to 10 suggested edits pending.
@Flexo Note also: @DanielFischer got mine as well.
@Drise yeah since the new one came in place I've not seen it above about 30. Previously it was hovering close to 200 a lot of the time. Not sure how much that's novelty and how much it's making the tool better or letting more people using it.
but the goal with every edit ought to always be "fix everything"
@Flexo So I don't understand why everyone keeps quoting this "full queue" problem
@Drise it's only been there a week or so, it's hard to say if it's a permanent change to the time taken to review/number of items in the queue or not
@Flexo Ah, I thought it has been there longer.
2:43 PM
from my perspective assessing if an edit is a genuine attempt to fix everything or just fishing for 2 rep with the least effort required is quite a subjective call to make -- I try to be generous but I'm less inclined to do so when the queue is full (the "this edit was helpful" I try to tick based on the ratio of my time spent improving to the original time spent suggesting the edit)
@Drise also: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/107232/… and the discussion around it might be of interest, although a lot has changed in the way of reviews since I asked that.
Ooh. I wrote a query about suggested edits.
I'm not good at analysis, but this query might help: Suggested edit acceptance percentage, by user. It looks like ~36% of reviewers have >=90% acceptance percentage (they accept ALL / most of the edits). However, the average acceptance percentage among the top 100 reviewers (by quantity) is ~78%. (This is all with the filter set at >=25 suggested edits voted on) — jadarnel27 2 hours ago
I love when people don't answer a question.
@jadarnel27 that's an interesting list
I want to try normalising it against reputation now
3:01 PM
That's a neat idea.
I thought about trying to determine the size of the edits being approved / rejected, and then I...lost my motivation.
looks like it needs a JOIN buy my SQL-fu isn't too strong
@jadarnel27 Well, what you did do is appreciated. I hadn't thought of assembling a query like that.
I didn't even realise it was in the dump
@PopularDemand No problem at all.
@Flexo Yeah, you'd need to change the from clause to FROM SuggestedEdits LEFT OUTER JOIN Users ON SuggestedEdits.UserId = Users.Id or some such nonsense.
I have one more:
3:04 PM
(to get the reputation of those users)
Q: A moderator declined your flag

DriseI was flagging some items yesterday, and went back and checked my flags. I found this: Reddit api request limit? -> From my understanding, this could lead to spamming of reddit. This question does not sit right with me. – 18 hours ago declined - a moderator reviewed your flag, but found no evi...

This really bothered me yesterday.
@Drise Well, I don't see "not sitting well with me" as a valid reason for flagging something
@Drise I think what that decline really means is "we're not going to police reddit's API for them"
Is the post asking for something illegal? I don't see that. If it is, you have to be clear about that in the flag
but the canned decline messages are pretty limited
3:08 PM
@Flexo I was going to say that, but casper did mod-close the post.
Do mods have a custom reject option?
@TimYiJiang yeah but they rarely use it
@TimYiJiang It seems he is asking for a way to circumvent security measures. That sounds pretty illegal, or at least does not belong on SO.
@PopularDemand my money is on casperOne disliked the question, but not for the reason in the flag message
@PopularDemand Yeah, but closed as NaRQ, which is a bit of a catch all for awful questions
3:11 PM
@Drise the legal stuff is way more complex than a mod can figure out in 30 secodns
My take on the specific question is that it's dumb (why would they have a limit if they wanted you to be able to post as often as you wanted?), and kind of slimy (why would you be asking this except to break reddit's rule?) but probably technologically legitimate.
@Flexo To me, and a fair number of others who posted comments or upvoted existing comments, it seems that is was fairly obvious it didn't belong on SO. Illegal or not.
@Drise Of course, but your flag message didn't really convey that
Rather, it reads more like "I don't like this question", which is pretty vague
@Drise rightly or wrongly the way to flag stuff like that is the "crap question" angle rather than "violates ToS" or "user is thinking evil things" angles
Yeah, my experience is that mods sometimes don't look at things very closely unless you make it very clear that they should. It's up to you to decide whether that's the only pragmatic approach based on time constraints and the sheer volume of flags they have to deal with (which is the explanation I've seen them proffer) or an abrogation of their duties.
3:24 PM
looks like there's not as much correlation between rep and accept rate as I expected: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/75546/…
there is some, but the low rep users also have fewer sample points too
@Flexo I don't understand what that shows without a bit more explanation?
@jcolebrand it added a accept percent / rep column and sorted by it to try and answer the question: "is it just lower rep reviewers that are blindly accepting (almost) everything"
it's sorted by accepts/rep
@Flexo Haha, the guy at the top of that list was apparently suspended when the last data dump happened.
@jadarnel27 you could easily find suspensions with the data dump
just look for the blip across the time series rep values. You'd miss the short ones by the Nyqist theorem
@Drise - maybe use a screenshot to show that it was a custom flag. If someone else flagged spam/offensive the decline on your flag might be collateral damage given the way flags get grouped together. (I think, you'd need a mod to confirm this)
@jadarnel27 ah the other two really low rep users are SE employees - was wondering how they'd reviewed that many edits!
@Flexo Yeah, that one took me a minute too.
3:40 PM
@jadarnel27 confused about: stackoverflow.com/users/1035257/gaurav-vashishtha though - are they all reviews on their own posts?
That's pretty weird.
A: Electrical conductivity of graphite

AantGood catch - you are absolutely correct. This is a mistake in the Wikipedia page, as a quick check with the reference listed there confirms. The values are the wrong way around. Changing it now...

^^SE>Wikipedia ^.^
@jeremybanks The user doesn't even have enough reputation to approve edits. So they must have had sockpuppets that voted themselves up to 2k and approved each other's edits...
@jeremybanks mystery solved: April 27th on their rep history
@Flexo Ah-ha. I didn't realize we had such clean evidence available. :P
3:45 PM
and Jun 11th too - surprised they're not suspended actually
4:27 PM
I hate trying to estimate how long it's going to take me to complete a programming task.
You need a time machine.
I feel like you're working up to tieing this in to your Back To The Future thing.
Hofstadter's law is a self-referencing time-related adage, coined by Douglas Hofstadter and named after him. Hofstadter's Law was a part of Douglas Hofstadter's 1979 book Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid. The law is a statement regarding the difficulty of accurately estimating the time it will take to complete tasks of any substantial complexity. It is often cited amongst programmers, especially in discussions of techniques to improve productivity, such as The Mythical Man-Month or extreme programming. The recursive nature of the law is a reflection of the universal experienc...
4:53 PM
@PopularDemand That is very relevant, but it does not stem the tide of my hatred.
A Tsunami barrier is any barrier that prevents or deters the force of a tsunami wave. Natural barriers The most common use of the term "natural barrier" is in geography, where it refers to a naturally occurring obstacle to movement, especially of people and especially at modest technological levels. Mountains, swamps, deserts and icefields are among the clearest examples of natural barriers. Rivers are a more ambiguous example, as they may obstruct large-scale movement across them (especially by armies) but may facilitate smaller-scale movement along them in boats, once some of the people...
@Flexo There's another possibility for approving your own edits...
@PopularDemand What's up with the link to the Guinness Book of World Records in the middle of that article?
5:09 PM
@jeremybanks Ohhh.
@PopularDemand I just finally got the joke, by the way. "Stem the tide." You jokester, you.
Humour or humor (see spelling differences) is the tendency of particular cognitive experiences to provoke laughter and provide amusement. The term derives from the humoral medicine of the ancient Greeks, which taught that the balance of fluids in the human body, known as humors (Latin: humor, "body fluid"), control human health and emotion. People of all ages and cultures respond to humour. The majority of people are able to experience humour, i.e., to be amused, to laugh or smile at something funny, and thus they are considered to have a sense of humour. The hypothetical person lacki...
If you onebox one more Wikipedia article at me...
@Shog9 yeah I did consider that, but it's an awful lot of edits
5:24 PM
The idiom the straw that broke the camel's back is from an Arabic proverb about how a camel is loaded beyond its capacity to move or stand. This is a reference to any process by which cataclysmic failure (a broken back) is achieved by a seemingly inconsequential addition (a single straw). This also gives rise to the phrase "the last/final straw", used when something is deemed to be the last in a line of unacceptable occurrences. Variations of this idiom include "the straw that broke the donkey's back", "melon that broke the monkey's back" and "feather that broke the camel's back". One ...
5:48 PM
You kids get off my lawn! is an American idiom of the late 20th century and early 21st century. The phrase presents in a jocularly sarcastic fashion the supposed reaction of an archetypical elderly middle-class homeowner confronting obstreperous teenagers crossing or entering his property. More generally the idiom pokes fun at older conservative bourgeoisie as a class. Slight variations such as "Hey, get off my lawn!" and "You kids get out of my yard!" are sometimes employed. Background Until the late 19th Century, lawns in the modern sense were mainly associated with the estates of th...
"Honey, I have to go yell at those obstreperous teenagers again!"
That is an interesting choice of word.
6:25 PM
Hi. Where is the place I can ask questions about data.stackexchange database schema?
6:35 PM
@deostroll You can ask in here and we might answer (we might also insult you). Or you can ask a question on Meta Stack Overflow, Data Explorer is on-topic there.
I think this is the first time I've ever done a rollback for "you can't rewrite the entire question" on Meta...
6:49 PM
This webpage is not available
The webpage at http://stackoverflow.com/questions might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
Error 137 (net::ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED): Unknown error
Never gotten that one before ^_^
Chrome seems to have forgotten how to look up DNS :x
@TimStone I've never even heard that word before.
@animuson Wow. You were kind of a dick to that guy.
No I wasn't... It's the same level of sarcasm I'd use on anything else.
In fact, there's only a single line and a blockquote from Futurama that even provides any sort of sarcasm in that entire post.
It sounds pretty rude to me.
7:00 PM
@animuson I didn't say the post was nothing but sarcasm. I said "You were kind of a dick to that guy." Referring to the "Math is so hard" thing.
Funny, a simple highlight-and-delete fixes the problem. :o
Yes, very funny.
I don't really care though, the question will get closed and probably deleted. As it should.
Which, in fact, is why I linked it here... to get close votes.
@animuson "I wasn't being more of a jerk than usual" is pretty different than "I wasn't being a jerk." And "I expect this to be deleted at some point" is no justification for any amount of being a jerk. And all of that aside... I'm not sure your answer is even correct.
It is for the instance being discussed, which is immediate refreshes after posting. According to Nick, your IP doesn't count again for quite a while.
7:06 PM
I'd vote to close, but the community has wisely excluded me from that action as of yet.
2 hours later…
8:37 PM
Verizon is not very aggressive about reminding me that I've forgotten to pay my cell phone bill.
They'd much rather you not know and send it to collections so they can ruin your credit... "Haha you missed payment now you'll never be able to use another cell phone service except us!!!"
A late fee, also known as a late fine or a past due fee, is a charge levied against a client by a company or organization for not paying a bill or returning a rented or borrowed item by its due date. Its use is most commonly associated with businesses like creditors, video rental outlets and libraries. Late fees are generally calculated on a per day, per item basis. Organizations encourage the payment of late fees by suspending a client's borrowing or rental privileges until accumulated fees are paid, sometimes after these fees have exceeded a certain level. Significant portions of the r...
Compound interest arises when interest is added to the principal, so that, from that moment on, the interest that has been added also earns interest. This addition of interest to the principal is called compounding. A bank account, for example, may have its interest compounded every year: in this case, an account with ¤1000 initial principal and 20% interest per year would have a balance of ¤1200 at the end of the first year, ¤1440 at the end of the second year, and so on. In order to define an interest rate fully, and enable one to compare it with other interest rates, the interest rat...
@animuson Haha, that's a good point =P
And a good business strategy.
@PopularDemand I thought we talked about this.
Quick, link to the Wikipedia page for short-term memory loss!
Strange though. Twice in a row I've paid two months at a time because I forgot about it, but they haven't charged me any kind of late fee as far as I can tell.
8:43 PM
Lucky. This makes me think of my bank's overdraft policy. They recently changed it to be $33 instantly the moment you overdraft (insane) and $1 per day that it's still in overdraft up to a week, then some strange amount for every week after that.
Wow, that is hardcore.
The sucky thing is they don't think about the time it takes to actually transfer the money into the account...
So if you think "oh I'll just transfer $33 in to cover it" by the time the money gets there you owe more...
Right, I've had a very similar problem with my bank before. They charge an increasing fee for each transaction after the overdraft. So if you have multiple pending transactions that all clear around the same time, you could have hundreds of dollars in overdraft fees.
(which I did once or twice while I was in college)
9:01 PM
My bank charged me an overdraft fee recently because I made an expensive purchase without thinking about it, and charged me $10 or so for their trouble. Only they didn't actually post the charge that caused the overdraft until two days later, at which point I had gotten paid electronically and I had enough funds to cover it anyway.
The Wikipedia articles on Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange are... awful.
Someone recently managed to find my email address (I assume they had to go through my SO profile page to my website) and email me their question when I failed to answer it satisfactorily for them! I just ignored them, as I (and others) had already explained what is expected in a good question. — James Allardice 1 min ago
@jadarnel27 I've found calling your bank can be useful in these situations.
9:35 PM
I'm not familiar with this telephone thing to which you allude.
sounds like a job for talkto.com
though...handing out bank details and such...probably not, heh.
blinks I...did not know that existed.
I've found that Swype's text-to-speech works well enough that I can talk to my phone to send text messages. Which, frankly, leaves me with the uneasy feeling that I'm now using a Rube Goldberg device purely to distance myself from others.
I figured talkto would be kind of a "shiny new" thingadongdong, but after signing up months ago...still totally useful.
@RebeccaChernoff Can I text Stack Exchange with that?
9:40 PM
Yeah, it sure is hard to get in touch with one of their employees.
@PopularDemand I know, right?
TalkTo's customer service is pretty good too. You just text them via the app, and they've added all the (admittedly only a couple) suggestions I've given them.
and once I reported a bug to them, and then a few weeks later when the ios app was updated, they sent me a reply text letting me know my bug was fixed in the update.
do they charge for the service?
@RebeccaChernoff I could see that being really useful if I was deaf. Sounds a bit less awkward than TTY.
I'm so conufsed o.o I just registered and it says I have 3 new discussions?
I think I remember an initial one from the TalkTo customer service, dunno.
what are they?! (:
9:58 PM
It said I had 3 but there was nothing listed. I had to refresh the page to get it to work and show the TalkTo welcome. I think that little tour thing messed it up (which I did not even initialize and there's no way to exit it once it's started).
@jcolebrand no
@animuson tour?

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