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12:54 AM
Ok, I need a refresher in basic math, methinks.
I have n pictures which I'm showing in a container.
The container is X pixels wide
There can be zero to three pictures.
what border, margin and padding are you using? Or is this not HTML land?
Not HMTL land.
Just math.
Well the same truths hold, just those are easier to specify
there's always a border, margin and padding
Moshe, it's not basic math if you can't define the problem. You never just jam 3 pictures up beside each other.
In UIKit I just specify X and Y values, starting from the top left corner, which is 0,0.
In an app, I'm allowing users to attach photos to an email.
They can attach up to 3 photos.
Because that's what fits on the screen without scrolling and because more than that and there are mail server limits.
@jcolebrand What haven't I defined?
why not list them vertically? It's what gmail does.
1:01 AM
It's iOS. Users demand shiny. Also, lists don't help as much as seeing the image does.
Names are arbitrary and meaningless.
why does it have to be a name?
get out of that box you're in
climbs out
hell, the mail app in iOS does that, stacks them with the image showing when you attach them
go forward yourself three pictures in iOS
1:02 AM
Right, that's true.
so, as I said. stack them
problem solved
Well, I think I might have solved it, so we'll see...
Got it!
    NSInteger numOfPics = self.previews.count;

    NSInteger widthOfScrollView = self.picturesScroller.bounds.size.width;

    NSInteger widthOfPreview = preview.view.frame.size.width;

    NSInteger innerContainerWidth = numOfPics * (widthOfPreview+kPadding);

    NSInteger leftOffset = (widthOfScrollView-innerContainerWidth)/2;

    NSInteger picCenter = leftOffset + (i * (widthOfPreview+kPadding));
1:19 AM
@jcolebrand - Problem solved and it's awesome and cool and all that.
Works just like the dock when you have less than 4 icons on it.
good deal then
9 hours later…
10:14 AM
hey guys
anybody there
No. We're all passed out.
@OctavianDamiean .. i want to ask about bounty
Well fire away, in the meantime I'm going to search for the bounty faq question.
who do i ask ?
There you go.
Q: How does the bounty system work?

A. Rex What is a bounty? What is the "Featured" tab on the homepage? How can I search for questions that have a bounty attached? How do I start a bounty? When can I start a bounty? How long is the bounty period? How do I award a bounty? Can I award a bounty to my own answer? What happens if there's no ...

10:23 AM
Can I award a bounty to my own answer?

No. This used to be possible, but it has been disabled. The user would not get the reputation back, and the bounty will be displayed as +0, “this answer has been awarded bounty worth 0 reputation”.
no way
So that mean i lost my point in my case : stackoverflow.com/questions/8877726/…
2 hours later…
12:08 PM
Eeeeeeek! Where is my flag weight?
Just kidding. I think it's great it's gone.
12:49 PM
anybody here who had the chat seizures? @YiJiangsProble?
this should now be fixed, please check (after reloading the JS) that it's really gone
1:25 PM
@jjj Correct (although you could award the bounty to one of the other answers if it help move you in the right direction).
2:24 PM
@balpha Hello, have time?
I want to merge my accounts, I changed my email but nothing happened.
what's the other account?
I registered in many SE sites with both accounts, does it matter? math.stackexchange.com/users/11549/gigili
no, that doesn't matter
which account do you want to keep?
2:31 PM
okay, please put something like "please merge meta.stackoverflow.com/users/177429/zizi into this account" into gigili's "about me" text
as a confirmation that you indeed own both of them
Okay, I should log out first. Right? and log in as Gigili
Okay, thank you @balpha. I'll do it in a few minutes.
@balpha done.
Please let me know what happened. Thank you again.
I wanted to keep Gigili :(
2:49 PM
yeah, our merge UI fooled me here... hang on
The hamsters are working...
so it turns out that we always merge the newer user into the older one
Aha. Well then ...
were the user ids important?
there's a way to undo a merge, it's pretty contrived, though
But Gigili is newer. I used this account before the other one, then I gave up using my other email by signing out completely from my browser [...]
3:01 PM
yeah, Gigili is newer, that's why that one was removed in favor of the older one
the only difference is really what user ids you end up with
If it's not that time-consuming, I'm known on SE sites with my other account (Gigili).
is it just about the name?
@zizi You can change your display name any time
@zizi You can change your account details on any one of the accounts and push it to all of the other accounts
@balpha I was about to ask it, the only difference is my display name now?
3:02 PM
Also, @balpha I don't see the problem right now, but the problem isn't very reproducible
Ah yes, you're right ...
There's also the email address, which affects your gravatar
Got it now, Thank you for your time balpha.
Thank you Yi.
2 hours later…
5:05 PM
is reconsidering his career choice due to the fact that, at this very moment, his brother is getting paid to play in a ball pit.
5:49 PM
@jadarnel27 You would rather spend your days surrounded by noisy, hyperactive kids in a hole filled with years of dried drool than sitting in an air-conditioned office building?
@PopularDemand You underestimate the level of filth in the average office building.
As well as the level of irritating noise. At least kids have an excuse for spewing forth nonsense that gives reasonable people a headache.
@PopularDemand ...well when you put it that way...*shudders*...
6:22 PM
Kids have an excuse?
6:33 PM
@balpha Should a forced page reload do the trick (Shift+Reload in Firefox)?
I just did that and I don't notice any more scroll jittering, but the problem did seem to be intermittent anyway
I'll definitely keep an eye on it, though, and let you know if the problem recurs
Just out of curiosity, what did you determine the issue to be?
I'll write it up in a meta answer tomorrow. It boils down to the fact that document heights (in pixels) in FF aren't necessarily integers
FF is a n00b.
sub-pixel rendering, pssh.
6:38 PM
@TimStone Look who's talking.
Jan 19 at 21:06, by Popular Demand
And in Tim's dreams, sometimes there are... half-pixel differences.
7:02 PM
Hey guys! Long time no see!
Does anybody remember a popular question that was a sort of contest to break a md5 hashed password
The title was something like how secure is md5
I though it was from col. shrapnel, but apparently not...
Maybe it got deleted?
Got it
But I can't see it...
@Trufa fiddle.jshell.net/58n9U/show (excluding hidden comments)
@JeremyBanks Awesome :)
Thank you very much, I was not aware of this wizardry, but I like it!
Deleted questions make Jeremy sad.
at least you remembered to edit out your fkey :)
@balpha Ha! Does logging out/logging back in invalidate previous ones? I realized I didn't clear it last time I copied a page, so I immediately logged out/in thinking it might.
7:14 PM
yes, logging out is fine
@balpha pardon my ignorance! what's the fkey?
the XSRF token
Cross-site request forgery, also known as a one-click attack or session riding and abbreviated as CSRF (sometimes pronounced sea-surf Unlike cross-site scripting (XSS), which exploits the trust a user has for a particular site, CSRF exploits the trust that a site has in a user's browser. Background CSRF vulnerabilities have been known and in some cases exploited since 2001. Because it is carried out from the user's IP address, some website logs might not have evidence of CSRF. there are few well-documented examples. About 18 million users of eBay's Internet Auction Co. at Auction.co.kr in ...
scroll down to "prevention"
@balpha thanks! I'll take a look!
Someone who speaks to Joel via IM, please nag him to check his email. :-)
7:34 PM
@Trufa A bit of research also brings up the following article written by Jeff in 2008
Huh. Coding Horror doesn't onebox.
@Chris Ironic?
This web security stuff doesn't cease to blow my mind.
@Trufa I was actually just searching for the right word to describe the situation, but I'm not sure that "ironic" is it
@Chris How about "chumptastic"
@jadarnel27 I think we are gettin' somewhere now!
8:04 PM
Bah. I am in a constant state of forgetting that NULL is not equal to NULL.
8:35 PM
@TimStone FYI, apparently you get a YSOD if you go to data.stackexchange.com/scifi/queries (rather than the amusing 404 page).
I'm not sure why that is, there's code in place that should catch that condition. I'll check when I get home, though, thanks for the heads-up!
No problem!
Q: Humour In Question

PRASHANT PI am know Stack Overflow is Perfect Resource. I am wonder: Is Humour Permissive In Question/s ? I have made try for Fun with Serious Question: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/8977817/i-am-captive-pleasehelp I have corrected understanding of Help for Other Meta Overflow Question. Thank You A...

The meta question itself is kind of funny in its own way, though
ObjectiveC or C++ pocket reference? Only can get one.
A: Is humour allowed in questions?

Jeff AtwoodI would recommend avoiding any attempt at humor until you've mastered more English. I honestly could not tell that was humor, and besides, as Oded correctly noted, such "only a joke" questions are not allowed on Stack Overflow or for that matter anywhere else on the Stack Exchange network.

Hilarious. Here's the original: fiddle.jshell.net/R3fJG/show
8:56 PM
@JeremyBanks Clever fiddling.
Wow, I didn't realize that it cost $40 to ship a Stack Exchange T-shirt to the UK
Q: What's up with the shipping rates on the Stack Exchange store?

SathyaAnd I mean $40 shipping for a $15 T-shirt? I have this image here from a previous quote(didn't place it then) where 2xbeer steins and a T-shirt resulted in $24 shipping.. which is reasonable considering the items, but, golly $40 for a T-shirt? Rebecca Chernoff mentions if your subtotal...

@PopularDemand Sorry, the first image I posted was from Mr. Disappointment's comment
Is there a way to onebox or link to comments from chat?
Didn't think so
No oneboxing, but you can get the id from the source to link directly to one: /questions/120063/isnt-the-insert-platform-specific-site-here-redundant/#comment-317054
There's someway to highlight it too...
@JeremyBanks Where's the comment number come from?
9:03 PM
@Chris You have to look in the page source for the comment.
Sorry, the /-relative links don't actually work in chat.
@JeremyBanks Cool, got it
I also find the following line in the page source amusing
<span title="number of 'great comment' votes received" class="cool">2</span>
Apparently two upvotes means that a comment is "cool"
9:10 PM
Ha, I didn't see that.
Oh, wait a minute
<span title="number of 'great comment' votes received" class="warm">6</span>
"Cool" apparently doesn't mean what you think it does :)
I believe the other settings are "hot" and "supernova."
It's like chicken wing flavors
A: How is the color for the upvote count on comments calculated?

YOUcss .supernova { color: #FE7A15 !important; } .hot { color: #CF7721 !important; } .warm { color: #9B764F !important; } .cool { color: #999 !important; } js // e.g. options = { min: 15, max: 300, setIsValid: function } var max = options.max; var css = cur > max * 0.8 ? "supernova" : cu...

9:12 PM
@PopularDemand Man, you're good with those references
:P I thought you were joking. "supernova", indeed.
@Chris Well, it's not hard to sift through search results for "supernova."
@PopularDemand Ah, fair enough. Did you use a Google search or Meta SO's own search engine?
The MSO search.
Hm, okay
I get mixed results with that
but naturally "supernova" would be hard to miss
9:16 PM
I meant that I searched for "supernova."
Only seven results, and the top one was the one I wanted.
Right, exactly
It works well when you're searching for a word that's rarely used on Meta SO
1 hour later…
10:22 PM
Can only 10k+s see the "close" tab in /review?
At 4k, I can't see it.
okay, thanks.

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