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12:32 AM
@drachenstern - There?
I'm back. Almost done with this feature, getting ready to push to testers.
1:04 AM
@drachenstern - I got it running. You should see the banners running in game now, in the next TestFlight
@Zypher If you are here (or when) expect another TestFlight shortly.
@TylerChacha - What's up?
@Moshe Not much, just did more work on my language
Just added visual feedback (a banner) to Nippon for earned achievements. Uploading to testers now.
1:20 AM
Eventually I'm going to create a grease monkey script to hide messages containing the word 'Nippon'
2:06 AM
Hehe. Sorry.
CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This e-mail and any attachments may contain confidential or sensitive information which is, or may be, legally privileged or otherwise protected by law from further disclosure.  It is intended only for the addressee.  If you received this in error or from someone who was not authorized to send it to you, please do not distribute, copy or use it or any attachments.  Please notify the sender immediately by reply e-mail and delete this from your system. Thank you for your cooperation.
@drachenstern whiteboarding or waterboarding?
3:13 AM
> Red Hat answers Microsoft Azure with OpenShift dev cloud
I soooo misread that.
9 hours later…
11:55 AM
Yay, my free SSH account is activated!
12:25 PM
12:40 PM
#!/usr/bin/env python
import random
print random.choice(["Afternoo", "Aftern00n", "After12"])
Q: Make an application that displays text at random that conforms to the specified regex

ircmaxellOK, so in the spirit of Code-Golf, I'm trying out something new here: Code-Bowling. In golf, you try to get the lowest score (smallest application, most elegant, etc). In Bowling, you try to get the highest score. So if you follow, the goal of a Code-Bowling challenge is to make the biggest, m...

1:11 PM
Thoughts on my blog post on App Store reviews?
1 hour later…
2:17 PM
Feature request: room owners get more op-style powers (ability to ban from room, kick from room, etc)
2:29 PM
We have to keep some of the goodies for mods q:
fair enough I guess
2:51 PM
@irc what rooms do you own?
3:08 PM
@RebeccaChernoff I'd really appreciate the ability to kick people from the channel. You mods have have ban...
Anyone having a few seconds, can you give me a comparison of download times and latency for sstatic.stackexchange.netdna-cdn.com/stackoverflow/all.css vs. sstatic.net/stackoverflow/all.css please?
@balpha (Time, Latency): CDN = { 206, 53 }, OURS = { 165, 61 }
have you tried few times? the first request to the cdn is slower than subsequent ones
and you were probably the first one to hit it
Yeah, I did it a few times and then used a single time. I can do it a few more times and give you all the numbers if you want
if above numbers are a good representation, that's fine
just a little surprising, since geoff and nick had much better values
3:19 PM
I'm showing Time = Latency on both DL
16 on link1 and 60 on link 2
those are consistent and regular
for a 200 response or a 304?
the first would be pretty epic
or do you own your own backbone? :)
I'll recheck on the response, but I guess it was a 200
we don't own our own backbone, no
I also didn't clear cache, but it still has to query the resource for a ctrl f5 right?
I think that depends on the browser, they're not quite consistent on "with which key do we request how much"
yeah, so take it with a grain of salt I guess
If I had wget on this box I could give you better stats, but I don't, so c'est la vie (and that means I'm not going to download it atm either)
that's fine :) thanks for testing
3:23 PM
Using Chrome's Dev Tools Network Tab and running all 10 cdn followed by 10 against our sstatic.
    Run #	CDN Time	CDN Latency	OUR Time	OUR Latency
    1.	206		53		157		55
    2.	205		52		157		55
    3.	55		52		163		56
    4.	206		52		159		55
    5.	205		53		158		56
    6.	206		52		161		55
    7.	206		53		161		59
    8.	207		53		157		55
    9.	207		55		158		55
    10.	207		55		163		59
so subsequent testing to verify the 200 (which both were) changed to 45/15 and 180/115 (which really makes me scratch my head)
that's CDN vs static
GAH, stupid formatting
@drachenstern is that "latency/latency and download/download" or "download/latency download/latency"?
3:26 PM
Pretend those columns line up all pretty still. >_<
@drachenstern ah cool, that's pretty awesome then
so @RebeccaChernoff is the only one so far were the CDN is worse
so for my needs, the CDN is better than the static
Well, if only run #3 against the CDN was more popular (;
@RebeccaChernoff you're not by chance tunneling to SEI are you?
3:28 PM
ok, was curious if there was something in there to skew your results. Are you on cable?
Not quite the 24/3 UVerse says I should have, but pretty close.
and a second result speedtest.net/result/1282809933.png but not to clutter the room with imagespam
Hey Nyus, where in Hungary are you?
3:44 PM
My ISP says 15M/900k (Down/Up).
I have a buddy in (or around?) Budapest ... How common are the parts of his name? Sandor Acs (but it may have formatting) ... like in the US John Smith would be considered "very common" but Cole Brand is not so common, but not entirely uncommon.
I have no idea, I don't know about him.
I didn't figure you know him
I was asking about culturally if those names were prevalent in any form
Like take for example me.
Wesley is fairly uncommon where I come from but common enough in America.
Acheson is really rare everywhere
When I was born Cole was a very uncommon first name. But lately it is one of the top ones for people I know with kids.
3:55 PM
I kinda thought cole wasn't your first name
well it's not my FIRST name
but it's the one I use
I assumed that cole was your surname really
I've a poncy middle name
So my URL should give my name away pretty clearly. Notice that rarely use the first name except when I must. Even my resume only says the initial.
yeah I thought brand was a noun not proper noun
As in brand name
4:11 PM
It is that as well
And yet when I use that expression to clarify that my last name is not spelled brandt or brant or brandz or bernard or any of a dozen other potential last names, I get really dumb looks.
I figured everybody would understand "my last name is brand as in a brand name, or Campbell's soup brand" (which I know used to be a common thing to hear said)
easier than acheson
as often as I have to hand people my business card, I think not
the joe cole brand brand has a ring to it
Not Joe
Wait for me to build my personal website, I'm sure it'll make more sense then. :p
4:26 PM
Hiya folks.
Hyia Moshe
Hi. One sec, switching to computer.
Hi @Wes, sup?
@drachenstern - For once, I actually just went ahead and coded something. Pushed it over TestFlight.
is that the new notification bit on awards?
yeah, I keep seeing the same three or four over and over and over and ...
and also you've got a case where some stacking occurs, but I can't seem to screenshot it
@drachenstern I know about the stacking. It's semi-intentional.
4:38 PM
It's because otherwise they'd overlap.
It was the simplest way to do it.
But, the repetition is an issue.
Getting a screenshot shouldn't be terribly hard, just bear in mind that they show for about 1 second or so.
@Moshe Sorry got called away
@Wes What's up?
Not much to be honest
Just hanging arround.
Hey, I tested the zero score didn't I? I can test this too :p
4:43 PM
@drachenstern What's "this"?
capturing the multiple repeated overlays that are offenders so you can trace the logic
Oh, ok.
@drachenstern I was actually quite lazy in implementing that overlay. I just show the overlay when the achievement is reported, if it's at 100%.
Whenever you log in, it reports reminisce, apparently.
That is an easy fix.
It reports the other ones, when you've completed them.
Since Game Center achievements can't go down in progress, it's sort of okay to re-report achievements.
That is, unless you're alerting the user.
except it's annoying to have it constantly popup and remind me that I've already got it
Now it seems as though I'm going to have to track those...
and two at a time
4:52 PM
@drachenstern Right.
The doubles is only "Reminisce", IIRC.
So a fix should be easy.
Just keep a list of earned achievements.
If the achievement is already earned, you don't show it again.
I just have to check one thing though - how I'm caching offline achievements.
The banners only appear after a successful report to Game Center.
I'm so jealous of you all!
@Trufa Nice report.
And at home is even slower
5:07 PM
@Moshe nice
Uruguay, hmm? @Trufa can you do me a favor?
1 hour ago, by balpha
Anyone having a few seconds, can you give me a comparison of download times and latency for http://sstatic.stackexchange.netdna-cdn.com/stackoverflow/all.css vs. http://sstatic.net/stackoverflow/all.css please?
all my other test cases so far were in the US
@Trufa I should be jealous of you
5:34 PM
521ms dns lookup
65ms connecting
78 ms waiting
@balpha sorry
just saw you message
I did not understand what you need
(but would gladly do it)
@Wes ok that is slower, I have 2 mb/s at home
but most people do have one
the first one:
Total Total Size: 11468 bytes
Total Time: 0.169958 seconds
DNS lookup took: 0.002087 seconds
Connection took: 0.022304 seconds
Generation took: 0.020351 seconds
Download Speed: 180339 bytes/second

Second One:
Total Size: 11468 bytes
Total Time: 0.276597 seconds
DNS lookup took: 0.083677 seconds
Connection took: 0.128687 seconds
Generation took: 0.101667 seconds
Download Speed: 41461 bytes/second
@Trufa we're looking at putting our static content (javascript file, css, and so on) on a CDN, so I'm curious what kind of improvement that gives to people all over the world
@balpha Using joomlaperformance.com/component/option,com_performance/… (I designed it for HTML, but works for this sort of thing)
so the question is: what's the download speed for those two URLs for you?
the first one is a CDN we're looking at, the second one is our own sstatic.net
the files are identical
5:44 PM
@balpha ok, that I got, not sure where to look for those
what browser are you using?
found it
I need to record right?
I think you have to have the dev tools open when you make the request
Yes, then it will populate
the numbers are then on the "Network" tab
5:46 PM
@ircmaxell what do you gather the stats with
is firebug okay?
It seems a little random
until a couple of versions ago, you could tell chrome to always record the data. I still miss that :\
@Wes A custom built tool. It examines the connection and determines quite a bit off of what specifically goes on. But you can do something similar with Chrome or Firebug
yeah, firebug is fine
this is chrome:
5:49 PM
Hard cause I need to clear my cache
@Wes Press +
it will clear the cache for the one page (request)
@trufa can you use ctrl+f5 so the status is 200, not 304?
304 means the data wasn't really transferred; the server just said "it's the same as before"
which you can still get latency information from, so it's not completely useless...
Yep, got it
5:51 PM
and one second
I don't have an image editor and alt+print doesn't seem to work in ubuntu
looks great, thanks a lot
you should use a different DNS server, though :)
@Wes where are you located?
5:53 PM
this is the NOT cdn one
nice, thanks a bunch. Looks like @RebeccaChernoff is still the only one who prefers sstatic
@balpha let me just check I did not mess up
@balpha Me? Just got DHCP assigned dns
I was just noticing your DNS lookup time. 500ms seems a lot
@Wes You could use and (google's IP addresses for DNS)
5:57 PM
Thats probably not local
@balpha just in case. here are the final results, becuse I think I had messed up the screenshots
BTW the chat is randomly uploading pictures :)
suuuuure :)
so it seems for you it actually doesn't make much of a difference
@balpha not really, and the cdn is slower in any case
the results were quite consistent.
while for Wes, the time is cut in half
@balpha but they are heavily cached right?
6:03 PM
@Trufa your first two images were the other way around though
@balpha yes
I messed up the first time
ah, k
though the order of the folder was the other way round
@balpha why don't you compress them?
we do
50K is the actual filesize, 11K is what you downloaded
@balpha ohh that make sense!
So I you need anything else, just ask :)
I ahve to leave now!
6:09 PM
okay, thanks for testing!
@balpha no problem!!
@balpha gotta be unique (;
I'm pretty sure the internet is just optimized for forwards-facing smilies
@Trufa I suspect it's faked, bottom line is missing and its corners aren't rounded. I have to go now anyway, see you in about a hour.
@balpha rofl
6:25 PM
7:15 PM
Does anyone know how much it costs to post apps on BlackBerry App World?
7:30 PM
plus tax
minus the $999,999,999 discount
so, in effect, $1 for item, and $70,000,000 dollars tax
So it's $70,000,001 dollars. :P
7:49 PM
Result of my research today: There are two kinds of CDNs. Those that have information on their website, and those that have buzzwords and a link to a "data sheet" that contains no data, just more buzzwords, and is hidden behind a contact data form, so their sales people can spam you. Which they will.
Well, there's a third kind. The ones that nobody knows about
Because they deliver no content? :)
Nah, more like because you can't afford them :-X
Is there a kind that likes me? (;
That kind of information was on none of the websites.
But I doubt it.
7:54 PM
Who canceled the stars on this?
11 mins ago, by ircmaxell
minus the $999,999,999 discount
When documenting a constant, how would you you say "a decimal greater than zero"?
just call it epsilon
@Moshe If it's a constant, why do you document it? It should be for internal consumption only (at least according to some clean-code people)
@Moshe A positive number/float.
7:55 PM
@ircmaxell Well, for myself. I'm using constants to control how long to show a utility banner onscreen.
Like "You earned the Awesomeness achievement."
@ircmaxell Good point, I'll write to the ECMAScript committee and tell them to get rid of Math.PI
Fair enough, but why would you need to document it saying "a decimal greater than 0"...
@balpha I would agree with doing that. It should be a method instead of a constant...
"We are all made of stars." --Moby
Especially since PI is not actually a constant (the exact value does vary)
7:59 PM
@balpha If they don't provide this information explicitly, you should not waste your time with that company.
@Moshe If it's a constant, why should it have boundaries on the value (type and range)?
@ircmaxell Because I can tweak it in future builds.
It's a "readability" constant.
And it's used in several places.
I'm with @Moshe on this
I can see the justification, I just think there may be other ways of solving it
8:01 PM
should he rather put 0.1 in twenty places?
even though they're the same number, and if changed, they would all have to be changed?
@balpha Not at all, but a constant should be used internally for things that never change. Variables and configuration settings belong for this type of thing
@ircmaxell Like what?
@ircmaxell that may be true for a library, but not for a self-contained app
@Moshe Using a configuration setting, or a variable, etc... Just using a constant outside of the scope of the declaration feels unclean
This is an iPhone app. It's a lot simpler to put it in a constants.h file than have to make a PLIST and parse it.
@ircmaxell I hear that.
8:04 PM
I've found two ways to check if an object is zero in Ruby. (I know it has a built-in zero?) method.
@Moshe I'm not saying not to do it. Just saying there may be a cleaner way (which may not be worth it)
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
class Object
    def a_zero?
        this == -this

    def b_zero?
        this == 0
8:48 PM
I have a need for a bit of code, anyone
I want something I can put on my website that I can drop a link or a snippet of text, up to n characters in length. I am hoping someone knows of a bit of kit that I don't have to configure. It will live a short lifespan before it gets replaced by something bigger.
Note how much simpler it is to just cast the net out and see who knows what
You want something that displays code? Sorry my brain isn't working right now.
nah, links and text snippets
8:53 PM
I normally just gmail it to myself, but that seems to be the wrong way to go about it, and I have a bright shiny new server now
I figured if someone had something I could throw up right now I could actually make it more full fledged later
I see
I don't
thats possibly the worst CR i've read
You want to save notes on your website?
by dragging something there.
What server language?
see the textbox at the bottom of the screen?
I want to do something like that, and store it in a flatfile or something on a webserver running apache and php and probably nothing else
9:08 PM
I don't have anything. I could knock something together but I don't think thats what you want.
yes, I want to do no effort, I was hoping one of you kind folk already knew of something off the top of your head
I'm positive you could too
I know I could ... I think you missed the part where I was trying to do minimal work to have the feature
@drachenstern I think the search term for the simplest possible app which does that is 'graffiti wall'
9:49 PM
hmmm, that could do it, very easily. And now to deploy that on my site without a publicly available link ...
10:10 PM
What's @drachenstern building now?
someplace to put snippets so I don't have to drop to gmail everytime
I would love if someone found me a more complicated graffiti wall alike, but it's not that big of a deal, I'll have a blog engine up after some time
I need to talk to my "host" and see if and when I'll have a VM up so that I can start doing stuff like that
does everyone just agree that wordpress is the defacto best blog engine, or is there a better one somewhere? I need something light, I don't need 50,000 features
3 hours ago, by Nyuszika7H
@Trufa I suspect it's faked, bottom line is missing and its corners aren't rounded. I have to go now anyway, see you in about a hour.
@Nyuszika7H Its not fake, its just a screen cap
I do them directly of what I want, like this.
11:05 PM
@drachenstern I use WP.

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