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8:00 AM
I mean ive never see a website where users can poke the site developers with a long stick like this :).
The new user page is nice.
i concur :)
@RebeccaChernoff Pop quiz, how many different flag types are there, and what are they all?
(Are Spam/Offensive and Moderator Attention the only two?)
@TimStone Mod attention, Comment flags, Spam/Offensive flags.
and country flags.
Thanks ;)
8:03 AM
@badpssockpuppet Are semaphores counted?
@YiJiang Only in fibrils, when going through them backwards.
Rebecca hits red lights all the time.
pokes @Marc with sharp stick
@TimStone Well there you go, that's how the 'non-linear' flag weight works :P
@badpssockpuppet sounds right.
Though I think Marc may have mixed up 'non-linear' with 'non-integer'
Heh ;)
> Other than you, the only other people who can view it are the moderators.
I'm not thrilled by that edit, I somehow missed that before. :/
I thought the original sentence was alright, not sure why that change was necessary...but anyone have something better?
8:10 AM
what's wrong with it?
I dunno, I feel like it reads kind of..weird.
oook (:
The original was 'You, along with moderators', which is... even less thrilling
@RebeccaChernoff I think it's the "view it" bit.
'see it'?
8:12 AM
the heading says view not see though
More that "it" makes for a bad sentence subject. :P
I think it is fine.
The heading with the noun is right above it, followed by the detail with "it"
I know, but I'm reading the sentence separately...I'll stop nitpicking. ;)
Problem solved! \o/
problem solved by me going to bed (;
@RebeccaChernoff Yeah, if all problems were that easy to solve...
8:15 AM
nite (:
Hahah, g'night.
Hmm, I always wonder if it's worth flagging things on Meta.
Clearly this "doesn't belong here", but it's not like it'll go unnoticed, so then I feel like I'm just flag weight whoring. :P
And this, ladies and gentleman, is why I don't use Facebook
Wow, hahah. Quite the uh, yeah.
(Comments anon'ed, resized to 80% size and had column-count applied to it so that I can fit it into a single screenie...)
@YiJiang Hrm, you could've unicornified instead of anonymizing :P
8:24 AM
@badpssockpuppet Well, I'd have to do some work modifying unicornify to work with Facebook's avatars
And I'm just too damn lazy
@badpssockpuppet That would have ruined the good name of unicorns.
Apparently it's a requirement to start your post with "This is an old question, but..." when answering older stuff, heh.
Come on people, Facebook has chat for a reason. Even if it sucks, it's still better than using comments, right? Right? /facepalm
@YiJiang stop poking me ;p
@MarcGravell As the late Arthur Dent says
@YiJiang no, I haven't. Trust me... you'll see...
8:28 AM
@MarcGravell But 4 decimal places? Why not just round it up?
we can play with the UI, of couse.
Also, I thought they removed the 'new' thingy a while back?
@YiJiang No, no, it only shows up 10% of the time now.
(I'm not joking >_>)
^^^^ confirms that
It's the Heisenflair!
8:33 AM
It's new! But only 1/10th of the time. ;)
@YiJiang But man, it's asymptotic!! 500 → 510 → 520 → ... → 740 → 741 → ... → 749 → 749.1 → 749.2 → ... → 749.9 → 749.91 → ... ...
@badpssockpuppet Yeah, well once we get there then I'd want to see the decimal places
(Well, yes, this would be a perfectly valid and insane way to build a series asymptotically reaching 750)
Also, I know what asymptotic means :|
@YiJiang I didn't doubt it
8:36 AM
Q: metatage of wordpress

user158530how to get metatag in wordpress

@badp, FWIW, new answer on the car puzzle. stackoverflow.com/questions/4075289/race-car-puzzle/…
WTF? Their first post just got deleted.
@TimStone Yeah, I saw to that myself, WTF?
throws a flag at it
@Benjol mehhh, ranking algorithms are there for a reason :P
and in a real world scenario, TrueSkill would've been a perfect fit; except for patents, maybe.
8:40 AM
@badp, I think your education has blinded you to the difference between the prospect of trawling through mathematical whitepapers, and pretty pictures with step-by-step instructions :)
@Benjol I can't actually parse that paper
@badp, that reassures me somewhat :)
Some guy managed to get formulas for a red vs blue version of the ranking algorithm that seems to work, but things become really hairy with 3+ teams.
I only studied his derived 2 teams version's formulas.
@TimPost could you move the WP question on meta?
@Benny It's a terrible question; just close it
8:43 AM
@YiJiang Burninate it.
@Benny Move it where? the burning bin of fire? :)
Maybe or to wp.se
@MarcGravell Say, what should happen when I try to 'improve' a pending tag wiki edit?
@Benny do you have a link?
Q: metatage of wordpress

user158530how to get metatag in wordpress

8:47 AM
@TimPost for what the question or wordpress.stackexchange.com?
Just burniate it, and perhaps give the user a warning or something for posting that question twice
Oh no I can't see it!
It has been deleted
waves the smoke away
@TimStone cough cough Hey, you gotta give a warning next time you demolish a question, I've got asthma ya know!
8:49 AM
@Benny - Those are coming from a user who SO isn't accepting questions from any more. I broke out my proton cannon.
@TimPost Ah, that explains it. :P
Does any one know how to use a API key in StackApps
Huh, got a 408.
First time that's happened outside of chat requests.
What is 408 suppose to mean?
@TimStone I get those from time to time, but chalked it up to using TCP over carrier pigeon
8:53 AM
It's a request time out.
It's probably China siphoning all of our traffic. :P
I actually captured one of the chat 408's in Developer Tools, it was weird:
@YiJiang $("wordpress metatag")
@TimStone Are you sure that's not just a problem with Chrome's dev tools?
Well, it's certainly a problem with something, there's no way the request even reached the server that fast.
Is it just me, or has the profile page gone... mega weird?
Is someone fiddling with it right now?
Define "mega weird"?
8:57 AM
Hands @Benjol sharp stick
It appears to be the "expected weird" to me.
click on reputation or favourites in top tab, and it selects them in bottom tab...
except that if you click on favourites in the bottom tab, the bottom tab array disappears
1 hour ago, by Tim Stone
@YiJiang And the tab doesn't even select. That's just silly!
@Benjol Oh wow, I didn't notice that one :D
@TimStone I noticed that one though
8:59 AM
Someone can go and ask that question on meta then. I've got a little feature request brewing :)
I think they're still working the kinks out of it, so I'm inclined to let them be for now :)
When they were planning deployment schedules, they clearly didn't factor us being awake into "When is the best time to push out new stuff?", hahah. :P
@TimStone, but we're always awake (almost) :)
Q: Add activity graph to user profile

BenjolHow about adding a chat-like activity graph to the user profiles on SE sites? It might need more processing power, but the information is there in the activity tab.

@TimStone They should just create a "What did we miss this time?" chat room.
with a global notification at every deployment for people subscribed
@Benjol I know, there's no good solution! ;)
Hay I was wondering what is this Ubuntu thing please?
9:05 AM
(I'm sorry, I had to post this...)
Q: metatage of wordpress

user158536how to activate meta tag in wordpress

@TimPost Eh... ^
...I was waiting for that, but I thought "No, there's no way."
@YiJiang He's persistent. Gotta give him that.
Send him to the sin bin for 2 months!
Answer his question, then delete it :)
Hmm my question has gone...... As it was so good I will post it again!
9:06 AM
And he's always making the same mistake on the title!
@YiJiang is that the same guy who posted meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/82367/…?
@YiJiang Hahahah, did you hover over the flag weight? It's even more 0-y. :D
@Benjol If only we knew what he want...
@tombull89 I'm not sure, but he's posted that exact same question three times now.
@LoïcWolff to activate the meta tag in wordpress, by the looks of it :P
@TimStone all on MSO or SE networkwide?
9:08 AM
@tombull89 On MSO
All on MSO, apparently SO is no longer accepting questions from that account.
The questions gone now. Firth time lucky?
@tombull89 well I don't know anything about WP, I thought he was talking about meta.WP.SE
@YiJiang Well, he's persistent, I'll give that to him
2 mins ago, by Loïc Wolff
@YiJiang He's persistent. Gotta give him that.
9:09 AM
Apparently also resistant to photon cannons.
We might need to upgrade your equipment, @TimPost.
@YiJiang @TimPost is my sock puppet
Ah, must be nice walking around with a diamond in your pocket.
9:10 AM
Burn, Burn Burn!, and vote me up here :)
How do I get the question preview in my chat post? I'm always posting a link to the question or profile and never get it right...
@TimStone Imagine walking around with a hand up your .. oh, nevermind.
@Benjol I'm still debating if it's useful :P
@tombull89 You just stick it in its own post. Also see chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/faq
A: Careers 2.0 Featured Listing: Web company needs successor for retiring unicorns

BenjolBURN BURN BURN!!! button There's a limit to how much exposure to the low quality tab one can handle, after a while, noob-rage starts to take hold, and you start getting the urge to do more than just flag. It would be cathartic to have a 'nuke' button with some satisfying animation effect to con...

9:12 AM
If it happens again I'll just suspend him for like 100 years. I hate leaving heads on stakes out for display, though.
tee-hee. From the FaQ: When talking in a room, it's polite to stay roughly on topic for the room, as defined by the room owners. If you find yourself consistently veering into other topics, you should consider taking it to another room.
@TimPost what was the user name for the wordpress meta tag nut?
I'm not sure I like this larger reputation graph. Now the one I have on SO looks sadder.
@Benny User[something]
What about the id number please?
9:14 AM
@Benny It's gone
Not 100% sure, though...
That's not the same user. :p
I don't think it is
And it's not particularly important who the user was, I don't think.. :)
9:18 AM
I just informed the other mods.
@Benny how is your book coming?
Well ok I have the ideas just need the time and patince.
and patince I don't have :)
Quite like the new graph.
still have difficulty seeing peoples like wil's seprate questions though.
be nice if we could zoom in/out.
also why 90 days limit? prevent massive database load?
It needs click-and-drag zooming
9:38 AM
Has the inbox logic changed? I just got a (1) for the last comment here: stackoverflow.com/questions/5104949/…
@Benjol Yeah
Also note the irony of surya answering my comment with another link!
Q: Micro-refinement to notifications for comments of others posts

maheshIf a user comments on their own post and there is only one person who has previously commented, then that person should be notified when the author comments even if '@user' is not specified courtesy to Benjol from my closed question Notifications for comments of others posts

You inspired the change! ;)
Wow, they actually did it! (see my comment on the referenced question):
> Good luck, I doubt it will happen though.
I take it back. Jarrod must have got to it before Jeff had the time to status-decline :)
Hahah ;)
9:49 AM
@TimStone : I have a question to you, can i shoot it
Hi! :)
19 hours ago, by Yi Jiang
@TimPost You know the rules, shoot first, ask about asking questions later
why may i know why this text is displayed in my profile
flag weight 110
Q: What is flag weight?

CoolBeansFlag weight can be viewed in user profiles. What is flag weight? Who can view my flag weight? When can I view my own flag weight? What are the possible values of flag weight? What are the benefits of a high flag weight? Return to FAQ index

9:52 AM
@Sankar, search is your friend: meta.stackoverflow.com/search?q=flag+weight
Damn... you're too fast for me guys :p
@Benjol ok
@SankarGanesh, it mean you flagged one post or two comments, and it looks good.
@SMark can i reward for this
Basically, flag well, weight goes up.
9:53 AM
@SankarGanesh, "Users who reach 500 flag weight will earn the silver Deputy badge"
Basically, read the answer to the question that Yi linked
Thanks , Guys
@SankarGanesh valid flags increase, invalids decrease your flag weight
Sure i will read this
@Benjol Yi Jiang, please. Yi is just a word, Yi Jiang is my last name
> As explained in this answer, flag weight is a measure of how reliably you flag content. When your flags are positively reviewed (generally resulting in some sort of action), your flag weight increases by 10 points for flags on posts, and 5 points for flags on comments. Likewise, when you flag incorrectly, your flag weight decreases by an equal amount.
9:54 AM
@YiJiang, after all that griping about three letter names?!!!!
@Benjol Sure, why not? :P
@YiJiang :D
@YiJ does this ping you? ;)
9:57 AM
@Reno >_>
@YiJiang <_<
@Nyuszika7H ^_^
@LoïcWolff ˇ_ˇ
@Nyuszika7H °_°
10:00 AM
This could go on for a while... I'll just post the smiley article on Wikipedia and be done with it :p
This is a list of notable and commonly used emoticons or textual portrayals of a writer's mood or facial expression in the form of icons. The Western use of emoticons is much different than the Eastern use, and Internet forums, such as 2channel, and Internet forums, typically, show expressions in their own ways. In recent times, graphic representations, both static and animated, have taken the place of traditional emoticons in the form of icons. Western The emoticon in Western style is written most often from left to right. Thus, most commonly, one will see the eyes on the left, followed...
There ya go
This one's my favourite: ಠ_ಠ
(/◔ ◡ ◔)/
@LoïcWolff redditor?
10:02 AM
reddit alert...bwah....bwah...
@DanGrossman Nope, don't hang out much on reddit. Why?
@LoïcWolff ಠ_ಠ is a meme from reddit
10:03 AM
I saw it on MSO, actually
@DanGrossman I didn't know.
Looks like I've got my occupation 'till noon
off to look for that meme
quickmeme.com/Advice-God Not-Safe-For-Religious
+\    /+   +-----+   +\   /+   +-----+
| \  / |   |         | \ / |   |
|      |   +-----+   |     |   +-----+
|      |   |         |     |   |
+      +   +-----+   +     +    +-----+
10:08 AM
^^ ASCII art fail
/ \
No worries, that's just me, it won't be many edits :)
10:19 AM
> One of my previous bosses used to look at a pile of CVs, pick up half of it at random, and stick it in the bin, saying "I don't want to work with unlucky people."
:P from reddit
I like this guys way of thinking...
kids these days ...
@DanGrossman not someone you know, Dan?
10:24 AM
A: Can we please change the design to black-on-white?

anna vI appreciated the blackboard effect and the faint equations shown in the background, but I agree that black on white background is more restful, easier on the eyes and, more importantly, the psyche. Many of us come from cultures where black is associated with mourning and even language reflect...

Black on white is easier on the eyes?!?
wow, "site design withdrawn indefinitely"?!
I don't like the Sketchy style…
I'm slow.. at first I thought they made a new metaphysics SE
10:28 AM
I love this comment:
> Physicists are accustomed to considering themselves the smartest people on the planet. Because of this, telling them how "their" site should look is a bad idea, unless they agree with it. Physicists also are very used to doing things differently from everybody else and they don't mind organizing things by themselves.
Now where have I heard something like that before? :)
10:42 AM
Does anyone know if they are going to change the CSS for mobile devices from the nasty all grey?
@Barry What have I got to do with that?
@YiJiang Oops sorry! Wrong person. I blame my fat fingers. That is my excuse and I'm sticking to it
10:57 AM
Hahah, nice. The comments can be only edited for 5 minutes message flashed for a second, then it disappeared, and my edit was successful. It reads 4 mins ago.
see you later
Damn Intuit!
this is how lyrics should be :P
I had to reinstall QuickBooks. No big deal. Except you have to register it, by phone, to use it. Call in, offices closed, call back tomorrow! I call in tomorrow, offices closed (even though I'm now well within the stated office hours), call tomorrow! I call the "for non-US residents" line and actually get someone. She asks me a ton of irrelevant questions, as I beg her for the code to activate my legitimately purchased software. She can't give it to me now, I've already installed it too
many times! On hold, manager "increases my number of activations" and I finally get the code. Now I can finish my bookkeeping.
I so rock at Paint
11:12 AM
On the upside, I finished my 2010 books for taxes, and apparently paid myself almost a quarter million dollars :)
@LoïcWolff This is your day job (using paint) right? ;)
@Barry Yep. Website designer, architect, cook. Paint all the way
> Galaxy GeForce 210 512MB DDR2 Video Card for $34 - $25 rebate = $9 with free shipping slickdeals.net/?pno=48209&lno=1&afsrc=1
@LoïcWolff :) Who needs Photoshop
@DanGrossman don't think they'll ship to UK for $9 :P
11:17 AM
@Barry Amateurs!
small things please small minds #stackoverflow voting http://twitpic.com/483d7c
12:21 PM
12:52 PM
Eh... why does PHP curl automatically output everything it grabs?
1:33 PM
@YiJiang Because you didn't set CURLOPT_RETURN_TRANFER
@ircmaxell Yes, I just found that out after staring at the manual for a while
@YiJiang there should be an option to accept an answer on the chat, too :p
pour @ircmaxell won't get his rep :)
Like I really need the rep. I'm a rep whore, but not that bad
2:22 PM
@RebeccaChernoff and stretches
7am delivery, followed by an 8am return since they gave me the wrong box. >_<
I see you've done your stretching already.
2:42 PM
I was planning on waking up just before the chat-cast, not 7am when the doorbell rang. (;
1 hour till competition! muhuhahaha
E GAD!!!
@YiJiang what is that?
Well, it's now far too easy to have far too many tabs open
2:47 PM
You have that weird version of firefox..
@LoïcWolff New tab management feature for Firefox 4
@TylerChacha sigh Having worked around some ridiculous Chrome bugs, I can tell you that non of the browsers we have today are truly modern
@TylerChacha that was a really nice blog entry you wrote. :-)
My mom wants to say hi to you in Japoan @YiJiang, I keep telling her than Japan doesn't want to say hi back
2:50 PM
But meh, why am I feeding the troll?
@TheOutOfStarsException :)
At least.. I think you are in Japan
@TylerChacha Nope
Ok, Singapore doesn't want to say hi back...
yawns Hm, I was was really hoping my meeting would be pushed back today...guess not.
@TylerChacha Why would you think I come from Japan?
3:05 PM
3:28 PM
Q: Forcing fixed character width in CSS (with **ANY** glyph, including arcane unicode)

Lo'orisI guess this can't be done but I'm asking just to be sure. I'd like to force a single character in a <span> to have a specific width and height: 1em. Ideally the character would be stretched to 1em if it is not already fixed width. This must support any character, including rare unicode,...

@PopularDemand Interesting question; my answer would probably be to include a fixed width font with as many unicode glyphs as possible using @font-face
@YiJiang Well, you would have very little competition if you were to actually post such an answer.
I'm a little hard pressed though to think of a fixed width font with good unicode support
@YiJiang Yeah, that seems to be the OP's issue as well.
The DejaVu fonts are modifications of the Bitstream Vera fonts designed to extend this original for greater coverage of Unicode, as well as providing more styles. The Bitstream Vera family was limited mainly to the characters in the Basic Latin and Latin-1 Supplement portions of Unicode (roughly equivalent to ISO-8859-15) but was released with a license that permitted changes. The DejaVu fonts project was started with the aim to "provide a wider range of characters... while maintaining the original look and feel through the process of collaborative development". The development of the fo...
Has a mono variant, seems good enough
3:49 PM
Hi! :)
Q: Sketchy style – limit letters to 2 in favicon

Nyuszika7HCode Golf's name was recently changed to Programming Puzzles & Code Golf, so the favicon now reads PCG instead of CG. My eyes don't like it. Could you change the letter limit in Sketchy favicons to 2? Certainly, in the case of this site, it shouldn't read PC, just change it back to CG. Note:...

@Nyuszika7H I see you haven't visited DBA.
...I must be missing something
@PopularDemand Yes I did, but I didn't look at the favicon… since it's the same Sketchy style for every beta site.
@MichaelMrozek How many rep is needed to view vote counts? (up and down)
@MichaelMrozek Seriously.
@Nyuszika7H 1000
@Nyuszika7H 1000
3:53 PM
@Nyuszika7H 1k, though the API exposes the split count for 'free'
Now that's how you post increasingly good answers in order.
@MichaelMrozek And you can't even say you got a +1 then a -1… since you see both vote counts.
@Nyuszika7H That'd be why I checked, yes :)
@MichaelMrozek In simon's partial defense, depending on when he refreshed he might have seen "n minutes ago" on both answers, instead of "n minutes ago" on one and "n + 1 minutes ago" on the other.
@PopularDemand Technically he should've seen "15 seconds ago" on my answer as soon as he submitted, but I'm more confused why his answer that's entirely a subset of mine somehow has 2 upvotes, or why he commented "+1" without actually upvoting
Oh well I suppose
3:56 PM
@Nyuszika7H, what the heck did you tag you question with? Also, there's not much value to be gained in cross-posting on a child meta AND MSO.
@MichaelMrozek The SE system does seem to break more than it works, sometimes. Yes, I know that's in large part just a psychological illusion.
@RebeccaChernoff It's not cross-posting, they're different… and the design problem ** is a .
Clever use of sup and sub, @Nyuszika7H.
@Nyuszika7H but not really a
3:58 PM
The goal is not "let's see how many required tags I can add to 1 question"
Part of the problem is that you're combining things into a single post.
@RebeccaChernoff You should add two more valid required tags and watch people explode when they can't all fit.
1) 2 letter favicons
2) name change
3) design problems
@RebeccaChernoff Hmm, you're right.

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